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Banner Financial Aid Update

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1 Banner Financial Aid Update
DE-DC-MD Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators’ Fall Conference November 10, 2014

2 Agenda 1 2 2014 – What’s been delivered What’s next Banner
Financial Aid

3 2014 – What’s been delivered

4 Winter Release Text

5 8.19 Winter Updates 2014-2015 – January 2014
EDE Dataload and Corrections processing and ISIR Print Process Official FM Need Analysis calculation for Streamline aid period processing including: ability to define budget duration (number of months) for aid periods used in the FM and IM need calculations ability to use algorithmic rules to calculate the aid period to assign to the student when the applicant status record (RORSTAT) is created for the aid year. RORRULE/RORCOMPL column conversion from LONG to CLOB and creation of APIs and database packages for Financial Aid Selection rules Obsoleted a number of COBOL copybooks California Dataload process INAS IM/EFM Technical Upgrade T1.a

6 Spring Release

7 8.20 Spring Updates 2014-2015 – April 2014
COD forms and processes New 4.0a XML schema for COD processing Enhancements for reporting required program data associated with the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP21) % Subsidized Stafford usage limit for first- time borrowers Transfer Monitoring/Financial Aid History changes INAS technical upgrade

8 June Updates Text

9 8.20.1 June Updates Federal Shopping Sheet Updates
Changes to support Federal Shopping Sheet published by the Department of Education for the aid year  Scheme Selection Rules Provides the ability to define non-baseline scheme owners to be used in rules on RORRULE  COD Reject Updates to REREX15 When the payment period start date (period start date from RORPRDS) is prior to the loan period start date, the loan period start date will be used.

10 Summer Release

11 8.21 Summer Release 2014-2015 – August 2014
FISAP (RORFS14) Annual Aid Year updates Auto Zero EFC income threshold updated from $23,000 to $24,000 Direct Loan Compare Extract Process (RPRCP15) Scheduled Academic Year (SAY) Setup Ability to define SAY codes Ability to define multiple SAY codes to differentiate academic year start and end dates for different program calendars Ability to update start and end dates for an aid period on RORTPRD

12 2015-2016 Early Decision Release

13 8.21.1 Early Decision 2015-2016 – October 2014
CSS PROFILE Dataload Institutional Need Analysis Estimated Federal Need Analysis provided within INAS from CSS Estimated Pell Payment Schedule Update to address a potential security vulnerability in Self-Service Defect correction to allow a crossover period to be assigned to a SAY on RORSAYR for the defined crossover aid year (CR )

14 What’s Next

15 Winter Release

16 8.22 Winter Updates 2015-2016 – January 2015
EDE Dataload and Corrections processing and ISIR Print Process Official FM Need Analysis calculation for Transfer Monitoring and Financial Aid History Anticipated for Winter Federal specifications not yet received

17 Loan Redesign/Streamlining and Borrower Based Academic Year (BBAY) Release

18 8.22.1 Loan Redesign/Streamlining and BBAY Release – February 2015
Scheduled Academic Year (SAY) setup 8.21 end of August 2014 BBAY setup and awarding New Direct Loan tables and Loan Origination restructure Streamlining of loans Automation of keeping the loan award and origination record in sync Direct Loan Master Promissory Note Processing restructure Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) processing and logging Self-Service for Direct Loan BBAY

19 Questions

20 Thank You Mark Kichline
Product Owner and Business Analyst, Banner Financial Aid Development TEL:

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