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ATHENA: A Mechanism for Harvesting Europe's Museum Holdings into Europeana Presented at MW 2010, Denver Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany Susan Hazan, Israel.

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1 ATHENA: A Mechanism for Harvesting Europe's Museum Holdings into Europeana Presented at MW 2010, Denver Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany Susan Hazan, Israel Rossella Caffo, Italy Georgia Angelaki, The Netherlands Intelligent Heritage lecture series City University, Hong Kong Dr. Susan Hazan The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2 What is Europena? A common access point to Europe’s digital cultural and scientific heritage “A digital library that is a single, direct and multilingual access point to the European cultural heritage.” European Parliament, 27 September 2007 “A unique resource for Europe's distributed cultural heritage… ensuring a common access to Europe's libraries, archives and museums.” Horst Forster, Director, Digital Content & Cognitive Systems Information Society Directorate, European Commission Title: Surprise! man standing behind a woman covering her eyes Description: Size: 28.5 x 20.5 cm (Outer Border: 45.5 x 34 cm.) Source: Bowes-OAI Provider: CultureGrid ; Uk Identifier: 600/ Subject: 1706 Type: Image Relation: Bowes Museum Surprise

3 Basics is a prototype portal Launched in November 2008 Currently hosting nearly 6 million digital objects Interface in the 23 languages of the EU All of the 27 countries in the EU are represented Title: Wilkinson Rasierhobel Date: 1. Drittel 20. Jahrhundert; 1901; 1933 Creator: Wilkinson Brothers Description: Rasierhobel gibt es nachweislich seit 1883/84. Sie waren vor der Erfindung der Sicherheitsrasierer durch King C. Gillette üblich. Um 1900 hingen viele Menschen der Idee an, dass durch das Ruhen des Rasiermessers oder der Klingen für die Zeit von einer Woche sie von sich aus sie wieder scharf werden. Deshalb stellten die Hersteller Rasiermesser stets für eine ganze Woche her oder die austauschbaren Klingen für Montag bis Sonntag. Die Namenstage wurden den Messern oder den Klingenhaltern eingeätzt oder eingestanzt. Der Behälter hat unter dem Griff den eingerollten Lederriemen versteckt. Sollte die Klinge sich nicht "erholt" haben, konnte sie mit Hilfe des hidden strop/Leder und des Rasierers selbst wieder geschärft werden. Der Kopf des Rasierhobels ist versilbert oder aus Silberstahl. Markie... Schriftzug (Deckel innen: Hersteller, Klingenhalter (Wochentage), Leder) Format: H: 4,3 cm, T: 5,6 cm, B: 12,5 cm (Behälter); Weißblech; Weißblech; Silberstahl; Leder; Leder; Seide; Seidengewebe; Seide; Bakelit; Bakelite; Stahl; Stahl; gegossen; Metallguss; gestanzt; Stanzen; geformt; gebohrt; geschraubt; Schraubenverbindung; jpg Source: Frisörmuseum Rights: Frisörmuseum Provider: digiCULT-Verbund ; Germany Identifier: 10010001563_Rh48; Rh48 Type: Bart; Haarpflege; Haar- und Bartpflege; Körperpflege; Pflege; Rasierhobel Hidden Features Navigation in range of languages My Europeana section Partners section (list of data providers) Thought lab (semantic search engine) Advanced search Browse through time UGC



6 Readers, friends, if you turn these pages Put your prejudice aside, For, really, there's nothing here that's outrageous, Nothing sick, or bad — or contagious. Not that I sit here glowing with pride For my book: all you'll find is laughter: That's all the glory my heart is after, Seeing how sorrow eats you, defeats you. I'd rather write about laughing than crying, For laughter makes men human, and courageous. BE HAPPY! The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel (in French, La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel) is a connected series of five novels written in the 16th century by François Rabelais. It is the story of two giants, a father (Gargantua) and his son (Pantagruel) and their adventures, written in an amusing, extravagant, satirical vein. DORE Gustave (dit), DORE Louis Gustave Paul (patronyme) ; Strasbourg, 1832 ; Paris, 1883


8 1. Thumbnails 2. Metadata 3. Links object to institution


10 Content Content at launch: 2 million items from the different domains, from each of the EU members At the time of writing the paper the holdings reached nearly 6 million items  4,102,635 images: photos, paintings, drawings, postcards, posters  1,749,717 texts: books, newspaper articles, manuscripts, letters  91,796 videos: movies, documentaries, TV broadcasts, public information films  22,518 sounds: cylinders, 78rpm discs, radio, field recordings Title: The burning of London by the papists: or, a memorial to protestants on the second of September Date: 1714 Description: Religieus, anti-katholiek tractaat naar aanleiding van de herdenking van de Grote Brand van Londen, gepubliceerd bijna vijftig jaar na dato. De brand wordt gezien als een straf van God voor het zondige leven van de inwoners en de weinig godvruchtige levenswandel van koning Karel II, waarbij de katholieken als instrument van Gods wraak hebben gediend. De auteur waarschuwt dat de 'paapse furie' nog net zo gevaarlijk is als destijds, een waarschuwing die mogelijk is ingegeven door de problemen rond de troonsbestijging van George I. In het jaar van verschijnen van dit werkje (1714) was George I (wiens portret is bijgebonden) tot koning gekroond. Zijn troonsbestijging werd aangevochten door Jacobus Stuart (the 'Old Pretender'), de katholieke zoon van Jacobus II, die een jaar later tevergeefs in... Religious, anti-papist treatise in remembrance of the Great Fire of London, published almost fifty years after the event. The fire is seen as God's punishment for the sins of the city's inhabitants, and the ungodly lifestyle at the court of Charles II. Catholics have started the fire as the instruments of Gods wrath. The author warns that the 'popish fury' is as much of a threat now as at the time of the Great Fire. His warning may be inspired by the problems surrounding the succession of King George I. George I (whose portrait is inserted) had succeeded Queen Anne in the year of publication (1714). His succession was contested by James Stuart (the Old Pretender), son of James II. James Stuart would stage an unsuccessful rebellion a year later. Source: 4378.c.49 [Pamflet (Bedrukt papier)] ([British Library]) Rights: British Library; Koninklijke Bibliotheek Provider: Het Geheugen van Nederland ; Netherlands Fury

11 Athena Archives Portal Europe [APEnet] STERNA BHL Europe EUScreen Video Active European Film Gateway Europeana Local Europeana Travel MIMO Judaica Europeana Connect Europeana v1.0 Arrow Presto Prime Europeana Foto Europeana Regia HOPE CARARE ASSETS Natural Europe Think Motion EU-Funding: 38.2 M. EURO Europeana Group of Projects

12 A Refreshment Stall, [Mandalay], in the road leading from the Palace to the East Gate of the City Date: 1886; 1886 Description: Photograph of a refreshment stall on the road leading from the Royal Palace to the east gate of the city of Mandalay in Burma (Myanmar), taken by Willoughby Wallace Hooper in 1886. The photograph is from a series documenting the Third Anglo-Burmese War (1885-86), published in 1887 as 'Burmah: a series of one hundred photographs illustrating incidents connected with the British Expeditionary Force to that country, from the embarkation at Madras, 1st Nov, 1885, to the capture of King Theebaw, with many views of Mandalay and surrounding country, native life and industries'. Two editions were issued, one with albumen prints, one with autotypes, along with a set of lantern slides. Hooper made the series while serving as Provost Marshal with the British Expeditionary Force, which entered Mandala... Format: 10.2 x 15.2 Centimetres; jpeg; Photographic print Source: The British Library Rights: Copyright © British Library Board Thirst EU-Funding: 38.2 M. EURO National matching funds Projects matching funds

13 Europeana Group of Projects APENET Archives Libraries Museums TV archives National Aggregators Regional Aggregators Horizontal Aggregators Vertical Aggregators The European Library ATHENA European Film Gateway Film archives Euscreen MLAs MLAs MLAs

14 The Europeana Office Under the Europeana Foundation Hosted by the National Library of the Netherlands Europeana office: 32 FTE (January 2010) Divided into 2 major business units: 1. Business Development & Sustainability Covers: fund raising, policies, strategies, projects management, end user and stakeholder marketing 2. Technical and Operations Covers: software development, hosting of development, acceptance and production environments and management of EuropeanaLabs, Content Ingestion and Distribution, Account Management [Εικόνα - Χορός αράπικος] Τίτλος: [Εικόνα - Χορός αράπικος] Ημερομηνία: 1970-01-01 Μορφότυπο: image/jpeg Πάροχος: University of Patras -Library & Information Center ; Greece Εκδότης: Άστυ Τύπος: Articles Σχέση: Άστυ; Vol 2, No 83 (1887); σελ. 5 Χορός (Dance)

15 Europeana Office coordinates Project Coordinators Group Content & Partner Group IPR Group Communications Group Technical Group Joy Title: Painting - Study for a postcard Creator: Kirklees Description: Image depicts a woman jumping with happiness. Language: EN-GB Format: JPEG/IMAGE Source: Kirklees Image Archive OAI Feed Provider: CultureGrid ; Uk WORKGROUP 1.1 ENSURING USER PARTICIPATION AND FEEDBACK Obtaining, analysing and incorporating user feedback Online Surveys Focus Groups Usage Statistics Log File Analysis Tracking website Navigation

16 Europeana Workshop Paris Spring 2010

17 Jukka is 43 and works at a university as an ethnomusicologist. He is divorced, has no children, but about to marry his current girlfriend, who he met two years ago on one of his frequent journeys. He is very good at all sorts of electronic devices and heavily into online social networking. In his current job he works with automatic music analysis of Hindustani classical music Interests: Jukka’s main interest is Hindustani classical music (which was the topic of his PhD thesis) and he moderates a forum on this topic. At least once a year, he travels to participate in music festivals and conferences related to his job. He always looks for concerts in the towns and countries he visits. He spends most of his free time doing things related to his music interest and to his job, and it is difficult for him to separate job and free time. He is part of both professional and social networks related to his interests and job, with a lot of friends and contacts. Jukka is member of the society for ethnomusicology, and has previously held a position as a visiting professor at the University of Bombay. Media use: Jukka is technically literate, working with specialist databases and he will write a new search application or macro if the existing possibilities don’t work well enough for his purposes. He is an early adopter of mobile technologies, and is always on his iPhone, talking, texting, browsing the web and listening to mp3s downloaded from P2P-sites. Jukka downloads music from his favourite websites and whenever he gets a new lead on something interesting. He gets a lot of information from magazines specialised in internet technology or electronic media. He is heavily into social networking (500+ contacts on LinkedIn) and shares the newest information with his professional social network - if possible, in real time. Search strategy: Jukka is confident in his ability to use all kinds of search. He likes to explore search results and to pull in any new information he can find on his way. If a website looks promising he will explore all its corners, just in case something might prove interesting or entertaining. He shares his findings with his students and although in his classes he is strict about relevance and credibility of sources, he encourages them to go out and explore the internet for themselves. Relationship to Europeana: He found out about Europeana from a link on a blog. He read about Europeana in a blog, and thinks it could be interesting to follow. For him as an ethnomusicologist there might be new possibilities in the sound archives from all over Europe. Even if the site doesn’t have Hindustani music as such, there might be an opportunity to dig into musical influences across Europe. WORKGROUP 1.1 PERSONNAS - JUKKA

18 WORKGROUP 1.1 - Online Survey Online survey ran from 6th May 2009 to 26th May 2009 3,204 completed online surveys Replies obtained from 54 countries 53% of replies from five countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands David Mort IRN Research Site Visitors Most visitors had visited Europeana before (91.4%) More than half had visited five times or more (59.4%) Very few first time visitors (8.6%) Main route to Europeana is from a paper or journal (47.4%) Less that a quarter from a link from another site (21%) Almost three-quarters gave’ personal research’ as main reason given for visiting Europeana (72.9%)

19 WORKGROUP 1.1- User and Functional Testing Data collected: Discussion sessions Questionnaires: first impressions deeper impressions lasting impressions Assignment - prepare and present slides on their city Individual search strategies saved in MyEuropeana Eye tracking data Milena Dobreva, Emma McCulloch Duncan Birrell Pierluigi Feliciati Ian Ruthven Jonathan Sykes Yurdagül Ünal

20 Feedback on Europeana using dichotomic pairs (summarised) The evaluation of the dichotomic pairs which included characteristics such as attractive, fun, well organised, exciting, easy to use, interesting and unique and their opposites, positioned on a scale from 1 to 10, which aimed to establish how participants would rate such characteristics. WORKGROUP 1.1 - User and Functional Testing

21 Tobii X50 Eye tracker recording eye movement as user navigates Europenana WORKGROUP 1.1 - User and Functional Testing

22 Almost everyone expects to visit the site again less than 1% says they will not revisit Multilingual search & retrieval seen to be a must by younger generation (75%) More browse features required by under 20’s (51%) Results - User survey & Focus Groups Title: Advert for Dr Ridge's Patent Cooked Delicious Food for Infants and Invalids Date: 1887; 1887 Description: This is an advertisement for Dr. Ridges food substitute for infants and invalids. During the Victorian period there was a development in the understanding of the importance of vitamins and minerals to help create a healthy diet. Justus von Liebig first advertised his food for infants in 1867 and soon many other companies were producing food substitutes. The colourful illustration on this leaflet depicts an elderly lady sitting near the range in a rocking chair in the kitchen of her home. A small child stands next to her. Format: jpeg; NULL; Print on paper Source: The British Library Rights: Copyright © British Library Board Provider: The British Library ; Uk Delicious Visitors at 15,000 per day with no marketing or Google optimization

23 EDL - EUROPEANA Foundation Board of participants from the professional cultural heritage sector ACE: Association Cinémathèques Européennes CENL: Conference of European National Librarians CERL: Consortium of European Research Libraries EMF: European Museum Forum EURBICA: European Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives FIAT: International Federation of Television Archives IASA: International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives ICOM Europe: International Council of Museums, Europe LIBER: Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche MICHAEL: Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe Gentle Title: Gentle Measure Date: 1982 Creator: Riley, Bridget ; Riley, Bridget Description: bezeichnet und datiert (a. d. Keilrahmen: Gentle Measure.Riley 1982 Oil on linen 63 3/4 x 55 7/8 ins) bezeichnet und datiert (a. d. Rückseite: Gentle Measure.Riley 1982 Oil on linen 63 3/4 x 55 7/8 ins) Format: H: 162 cm, B: 142 cm; Leinwand; Leinen; Öl; Ölmalerei; Ölfarbe; Ölmalerei; jpg Source: Kunsthalle zu Kiel Rights: Riley, Bridget Provider: digiCULT-Verbund ; Germany Identifier: 18_881; 881 Subject: Abstrakte, ungegenständliche Kunst; Abstrakte Kunst; Gegenstandsfreie Kunst; Gegenstandslose Kunst Type: Gemälde; Malerei; Op Art; Op-art; Optical art; Optische Kunst

24 ATHENA supports museums 1.Museum standards 2.Encouraging museums to share content 3.Integrating museum metadata 4.Sharing best practice in museums 5.Introducing controlled vocabularies The project that delivers museum objects into Europeana Work Packages

25 WP1 - Project management, monitoring and evaluation Coordinates with the European Commission to ensure dissemination of information among the partners Implements the ATHENA quality and assessment plan Develops strategies to recruit museums across Europe. Rossella Caffo - Project Coordinator Pier Giacomo Sola - Administration Maria Teresa Natale - Organisation Marzia Piccininno - Organisation Guliana De Francesco - Technical issues Andrea Tempera - Webmaster Antonella Fresa - Peer reviewer Title: A landscape with a shrine and pilgrims Date: 1760; c.1760 Description: Gouache painting of a festival scene at a shrine in Murshidabad, West Bengal, c. 1760. A shrine to Shiva flying a red banner from the roof pinnacle is depicted here, set in a landscape beside a pool in which people bathe. There are many people surrounding the temple, mostly on foot, others on elephants, camels and in palanquins. There is a camp of a wealthy visitor pitched on the left. This painting is interesting as it employs the bird's eye perspective and, with many areas of action, there is no central focus point. Format: 27 x 35 Centimetres; Gouache; jpeg Source: The British Library Rights: Copyright © British Library Board Provider: The British Library ; Uk Identifier: 019ADDOR0000483U00000000; Add.Or.483 Subject: 88.3167, 24.1833; landscapes; pilgrims; rites and ceremonies; temples (Hindu); opaque water-colour; Murshidabad style; Murshidabad Interesting

26 WP2 - Awareness and dissemination: extending the network and promoting the service Introduces ATHENA to European museums Alerts museums to the network’s benefits Shares best practice Together with WP1, WP3 and WP7 WP2 organizes training workshops Disseminates ATHENA’S goals and results Professor Monika Hagedorn-Saupe Dr. Maria Sliwinska Training workshops on data and metadata. were held in : Rome and Berlin Streamed live Webcasts uploaded to the ATHENA portal

27 ATHENA Workshop Rome January 2010

28 WP3 - Identifying standards and developing recommendations 1.Review the different standards in use by museums by comprehensive survey 2.Facilitate their mapping to a common metadata standard 3.Assess the requirements for the persistent identification of digital objects and collections 4.Responsible for defining tools for the conversion of museums data into a common harvesting format for Europeana Chris De Loof Gordon McKenna Title: Enamel Advertising Sign Description: Enamel advertising sign reading: "Hurry Home! Tyne Brand Herring - They're Delicious & Nutritious for Tea". Advertisement is positioned above a Bus Timetable. Height: 710mm x Width: 335mm. Source: Beamish Treasures Provider: CultureGrid ; Uk Identifier: mID=1997 Subject: Images; RMS Relation: Beamish Treasures Delicious

29 Results of the survey carried out by identified the following standards currently in uses in European museums: CDWAlite Museumdat Spectrum * LIDO LIDO stands for “Lightweight Information Describing Objects”: and is a metadata format that publishes core data from museum objects in portals. WP3 - Identifying standards and developing recommendations Please ask Monika ATHENA\mapping\lido_output-example.xml Chief's chair Art Africa Chief’s ceremonial chair

30 CIDOC data Harvesting and Interchange Working Group is chaired by Erin Coburn from the Getty museum in LA, USA and Regine Stein, Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, Germany

31 WP4 - Integration of current data structures Survey on the available museum terminology resources Recommendations for the integration of the different terminologies and vocabularies Converting these resources into SKOS-based terminologies Analysis and comparison of multilingual tools to access resources in the museums from the 27 countries in Europe Christophe Dessaux Fear Title: 'Street of hunting Cheetahs and Lynx. Ulwar. India 1878' Date: 1878; 1878 Description: Oil painting depicting a street scene at Alwar in Rajasthan by Marianne North, dated 1878'.Initially Marianne North (1830-1890) only painted botanical specimens and travelled around the world in search of interesting subject matter. She visited India in 1877-79 and completed over 200 paintings whilst there, painting landscape views as well. In her autobiography, 'Recollections of a happy life' of 1892, she wrote: "I saw a whole street full of hunting chetahs and lynxes. The latter are the most restless wild little animals, which jump at their victim's throats like bull-dogs and strangled them. I saw a man put a piece of meat on the end of the bamboo cane and hold it up as high as he could, and one of the small animals (not much bigger than a cat) made a prodigious spring from the ground to... Format: 25.5 x 39.6 Centimetres; jpeg; Oil on paper Source: The British Library Rights: Copyright © British Library Board Provider: The British Library ; UK

32 WP5 - Coordination of contents Coordinating with one or two national organizations per country Coordinating the digital content flow Preparing for induction into Europeana Coordinating with Europeana to insure timely ingestion of content Marzia Piccininno Title: Sue Pollard, actress& comedienne Creator: North East Midland Photographic Record Description: Susan Georgina Pollard was born on 7th November 1949 in Nottingham, England, the eldest daughter to Don and Hilda Pollard. Su's interest in the stage began when at the age of six she played an angel in the school nativity play. Whilst standing on a box announcing the arrival of the Angel Gabriel, she fell through the lid. Everyone roared with laughter and she loved it from that moment. At sixteen she began singing in charity shows and at working men's clubs and pubs whilst working as a secretary and her claim to fame from that time was that she was the first woman to sing Ave Maria in hotpants in a working men's club! After an apprenticeship at the Arts Theatre in Nottingham Su made her television debut in 1974 on the enormously popular talent show hosted by Hughie Green, Opportunity Knock... Source: Picture the Past OAI feed Provider: CultureGrid ; Uk Saucy

33 WP6 - Analysis of IPR issues and definition of solutions 1.Coordinates with the other Europeana projects 2.Localizing and adapting these models into European museums. 3.Investigating emerging standards, collective licensing models, and open access environments. 4.Looking at state-of-the-art technologies for DRM systems, for IPR protection and management by museums and other cultural organizations. Barbara Dierickx Dimitrios Koutsomitropoulos Theodore S. Papatheodorou Tzanetos Pomonis Dimitrios Tsolis Title: Landscapes Date: 1990 Creator: Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus Description: Wild flowers in various colours at a coastal area of Cyprus. Πολύχρωμα αγριολούλουδα σε παράλια περιοχή της Κύπρου. Format: 1168x895 pixels; Image/jpg Rights: Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus Provider: Cyprus Library ; Cyprus Publisher: Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus Subject: Plants--Cyprus; Wild flowers--Cyprus Type: Image Wild

34 WP7 - Development of tools to map data from different data structures to a joint data- model and to ingest data 1.Metadata standard which has been agreed on by WP 3 2.Terminologies proposed to be used by WP 4. WP 7 3.Develops practical tools which allow the mapping of data to the metadata standard agreed (LIIDO) and the uploading of data to the ATHENA repository Vassilis Tzouvaras Franc Zakrajsek Title: The secret Agent Date: 1907 Creator: Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924) Description: Copyr. ed. Language: eng Format: text/html Source: Biblioteka Narodowa Rights: Biblioteka Narodowa Provider: The National Library of Poland ; Poland Identifier:; urn:repo Publisher: Leipzig : B. Tauchnitz Subject: Powieść angielska - 20 w. Type: książka Relation: Collection of British and American Authors ; vol. 3995 Secret












46 To enable all these processes, ATHENA has created a series of National Contact Points, each taking on a leadership role in their own country. Currently included are most of the European member states: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In addition, Azerbaijan, Israel, and Russia, as associate members, are harvesting their collections into Europeana via ATHENA National Contact Points Whats next?

47 Rhine Release Summer 2010 Launch of a robust operational service with improved search and browsing functionalities for 10m digital objects. Features:  Improved search, browsing and personalisation  Better search functionality, ability to refine search and more intuitive ranking  Development of a Europeana API infrastructure for embedding europeana functionality into 3rd party applications  Launch of Europeana search API  Mobile browser view for the Europeana portal  Robust and scalable infrastructure for metadata ingestion and enrichment Pop-Sänger Stevie Wonder Date: 1984 Creator: Haufe, Jürgen ; SLUB/Deutsche Fotothek Description: Haufe, Jürgen, Pop-Sänger Stevie Wonder Format: image/jpeg Source: SLUB/Deutsche Fotothek Rights: SLUB/Deutsche Fotothek Provider: Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library (SLUB) ; Germany Identifier:; obj::30134311 Publisher: SLUB/Deutsche Fotothek Subject: Druckgraphik; Fotos; Ortskatalog zur Kunst und Architektur Csodás (Wonder)

48 Printemps Impression photomécanique Date: 1977 Creator: Groupement des photographes veveysans Description: impression photomécanique Format: photographie Rights: Musée historique de Lausanne Provider: Musées lausannois ; Switzerland Identifier: 147237; P.2.M.N.02.03.013 Subject: château du Châtelard; coteau; Fête des Vignerons 1977; Lavaux; printemps; vigneron Printemps (Springtime) Danube Release Spring 2011 More content, new functionalities and services will stem from current and future R&D developments such as: Features:  Multilingual and semantic search and browsing  New APIs for individual Europeana functionalities (ie using the timeline)  Addition of User-Generated Content (annotations, tags, etc)  New services: multimedia annotation tools, e-books on demand, search and location of objects using spatio-temporal elements, etc  Europeana will continue to build based on international collaboration and technology watch

49 Contact your national representative to join ATHENA today Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Israel Italy Latvia Luxembourg Malta The Netherlands Poland Romania Slovak Republic Slovenia Sweden United Kingdom.

50 Europeana now has over 10 million items representing Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage online. The newest content includes: 20,000 photographs, texts and sheet music from the National Library of Poland, 60,000 images from Sweden and over 38,000 texts and images from Slovenia Fresh off the press (Facebook)

51 Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany Susan Hazan, Israel Rossella Caffo Italy Georgia Angelaki, The Netherlands

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