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1 06/05/2015 CDM Induction for MICE Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan:

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1 1 06/05/2015 CDM Induction for MICE Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan: Induction.ppt

2 2 06/05/2015 Legal Duties Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (as amended) - replaced

3 3 06/05/2015 Project Organisation Client: John Womersley for STFC CDM Coordinator:Mark Weeks EDP Designer:Tim Hayler for RAL Principal Contractor:William S.Spensley

4 4 06/05/2015 Project Organisation William S.Spensley Principal Contractor Tom Bradshaw Cryogenic Linde Plant Installation & Solenoid Rectification Tim Hayler Hall Installation Electrical & Mechanical Services McDowell Building & Civil Civil Contractors MICE Contacts K.Long A.Blondel M.Zisman A. Nichols

5 5 06/05/2015 Duties of the PC Held responsible for the actions of Users& Visitors and sub-contractors Ensures safe place of work & Safe systems of work; Maintains safe access, egress and working environment; Ensures safe handling, transportation, use and storage of substances; Maintains safe plant and equipment; Safe tools and materials. Verifies that all workers are trained and competent to do the work safely, Ensures workers are properly supervised and given clear instructions. Ensures access to suitable welfare facilities; (First Aid) Verifies the use of the right tools, equipment, plant and protective clothing Ensures that personnel fill out the appropriate tool list during operational phase

6 6 06/05/2015 Employees Duties  Taking reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do (or do not do);  Co-operating with your employer on health and safety;  Correctly using work items  Not interfering with or misusing anything provided for your health, safety and welfare. You should also:  Report any situations you become aware of that may endanger yourself or others;  Report all accidents, incidents, near misses and dangerous occurrences.

7 7 06/05/2015 Risk Assessments & Method Statements for all Hall Work Risk Assessments Method Statements – written safe system A.T.W (Authorisation to Work) are required before work starts! agreed with PC  Authorisation Permits (for specific tasks) –Radiation (Film badges will be worn at all times) –Radiation survey required before entry into DSA –Hot work –Crane isolation –Electrical Communication of information

8 8 06/05/2015 Personal Protective Equipment Risk Assessment –used to Identify PPE for specific tasks And Must be worn! –E.g. Hard hats Safety Shoes (Note the need for non magnetic shoes for later MICE phases) HI-Vis Gloves Goggles Ear defenders....Mandatory Whilst working around Linde Plant Ear Plugs…..Mandatory Whilst Working around Linde Plant

9 9 06/05/2015 Hazards In the Area Radiation (P Wright) All equipment to be checked by Health Physics before removal from hall Radiation survey required before entry into DSA Overhead crane activities Parallel activities Housekeeping –Slips, trips and falls –Fire Work at Height –Scaffolds, platforms –Ladders (Ladders to be used only as access)

10 10 06/05/2015 Hazards in the Area Manual Handling Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Electricity Hydrogen (Will come into effect when MICE moves to another phase as the project moves on) Noise No access to DSA over the top of Wall Substances Hazardous to Health Notice Board –Display Daily Activities / Hazards –Sign in (and out!) at all times!

11 11 06/05/2015 Fire escape Controlled Entry Access to MCR Synchrotron linac Linde Plant Installation Hatch to trench Trunking Linde Plant Solenoid. Dipole. Quads Guardian Point DSA Entry Point KL Fixed Beam stop Thrust Block

12 12 06/05/2015 Emergency Procedures Fire –Alarm bell –Assembly point outside MCR Site Emergency –Klaxon –Go to MCR

13 13 06/05/2015 Emergency Procedures Accident / Ill Health –First Aid MCR - x6789 –Complete a report Incidents –Inform line manager / MCR/MICE Management –Complete report - MCR

14 14 06/05/2015 Fire escape Controlled Entry Access to MCR Synchrotron linac

15 15 06/05/2015 Risks in Magnetic Fields Crane Usage Forbidden While Magnets Are powered up

16 16 06/05/2015 Risks in Magnetic Fields Strong magnetic fields must be treated with considerable respect. Apart from the obvious danger of loose magnetic objects flying towards the Poles of a strong magnet, there are other possible dangers. Blood is a conducting fluid and circulates around the body. Your circulation is a moving conductor in a magnetic field. Any magnetic field to which a person is exposed should not be strong enough to affect the circulation.

17 17 06/05/2015 Requirements for work in Magnetic Fields Use non magnetic tools in the work area. No Admittance to Persons with Pacemakers Crane usage Forbidden while magnets are powered up. Personnel are required to fill out a tool list before entering MICE Hall during operations No metal objects on Personnel (Coins, Keys, Metal inserts in the body, Credit Cards, Site Passes, Steel-Toe Shoes, Glasses, Watches, Rings, The Guardian will check Personnel) Walk through metal detector will be in place.

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