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Europeana Today and Tomorrow Aubéry Escande Joint BAAC (Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council) and LCSA (Lithuanian Central State Archive) Annual Conference.

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1 Europeana Today and Tomorrow Aubéry Escande Joint BAAC (Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council) and LCSA (Lithuanian Central State Archive) Annual Conference – October 2009

2 PARTNER LOGO Background… European Commission funding projects thatSince the 1990s promote interoperability of European information Google Print’s library partnerships announced December 2004 Letter from 6 Heads of State to the President of theApril 2005 European Commission Commission launches i2010, a 5 year digital-led June 2005 strategy for growth and jobs The Commission’s Directorate for Information Society September 2005 and Media launches Digital Libraries Initiative with a clear aim to build the European Digital Library

3 PARTNER LOGO European Digital Library - Vision ‘A digital library that is a single, direct and multilingual access point to the European cultural heritage.’ European Parliament, 27 September 2007 ‘A unique resource for Europe's distributed cultural heritage… ensuring a common access to Europe's libraries, archives and museums.’ Horst Forster, Director, Digital Content & Cognitive Systems Information Society Directorate, European Commission

4 PARTNER LOGO - Vision, mission, objectives inspires ideas and understanding by sharing Europe’s cultural heritage with the world online enables people to explore the digital resources of Europe’s museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. To create an operational service; To maintain and extend a powerful alliance of stakeholders To disseminate the service to end-users


6 PARTNER LOGO Search for Vilnius


8 Europeana prototype achievements Prototype displays: 4,6 million objects More than 150 thematic network organisations representing content of more than 1000 CH institutions from all over Europe cross-domain Multilingual interface in all major European languagues Basic and advanced search Faceted search on who, what, where, when Timeline browsing Benefits of exposure for institutes, share technology, support funding 10 m hits per hour! 7000 announcements on Google news on the first day! Users comments…

9 PARTNER LOGO Users’ testimonials Believe you are doing wonderful job, keep up, we'll stand by you ( I am just an English teacher here in turkey who loves reading books and doing research. Its amazing to be able to reach those sources in the comfort of your home......and this site is doing great in the advancement of culture and knowledge besides giving its users an appreciation of books and study. Sirs, for us in distant underdeveloped countries is a discovery of a new world of culture and the Arts. Europeana is the universalization of the Arts that until now was the privilege of fews europeans. Congratulations. ( I just want to say that this website I one of the most important in this area - Google is not the solution for everything. I do also like the web 2.0 ambitions and the new Timeline (beta), and hope a mind map-solution is not far back.... Mats Brenner, University library of Gävle – Sweden

10 PARTNER LOGO Users survey Online User Survey 6-26 May 2009 3,204 completed Replies from 54 countries - 53% of replies from five countries Almost everyone expects to visit the site again – less than 1% says they will not revisit Main route to Europeana is from a paper or journal (47.4%), second most popular is a link from another web site (21%) Personal research is dominant reason (72.9%)

11 PARTNER LOGO Data provided by country

12 PARTNER LOGO Athena APEnet Biodiversity Heritage Libraries Europe EUScreen European Film Gateway Europeana Local Europeana Travel Musical Inst. Museums Online Judaica Europeana The European Library EuropeanaConnect Europeana v.1.0 Europeana project universe Arrow Presto Prime Europeana

13 PARTNER LOGO Rhine releaseDanube release

14 PARTNER LOGO Aggregators’ content contribution Short term Content using the ESE metadata elements and associated guidelines –Thumbnail and need to be LIVE –Object type: TEXT,IMAGE,VIDEO,SOUND  Simple search, facet refinements and advanced search Content tested in test sites provided by Europeana, normalised, quality checked and ready for ingestion Delivery methods recommended by Europeana Open Access Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI- PMH) Free of copyright restrictions

15 PARTNER LOGO Europeana now Most material copyright-free Material in copyright uses payment mechanisms of providers Copyright compliance seen to be responsibility of providers Many projects with overlapping IPR

16 PARTNER LOGO Europeana in 2 years More in copyright material Copyright compliance still responsibility of providers with stronger policy & awareness Public Domain Charter Projects delivering synchronised results to solve IPR issues

17 PARTNER LOGO Thank you Aubé Questions?

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