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Rural Housing Services: Community Facilities and Single Family Housing.

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1 Rural Housing Services: Community Facilities and Single Family Housing

2  USDA Rural Development finances facilities essential to the quality of life in any rural community  We offer loans, guaranteed loans, and grants to develop facilities in rural areas and towns of up to 20,000 in population

3  Funds can be used to: ◦ Construct; ◦ Enlarge; ◦ Purchase; or ◦ Improve community facilities. This can include costs to acquire land needed for a facility, pay necessary professional fees, and purchase equipment required for its operation

4  Examples of Essential Community Facilities: ◦ HEALTH CARE – Clinics, ambulatory care centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes ◦ EDUCATION – Schools, school buses, Headstart centers, pre-schools, child care centers, college classrooms and dormitories ◦ PUBLIC SAFETY – Communications centers, police and fire stations, fire trucks, rescue vehicles, jails ◦ PUBLIC SERVICES – Adult day care centers, city halls, courthouses, community centers, homeless shelters, domestic abuse centers, food banks, airports, garages, off-street parking, sidewalks, street improvements, libraries, museums, fairgrounds, animal shelters

5  Who May Apply? ◦ Loans, grants, and guarantees are available to public entities such as municipalities, counties, and special-purpose districts, as well as to nonprofit corporations and tribal governments ◦ In addition, applicants must have the legal authority to borrow and repay loans, to pledge security for loans, and to construct, operate, and maintain the facilities

6  Other information : ◦ Terms ◦ Interest Rate ◦ Grant Ratio ◦ Security ◦ Application Process

7  DIRECT SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING LOANS ◦ The program offers home loans to lower income individuals who are unable to obtain credit elsewhere, with interest rates as low as 1% - and no down payment ◦ Loans are made to dwellings located in eligible rural areas (visit: ◦ The standard term for a loan is 33 years for most borrowers; however, it can be extended to 38 years ◦ Applications are made directly with a Rural Development Area Office

8  GUARANTEED RURAL HOUSING LOANS ◦ Loans are made to purchase new or existing single- family dwelling or to finance construction ◦ Closing costs & guarantee fees can also be financed ◦ 30 year term/fixed interest rate ◦ Up to 100% of appraised property value plus the guarantee fee (2% of loan amount and.4% annual maintenance fee) ◦ Applications are made directly with authorized lenders

9  HOME REPAIRS LOANS AND GRANTS ◦ The program allows income eligible rural homeowners with very low income to repair or improve a home, making it safe and sanitary, by removing health and safety hazards ◦ Loans have a 1% interest rate, have a $20,000 limit, and have a maximum term of 20 years ◦ Grants are available exclusively to rural senior aged 62 or older and have a $7,500 limit ◦ Funds cannot be used to assist in new construction or to pay for off-site improvements ◦ Applications are made directly with a Rural Development Area Office

10  Visit the PA Website:  Community Facilities Program Line: (717) 237-2199  Housing Program Line: (717) 237-2186 Lilian Lipton, Loan Specialist (717) 237-2285 or

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