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TAFE International 10 years of growth and success Where to next?

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1 TAFE International 10 years of growth and success Where to next?

2 Inbound Students Transnational programs Offshore industry partnerships Pre migration assessment Aid and Development Models of Engagement

3 Growth in students 46% growth in the past 12 months for vocational courses Strongest growth on record – in 2007 breaks through 100,000 enrolments. Buoyed by enrolments from China and India (more Indian students in vocational programs than higher education in 2007) Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) driving students choices


5 Dissecting the data - Public vs Private Provider Type20042005200620072008 Public10,81711,89313,54417,03219,964 Private33,88937,27545,86366,858102,926 Total44,70649,16859,40783,890122,890

6 Dissecting the data- state by state Source: AEI Year to Date Data as at June 2008

7 Top 5 nationalities contribute 54% of enrolments All Sectors VET China India Korea Thailand Malaysia India China Korea Thailand Nepal

8 MarketStudent enrolments % growthRanking Brazil1254523.4%9 Vietnam971944.1%11 Nepal9230241.2%13 Sri Lanka680234.7%16 Colombia545982.3%18 Pakistan491054.6%19 United Kingdom464410.6%20 However, the market profile is changing…

9 Whilst onshore student market is dominated by private providers, offshore delivery is predominately with public institutes Traditional model – institute to institute through licensing or joint venture In 2005 Australian Government embarked on a Transnational Quality Strategy In 2008 opened AusLIST for provider registrations with full launch due later this year Transnational (TNE) Programs

10 TNE - Statistics and Trends 56% of Australia’s public providers delivered 349 courses offshore in 32 countries in 2006 In 2006 over 31 000 students were undertaking an Australian VET qualification offshore (up 11% from the previous year) China remains the dominant market (70% of delivery) with Fiji and Vietnam next. Growth in Middle East will be reported in 2008 report

11 Offshore Industry Partnerships TAFE Institutes have been successful in moving domestic training contracts into international partnerships and in developing customised offshore programs for international clients Some case studies: apprenticeship training with Thiess in Indonesia event management with Shanghai World Expo China Leighton Training Alliance in India hotel and casino pre-opening training in Macau

12 Pre-migration skills assessment The countries …. The nominated trades… COAG endorsed - implemented by VET Assess India Sri Lanka United Kingdom South Africa Philippines Bricklayer Cable Jointer Carpenter Joiner Electrical Powerline Tradesperson General Electrician General Plumber Motor Mechanic Refrig and Aircon Mechanic

13 Aid and Development History of partnership with AusAID Network of TAFE & Managing Contractor partnerships Australia Pacific Technical College – supported by two TAFE institutes Pacific focus but with growing interest into Africa Still a challenge for new entrants to the market

14 More informal discussion focusing on now and the future 10 years

15 Why is your College undertaking international activities ? College needs to get other income sources Urgently !!!!! Not so urgent Nice to have No room for domestic growth Internationalise our College staff domestic students In country/offshore Don’t know ? Everybody else is doing it Status/prestige of the College

16 How well does it fit within your College? Key component of the College strategic plan and annual operational plans Something the International Division does Somewhere in the middle A bit of both Poor fit, not clear in our strategic plan and is not linked operationally to all parts of the College Most staff know the importance and try to make it work Well integrated Don't know Don't care International students are more work and a disruption to my class May as well be a separate organisation

17 What is your product mix ? Product Mix Transnational Programs Onshore Students International Project Work Migration Services

18 Onshore Students Do you have a focused approach to recruitment ? Are you deliberately targeting source countries ? Do they change ? Which have provided most students ? Which countries will be good prospects in the future? How do you recruit ? Agents ? Use College staff ? Which countries in the future ? What are you marketing ? All courses Selected niches Whole courses, study aboard, study tours, English language Degrees or Diplomas Is the College making money ? Is everybody happy with their cut ? Are you branding ?

19 Onshore Students Does your College give value for money to international students ? How would you rate your College’s international student services ? What do you provide ? What is the “care” factor at each level of the organisation ? How would you rate the quality of teaching for international students ? Are teaching staff appropriately trained ? Should international students be given special attention ? If you were a parent would you buy your product ? Are there rogues in your sector? Do you care? How important is the student’s English ? Do your teachers care? How do you integrate local and international students?

20 Where and why ? What are the risks to your College ? Yes !! No !! Don't know ? Break even but is nil cost for onshore recruitment How would you rate the quality of the programs? Are teaching staff appropriately trained ? Do students have the same IELTS as those studying in Australia ? Is your College getting adequate returns? Is it taught and assessed in English ? Who teachers your programs? Transnational Programs Yes, but not enough to mitigate the high risks: financial and College reputation Is everybody happy with their $$$ cut ? Is it the same standard as the course delivered in Australia? Is there an impact on the quality of your domestic programs ?

21 Does your College’s marketing strategy link to migration ? Can this market be segmented ? What are the risks? What are the returns for each market segment? What are the onshore and off shore markets ? Migration Services Who are your potential partners ? Do your staff need specialised training? Are there any special licensing or registration requirements for the College?

22 Is your College active in this market sector ? Can this market be segmented ? What are the risks? How do you staff these projects? Who are your potential partners ? International Project Work Aid work funded by key donors such as AusAID? Project work funded by foreign Governments? Short, medium and long term work funded by multinational companies? Most require long term assignments i.e. 1 to 5 years There is a limit on how many staff you can draw from your own College? How do you keep them? None, go it alone Partner with an AMC Partner with other RTOs Is it different to other parts of your mix ?

23 What is the right product mix for your College for next 5/10 years? Product Mix Transnational Programs Onshore Students International Project Work Migration Services Same? All 4 segments ? What about growth ? Consolidate ? Need to grow fast ? Slow growth ? How much is enough ? Target one or 2 ?

24 How will you define your market ? Product Mix Transnational Programs Onshore Students International Project Work Migration Services Who are your competitors? Who are your potential partners ? Poverty Exploitation Misery Global experience Professional learning model On/offshore QA How will your College stand out from the pack ? Live Learn Grow

25 International activities essential for most Colleges Best wishes to you, your College and TDA for next 10 years Many examples of world class activities Still a lot of work to do as a sector

26 TAFE International 10 years of growth and success Where to next?

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