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Education and Training International (ETI) ETI is responsible for coordinating the international activities for WA Department of Education and Training.

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2 Education and Training International (ETI) ETI is responsible for coordinating the international activities for WA Department of Education and Training across schools, senior colleges and TAFEWA.

3 ETI Capability ETI has privileged access to over 20,000 education professionals and more than 5000 technical and vocational trainers and assessor. ETI provides a single point of access for international clients seeking Western Australia’s world-class education, training and assessment services.

4 Product development and CRICOS registration Worldwide marketing Course/Career Counselling Enrolments and Administration ETI Services – Student Recruitment

5 ETI Services – Offshore Projects Offshore skills assessments Offshore gap training to Australian standards Training program design and delivery International auspice coordination for TAFEWA Education and training consultancy Professional development study tours International teacher and TAFEWA staff recruitment

6 Offshore projects TAFEWA and ETI are currently managing over 50 education and training projects across: The Gulf region Asia The Indian Ocean rim Africa Pacific Ocean countries

7 Fiji Philippines Hong Kong Mauritius Sri Lanka China Mauritania Ghana Botswana England Scotland Indonesia Singapore Nepal Bangladesh India Qatar UAE South Africa

8 In response to the critical skills and labour shortages in Western Australia, agencies sourcing skilled international labour have engaged ETI to conduct practical offshore skills assessment to: Commercial Projects – Offshore Skills Assessments Assess skills and knowledge against Australian standards Deliver gap training where necessary Issue Australian qualifications where applicable

9 ETI ensures the quality and integrity of Australian qualifications by: Using qualified, experienced Australian assessors Using AQTF compliant tools and procedures Ensuring assessment venues and equipment are AQTF compliant Offshore Skills Assessment Quality Assurance Through ETI’s offshore skills assessment service employers can be confident the skills and abilities of these overseas applicants meet Australian workplace standards.

10 With Moves International, ETI using the capacity of TAFEWA, has conducted a number of offshore skills assessments for 457 long stay business visa candidates: 20 welders in Bangladesh 70 chefs in Bangladesh and Nepal These workers are currently in the process of migrating to Australia Offshore Skills Assessment Example Future assessments for our international clients in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Russia include: Automotive Mechanics Construction workers Nurses Additional welder and chefs

11 Offshore Skills Assessment Consortium (VETASSESS) The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to assist States and Territories to address skills shortages. A process was developed to make it easier for migrants applying in the general skilled migration scheme to work as soon as they reach Australia. In May 2007 five Australian colleges and institutes including ETI representing TAFEWA formed a consortium with VETASSESS as the lead member. The consortium members are: Education and Training International representing Swan, South West and Great Southern TAFEs Kangan Batman Institute Victoria University Box Hill Institute Gipps TAFE

12 Offshore Skills Assessment Consortium Structure Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Education & Training International (DET) Offshore Skills Assessment Consortium VETASSESS Lead Party Southwest Regional College of TAFE Swan TAFE Great Southern TAFE Great Southern TAFE Assessors Southwest Regional College of TAFE Assessors Swan TAFE Assessors Box Hill TAFE GippsTAFE Kangan Batman TAFE Victoria University Box Hill TAFE Assessors GippsTAFE Assessors Kangan Batman TAFE Assessors Victoria University Assessors

13 The consortium’s offshore skills assessment service is the only skills recognition pathway available to potential permanent skilled migrants in 5 source countries in 15 trade occupations. Offshore Skills Assessment Consortium (VETASSESS)

14 Countries United Kingdom  Philippines  India  Sri Lanka  South Africa Trades General electrician Cable jointer Electrical power line tradesperson Refrigeration and Air-conditioning mechanic Carpenter and Joiner Bricklayer General plumber Trades Supervisor, carpentry and joinery tradespersons Supervisor, electicians Supervisor electrical distribution tradespersons Supervisor, tradespersons refrigeration and airconditioning mechanics Supervisor, motor mechanics Supervisor, bricklayers Supervisor, plumbers

15 Offshore Skills Assessment Consortium - Process Step 4 – Offshore practical skills assessment for recommended applicants Step 5a – Qualification/Offshore Technical Skills Record(OTSR) issued to successful candidates with a letter for migration purposes. Step 5b – Feedback and Statement of Attainment to unsuccessful candidates with invitation to be reassessed Step 1 – Online self-assessment Step 2 – Submit application with supporting evidence of existing skills, experience and qualifications Step 3 – Desktop assessment by VETASSESS to determine applicants likely to succeed in the practical skills assessment

16 In licensed trades an Australian qualification can not be issued without additional training, therefore an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) will be given to: General Plumbers General Electricians Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics Cable jointers and Electrical Powerline tradespeople Offshore Technical Skills Record Holders of an OTSR are entitled to a provisional license in their industry, subject to also meeting the non-skill license requirements. To gain a full license, OTSR holders must undertake gap training in Australia within a defined period.

17 Practical assessments commenced in December 2007. Assessment venues in each country are set up with the relevant equipment and materials for each trade occupation. The DEEWR Offshore Skills Assessment Project has just concluded the first year of a 5 year contract. To date: More than 1250 applications for assessments have been received by VETASSESS 340 candidates have undertaken a practical skills assessment 284 candidates were successful and have received their qualification/OTSR The majority of applications have come from the United Kingdom with number increasing in South Africa Offshore Skills Assessment Consortium (VETASSESS)

18 Questions welcome

19 Phil de Garis Managing Director, Education and Training International TEL: (08) 9218 2117 | FAX: (08) 9218 2170 EMAIL: Level 2, 123 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6005 For further information regarding ETI Services, go to For further information about the DEEWR Offshore Skills Assessment Project, please go to

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