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Super Omega-3 Fish and Calamari Oils with Olive Oil.

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1 Super Omega-3 Fish and Calamari Oils with Olive Oil

2 Dr. Jørn Dyerberg MD, Professor, DMSc “Father and Discoverer of Omega 3’s” Chief Physician World renown and foremost expert on Omega 3 Fatty Acids 350 Publications AHA “Recognition of Outstanding Contribution for the Advancement of Heart Health Worldwide” Led 5 Expeditions to the Eskimos in Greenland

3 The Landmark Eskimo Study 1970 Danish Physicians – Greenland Eskimo Study – Consumption of High Fat Diet Low incidence of heart health issues Low incidence of inflammatory issues Large consumption of Essential Fatty Acids: – DHA – EPA


5 Omega 3 vs Omega 6 Consumption

6 Primary Objectives Global Emerging Science Maximize DHA Benefits Environmentally Friendly Reduce Size Eliminate Fishy Taste

7 DHA Emerging and Amazing Science DHA the predominant Essential Fatty Acid The foremost omega-3 in all vital organs such as brain eye, nerve tissue and testis. 4 times the amount of DHA than EPA in breast milk


9 Alesund Region, Norway Provincial Town Brattvaag Ultra Pure Fish Oil Source for since the 1600 hundreds of years Gjendemsjo Family 75 years Fishermen - three generations Leif Gjendemsjo


11 Global Marine Research – Evaluate all marine biology for DHA and EPA composition – Additional bioactive components – Sustainability – Environmentally Friendly – Leif went literally around the world

12 Calamari The Premier Source of DHA – Rich source of DHA – Optimal DHA / EPA ratio – Environmentally friendly – Plentiful Supply – No impact on ocean floor or coral reefs – Increased stability – Clean and Neutral taste and smell



15 DHA Rich Calamari Oil 33% Increase in DHA Balanced DHA and EPA New Size is Easy to Swallow No Fishy Aftertaste Improve Omega 3:6 Ratio Exclusive Forever Formula NEW!


17 Dr. Jørn Dyerberg Professor MD DMSc Father and Discoverer of Omega 3’s

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