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1. Republic of Texas included _______ states. These states are:

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2 1. Republic of Texas included _______ states. These states are:

3 2.The _____________ ended the TX Revolution. 3. Public- ________________ Private- ______________ and _________________ Treaty signed by Santa Anna after his and Mexico’s defeat at San Jacinto. Santa Anna returns to Mexico and The Republic of Texas is born.

4 4. The Republic of TX had to ________ And ____________. 5.Why do you think Sam Houston is elected as 1 st President of the Republic? Mirabeau Lamar is elected as VP 6.The first capital was located in ___________. According to the video, why was Houston not a good location?

5 Houston faced many problems as President: -SFA dies -The government lack order 7. Why do you think the government lacked order? 8. Mexico ______ to accept the treaty. Thousands of ______ arrived in TX wanting a fight, but they were too late for the revolution. Felix Huston wanted another war with ________, so President Houston replaced him with Albert Sidney Johnston. 9. Was President Houston able to control his army? YES or NO 10. Why do you think Pres. Houston did not want another war with MX? Economic Crisis: 11. Texas had a debt of __________from the cost of the war with _________ 12. In order to raise revenues (____) for the debt, Houston printed “______” created a Poll Tax (________). Printing money was unsuccessful.

6 Houston Land Policy – The new constitution allowed the head of household before March 4, 1836 could receive 1,280 acres. 13. African Americans and Native Americans were ineligible to receive land. WHY? The idea was for the population of Texas to grow and gain more funds.

7 Houston treated the Indians fairly 14.How do you think Houston was viewed with his Native American policy? BECAUSE- not allowing wilderness areas of Texas to be settled in a more timely fashion.

8 15. After ___ years. Houston had to hand over the reins to the new government. 16.Lamar is known as the “_________” because _________________, but few schools Were actually built. 17.Lamar wanted to move the capital more _______ located, along the ____________R. Near _______. Named the capital ______ in Honor of ________. FIND YOUR ACHIEVEMENT Partner Lamar was an expansionist

9 18. When Lamar entered office, TX debt was ______, but when he left Office it rose _________ 19. Lamar printed “Redbacks,” paper money which were almost worthless because ________________ 20. Infer this quote: If peace can be obtained only by the sword, let the Sword do its work.” FIND YOUR ECONOMIC Partner 21.According to the Treaty of Velasco, the boundary between MX and TX Was _________ r. This boundary would make ________ part of TX. Lamar was known as a “War Hawk” He defeated and removed many Indian tribes from Texas

10 21.According to the Treaty of Velasco, the boundary between MX and TX was _________ r. This boundary would make ________ part of TX. Lamar sent troops to Santa Fe, New Mexico to ________ them that they were part of Texas. The New Mexicans ________ to be part of Texas. The Texans had to surrender to the Mexicans because they ran out of Supplies. This was an _________ expedition and waste of money. Santa Fe I don’t care what you say, you are Texan!!! No Senor!!!

11 It’s time for you to MOVE!! 22. Lamar wanted to _____ The Native Americans out of Texas and into present day __________. FIND YOUR Native Texan Partner 23.Lamar wanted to attract new ________ to payTexas’ debt and the population grew tremendously. FIND YOUR Land Policy Partner

12 24. Why do you think the debt rose under Lamar’s term? 25.During Houston’s second term, he had an Archives War. The Archives War was about archives (________). Houston did not want to serve in “Lamar’s capital.” He sent government officials to get the archives. They loaded the wagon and the whole town was awaken by a cannon. The Austin citizens chased the wagon and returned the archives to Austin. 26.Draw a picture of the Archives War.

13 Mier Expedition 27.Mexican soldiers declared _______ under Mexico’s rule. Houston sent 300 militi men to pursue the Mexican soldiers under Somervell’s command. Before they could reach them, the Mexican troops crossed the _______ r. into Mexico. Somervell’s men wanted tot cross into Mexico, but Somervell did not. The Texas soldiers crossed anyway and were captured by the Mexicans into Mier, MX. Santa Anna ordered ________ put to death and the others imprisoned for life, Each prisoner was asked to draw a bean from a mug. The black beans meant _________. 28. Draw a picture. 4B064323E65B612B&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 FIND YOUR Foreign Relations Partner

14 29. Houston tried to get Texas _______ to the US. Annexation means ______________. 1) reason why US refused is because Texas has a large ____________ and this would offset the balance in US Congress. 2) Reason is because it could start a ______________. 3) Texas has a large _____ due to the ________________. 30.Why do you think annexing Texas would start a war with Mexico?

15 31. Dr. Anson Jones, President of Texas, was able to get Texas _______. Texas was annexed as the ____ state on _______. Texas entered the US as a _____ state. Dr. Jones said, “…the final act of this great drama is now performed, the Republic of Texas is no more.” What do you think was meant by that quote? _________________________ mode=1

16 Anson Jones...”the final act in this great drama is now performed: the Republic of Texas is no more.” ode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 Pros - Cons - 32. According to Texas, what are the pros and cons of annexing TX? FIND YOUR Anson Jones Partner

17 1. What is the name of the treaty that ended the war? 2. What does the “Republic of Texas” mean? 3. Who is the 1st elected President? 4. List 2 problems he had to deal with. 5. TRUE or FALSE. Houston likes Indians. 6. Who is the 2nd elected President? 7. List 2 problems he had to deal with. 8.TRUE or FALSE. Lamar likes Indians. 9.Where did Lamar relocate the Native Texans? 10. Who is the last President of Texas? 11. According to the map on the right, where Americans for or against annexing TX? 12. List 3 reasons why. 13. What state number was Texas annexed?

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