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2 TERRITORY POTENTIALS LOCAL POTENTIALS, SOCIO-ECONOMIC ASPECTS  REFERENCE SOURCES:  2000-2007 Area Social Plan, socio-economic profile  Municipal register  ISTAT  Chamber of Commerce  Government Territorial office of Pesaro and Urbino  Data processing from the Catria and Nerone mountain communities

3 KEY ASPECTS Extensive forest areas Sparse distribution of residents throughout the territory Negative trends in demographic growth since 2001 followed by a minor reversal in 2001 for new resident non-EU immigrants Negative migratory balance up to 2004; reversal since 2004. Low birth rates: negative trend and recent trend reversal for non EU immigrants Strong presence of elderly and retired population; strong potentials for elderly service demand

4 KEY ASPECTS Negative dependency rates Strong presence of non-EU immigrant: average rate 55; in some municipalities 10%; immigrants from Eastern Europe add up to 61% Widespread demand for round-the-clock minders: increase in female immigrant population; Strong presence of students with immigrant parents; in some municipalities up to 18% of total student population; Productive activities: small and very small-sized companies

5 KEY ASPECTS Amongst economic activities services and tourism are showing an upward trend Textile and construction industries are the traditional sectors whilst the mechanical industry is on the rise Main tourist attractions include environment, gastronomy, monuments and culture The pension phenomenon: substantial pension-derived resources produce revenues for the home-assistance market; this is a fairly complex issue as actual data are difficult to obtain.

6 2000-2003 – Resident population Population 31-12-2002 Population 31-12-2003

7 Resident population by age groups 15 years 15-19 years 20-59 years 60-64 years >64 years

8 Sparse distribution of residents throughout the territory The Area Social Plan (2005 Community Profile) highlights the fact that “residents need to move to reach the places where services are provided, i.e. the issues related to the performance of services at the place of residence of users”

9 Population composition by marital status Singles Married Divorcees Widower Males Females

10 Demographic trends in the population

11 Migratory movement The area’s natural balance has been constantly negative for over three decades and is offset by a positive migratory balance due above all to the migration of non-EU citizens

12 Trends for underage residents

13 IMMIGRANT PRESENCE The “fate” of demographic trends in the five municipalities included in the Area is closely linked to the presence of non-EU immigrants


15 DEPENDENCY RATE As reported in the 2000-2007 Area Social Plan: “future projections envisage a decrease in population where the extension of average age and average life expectancy at birth will not offset the low fecundity and birth rates…” and “the phenomena of the progressive ageing of the population and femisation of old age are both priority items that should be taken into account in the planning of services Youth social burden (dependency rate) Elderly social burden (dependency rate) Structural social burden (dependency rate) (total) Area 3 Province Marche Italy

16 ENTERPRISES BY TYPE Primary sector Manufacturing sector Energy Construction Commerce Tourism Comunic./Real estate/financial services Education/health/social Others Area 3: ENTERPRISES BY TYPE 2003 Primary sector536 Manufacturing sector409 Energy 1 Construction 312 Commerce540 Tourism 145 Comunic./Real estate/financial services239 Education/health/social services 95 Others114

17 ENTERPRISES BY TYPE – DETAIL Hotels Rentals Rural tourist facilities Other Additional businesses

18 TOURIST FACILITIES Hotels Rentals Rural tourist facilities Other Additional businesses

19 PRESENCE OF ITALIAN TOURISTS Area 3 – Tourism: Presence of Italian tourists – year 2004

20 TOURISM: PRESENCE OF FOREIGNERS Tourism: presence of foreigners – year 2004 PRESENCE OF FOREIGNERS

21 EVALUATIONS ON STRENGTHS AND POSSIBLE INITIATIVES 1- Extensive forest surfaces, the sparse distribution of residents throughout the territory, the situation in a climatic context marked by very cold winters all make the development of alternative energies and more in particular biomass energy very interesting; remote heating is gaining interest also in terms of its social effects on the elderly population.

22 2- The strong presence of non-EU immigrant residents is set to create spaces and opportunities for new services in a positive perspective of cultural integration; the very same immigrants may wish to start new enterprise and service initiatives designed to meet specific needs. More in particular the presence of immigrant women may be seen as an opportunity to promote female entrepreneurship.

23 3- The high presence of elderly population and pensioners increases the demand for specific services: the phenomenon linked to so-called “round-the-clock minders” calls for regulatory actions as well as the development of appropriate policies; such actions may prove effective in bringing underground and informal work to surface improving thus elderly services as well as the work conditions of immigrant women.

24 4- The presence of small and very small enterprises in the manufacturing sector involves a series of issues whilst opening, however, the market to different businesses and services above all in those areas where small enterprises are forced to outsource some of their tasks.

25 5- Services and tourism show an increase in their businesses; as the territory’s main atractions are linked to environment, gastronomy, monuments and culture incentive and support actions in these sectors will prove to be particularly effective and successful.

26 More in general a coordinated and targeted training and update initiative could have a positive impact on all above mentioned areas.


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