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Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association Hosted by Hertfordshire FRS Caldecotte Xperience, George Amey Centre 366 Simpson Road, Simpson. Thursday 23 rd.

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1 Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association Hosted by Hertfordshire FRS Caldecotte Xperience, George Amey Centre 366 Simpson Road, Simpson. Thursday 23 rd October 2014

2 Health & Safety update

3 National Health & Safety Team  William Hotopf  Deputy Director of Risk & Assurance - Lead Officer for Health & Safety  Melanie Fontinelle - Senior Head of Health & Safety  Angela Forster - Head of Health, Safety & Safeguarding  Bob Lyons - Health & Safety Manager  Ben Britton-Dodd - Head of Adventurous Activities  Steve Kerr - Health & Safety Advisor

4 Team Pilot - Self Declaration  The Health & Safety Team will be piloting the use of self declaration on the Team programme as part of the overall safety management system monitoring conducted with Delivery Partners. The pilot starts in July and will involve approximately 30 partners.

5 Team Pilot - Self Declaration  Self declaration was launched fully for xl Partners in September, and plans are also in place to extend use of self declaration to Team, Get Into and Get Started by the end of 2014.  Self declaration recognises the level of HS risk presented by activities associated with some programmes and good health and safety management practices demonstrated consistently by many Partners.  Partners will be able to self declare annually that their safety management system (SMS) remain robust, reducing the need for The Trust to review and allowing the HST to target SMS review resource where its needed.

6 George Martin Fire & Rescue Service National Liaison Officer :update..........................

7  Lauren and Matthew who?  Programmes & Development Director – Richard Chadwick  Head of Outreach, Assessment & Outcomes - Cathryn Langdon  National Senior Head of Programmes - Laura Wyatt  Senior Head of Volunteering & Secondments - Laura Read  Senior Head of Qualifications & Quality - Emily Hodges Changes!

8  National Senior Head of Programmes - Laura Wyatt  Deputy Director – Policy and Evaluation - Lindsay Owen  Senior Head of Monitoring and Evaluation - Charlotte Fielder  Head of Outreach, Assessment & Outcomes - Cathryn Langdon  Senior Head of Strategic Change - David Hayman

9 Prince’s Trust – priorities 14/15  Programmes: Delivering excellence for young people  People: Developing a high quality team of staff, volunteers and delivery partners  Resources: Growing income and efficiency  Reputation: Leading the Youth Sector

10 EFA update – Team in England  In recognition of work to embed LLN into the core programme, the Education Funding Agency (EFA) has stated that the Team programme acts as a ‘stepping stone’ towards a GCSE in these subjects and will therefore be treated as meeting the condition of funding for English and maths in 2014/15 and beyond.  In addition, the programme now has a greater ‘cost weighting’ (meaning Delivery Partners can access more funding per 16 to 18 year old learner). The outcome of this news is that the programme is now an even more attractive proposition for colleges who want to cater for young people without having to put them all through GCSE maths and English.

11 JCP Partnership  As of 14th July, The Prince’s Trust has renewed its partnership with Jobcentre Plus (JCP). In the three years since it was last reviewed, there have been changes in policy and personnel at both organisations.  In short, the partnership promotes The Prince’s Trust as a positive referral option for the JCP advisors who want to move their clients from a position of claiming benefits into work or education.

12 JCP Partnership  It makes it possible for young people to continue receiving their out-of-work benefits whilst on the programme, thereby making Team a financially viable option for young people.  It can also minimise the amount of interruption from JCP for young people whilst on programmes, by allowing JCP advisers to use alternative arrangements for signing on appointments.

13 Insight project  The aim is to provide young people with a seamless journey from initial contact through programme matching, via delivery to positive outcomes  A new website with better content, navigation and enquiry process for young people  A relationship management system to enable consistent, digitized information on our young people  A management information system providing accurate, timely consistent reporting

14 My Big Idea  On the 29 th September, The Prince’s Trust launched a campaign, supported by RBS, to encourage unemployed young people to start-up in business. The campaign – #MyBigIdea happened over a three-week period and featured a host of new digital content including ‘side- splitting’ films based on bonkers business ideas.  You can help to spread the word and share the films with your staff, contacts and the young people you are working with.  Download the content pack on Team DP page to find out how to can get involved.

15 Youth unemployment Statistics at a glance  Youth unemployment is down 88,000 on the quarter to 733,000  Youth unemployment is also down 253,000 on the year  The rate of youth unemployment is 16.0 per cent  Youth employment is up 38,000 on the quarter and 208,000 on the year.  Forty-three per cent of all jobless young people - 330,000 have been out of work for six months or more.


17 Statistic of the month 1  25% of all 20-to-34 year old working adults in England are now living with their parents, and despite having a job, half of them live with their parents do so because they can’t afford to rent or buy their own home.  Source: Shelter

18 Statistic of the month 2  Pay, employment and incomes have all fallen furthest for young adults over the recession  Source: Institute for Fiscal Studies

19 Dates of next the meetings Venues and hosts required please! Thursday 12 th February 2015, Cheshire FRS Thursday 18 th June 2015 – Midlands? Thursday 15 th October – South? Agenda suggestions?

20 Questions?

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