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Hundredfold Farm A Cohousing Community In Harmony With Nature.

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1 Hundredfold Farm A Cohousing Community In Harmony With Nature

2 Features of Cohousing Participatory Process Varied Responsibility for Development Resident Management Intentional Neighborhood Design Extensive Common Features Separation of the car from housing core Optional Shared Meals

3 N. American Count as of October 2003 Forming:41 Seeking Site:19 Site Optioned: 3 Own Site:20 Building:28 Completed: 73 184 HFF

4 Core Values Sustainable Living Personal Empowerment Stewardship New Extended Family Celebration of Food Education A Convergence of Passions

5 Core Values Caring: We are committed to keeping the interests of the land foremost in all our decisions. Paring: We are seeking ways to reduce our consumption of non-renewables. Sharing: We envision our time not being spent in formal meetings, but rooted in the daily, spontaneous encounters with one another.

6 The Farm 80 plus acres of rolling fields and woods Adams County – Agriculture (fruit) & Tourism Gettysburg School District Within one hour of 10 colleges/universities 3hrs/NYC, 1.75hrs/DC, 1.50hrs/Baltimore 10 minutes to the 85,000 acre Michaux State Forest and the Appalachian Trail


8 Site Design

9 Housing - General Fourteen Detached Single Family Homes Clustered within ~ six acres Two-story and single story building sites 2,000 sq ft maximum floor space Semi-custom: Design a floor plan that meets your unique needs

10 Housing - Specific Don Bradley – Solar Strategies Dev. Corp. Design Homes LLC of Bloomsburg, PA Energy self-sufficiency of 75 to 95% Passive solar Well insulated Earth bermed lower floor High efficiency radiant floor heating Low VOC options Grid interactive PV & Solar hot water options

11 Grid Interactive Solar Electric Connected to electric grid Hands off swapping of electricity A 3kW system will provide 60% of electric need Three day battery backup for critical systems

12 Water Management System Potable Water Two community wells Sediment filtration, UV, storage, pressure main Waste Water PowerSewer at each house SunDrive System – Water for flush and irrigation Rainwater Individual rain collection systems Rain gardens Stormwater and Erosion Control Promotes ground water recharge on farm

13 Household Wastewater Microbes, algae, aquatic vegetation and solar energy Breakdown of nutrients, solids, bacteria and trace metals Reclaimed water Waste Water Treatment and Recycling

14 Legal Air Space Condominium You own your home, plus the footprint of land underneath it, but the remaining property and structures are commonly owned. Hundredfold Farm Homeowners’ Assoc. Homeowners are automatically homeowners’ association members and are bound by the bylaws of the association.

15 Seven Springs Tree Farm A separate legal entity from Hundredfold Owned by the HFF membership Operated using accepted organic practices with IPM Key to Hundredfold’s affordability Obtained a $200,000 business loan in order to purchase the entire Hundredfold tree crop Six years at the present level of operation necessary in order to repay that loan Members share annual principal payment, business pays monthly interest

16 Support of Micro-Enterprise We support appropriately scaled, member created businesses that are compatible with the Hundredfold Farm vision statement Self-employment/home businesses Businesses operated by a subset of members Examples: Community Supported Agriculture Alternative healing Educational Center – Community specific workshops

17 Economics Membership fee: $ 17,000+ Building Lot:$ 45,000 House: $ 90,000 to $150,000 Total:$150,000 to $210,000 PV System (3 kW) $30,000 (included in above total) 2% loan offered $ 20,000 (to be applied toward system cost) Grant $1 0,000 (to be applied toward system cost) Condo fee: To be determined (~$150/mo)

18 Remaining Tasks Individual home designs Closing on financing Final approval of water management system Final township approval of site design Attracting 4 to 5 additional members

19 My heart is moved by all I cannot save; so much has been destroyed I have to cast my lot with those who, age after age, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world. Adrienne Rich

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