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PRESENTATION Internationalisation Policy for Higher Education Malaysia 28.07.2011 1.

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1 PRESENTATION Internationalisation Policy for Higher Education Malaysia 28.07.2011 1

2 1. Internationalisation and its impact on the higher education sector 2. Context: Malaysian higher education 3. Introduction to internationalisation policy 4. Critical aspects of policy 5. Final output 6. Conclusion 2

3 PART 1 3

4  An added international element in the sector’s teaching, learning, research and networking activities  Significant potential in national and institutional building 4

5 3.3 million 2010 Top hosts for international students: Source: 5

6  Australia (2010): ◦ International education: AUS$18.3 billion in export income ◦ AUS$10.4 billion from higher education  Canada (2008): ◦ Education services import: South Korea (22.1%), Saudi Arabia (14.3%), China (12.4%), India (9.3%), Taiwan (8.2%), France (8.1%) and Hong Kong (7.2%). 6

7 1. Setting high international standards in everything; 2. Encouraging international, intercultural and inter-faith awareness throughout the university community; 3. Ensuring a culture in which people of all backgrounds feel equally welcome; 4. Seeking faculty and students from around the world; 7

8 5. Encouraging language studies; 6. Encouraging international experience by students and staff alike, curriculum that genuinely reflects international experience and global issues; 7. International community service projects; 8. Alumni activities around the world,... and more Source: Professor Don Markwell, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), The University of Western Australia 8

9 PART 2 9

10 200,000 students 2020 RM 6 billion generated ~ RM 30,000 spent / international student 10

11  Greater access  Liberalisation of private higher education institutions  Strategies to improve the performance and delivery of higher education  Education as NKEA 11

12 PART 3 12

13 13

14 Student mobility Internationalisation Policy Staff mobility Academic programmes Research and development Governance and Autonomy Social integration and community engagement Covering 6 critical aspects of internationalisation for Malaysian higher education for 2011-2020 14

15 1. To identify key components of internationalisation of higher education in Malaysia 2. Improve current internationalisation practices of higher education institutions 3. To align all internationalisation practices towards national aims 15

16 1.Enabling 2.Inclusive 3.Operational Features of the policy? Action steps, responsibility, and measurable outlined 16

17 1. Increase growth of international students and staff 2. Increase inbound and outbound mobility of students and staff 3. Increase positive experiences of international students 17

18 PART 4 18

19 Focus: steady growth of international students SectorRecommendations International marketing 1.Education Malaysia brand 2.Emerging markets 3.Role of recruitment agents International student admission 1.Admission procedures into the country and higher education institutions 2.Scholarships Academic programmes 1.Common foundation programmes 2.English as medium of instruction 3.International credit transfer R & D1.Collaboration with international counterparts to increase capacity Management and administration 1.Coordinating body at institution 2.International students’ charter 3.English as medium of communciation 4.Training of academic and non-academic staff Policy statement 1 19

20 Policy statement 2 Focus: steady growth of inbound and outbound international mobility SectorRecommendations International network 1.International institutional linkages Local students’ international mindset development 1.International mobility opportunities in scholarships, internships, attachments, etc International development for staff 1.Merit-based recognition for international staff 2.Increased participation from local academic and non-academic staff in international mobility programmes 20

21 Policy statement 3 Focus: international students’ positive experience SectorRecommendations Media coverage1.Positive media coverage International students’ social and community engagement 1.Activities organised by higher education institutions to promote social and community engagement Target group: between (a)Local students and international students (b)International students and local community (c)Among international students International students’ service support 1.Language support programmes 2.Other fundamental means of support for international students 21

22 PART 5 22

23 A compilation of input, ideas and practices from 14 public higher education institutions and 9 private higher education institutions 23

24 24

25 Malaysia as international education hub 25

26 26


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