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The Republic of Texas Part 2

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1 The Republic of Texas Part 2

2 Cordova Rebellion During Lamar’s Administration
Involved Native Americans Influx of Americans to Nacogdoches Mexican living there were loyal to Mexico (Vicente Cordova) Organized with almost 400 people along the Angelina River Before anything happened the group was defeated Result – distrust of Mexicans & Native Americans & Lamar’s decision that Cherokees would need to be removed from TX

3 Council House Fight Involved American Indian Tribes Comanche leaders agreed to meet in San Antonio to surrender all Anglo captives One captive – Maltilda Lockhart was delivered Texan angry, refused to let the Comanches leave Comanches Tried to leave & they were attacked 7 Killed – Texans & Comanche Leaders To this date, Comanche nation refuses to make peace w/ Rangers Unlike Houston, Lamar wanted to kill or force all of the Native Texans out of Texas. Lamar’s generals forced the Cherokees out of East Texas. The Cherokees went to live in present-day Oklahoma. Lamar also wanted the Comanches out of Southwest Texas. Many skirmishes took place Texas troops vs Comanches. Finally the Comanches agreed to meet in San Antonio (March ) to discuss peace. The Comanches promised to release all Anglo captives. One Anglo girl released looked as though she had been tortured. The Texans refused to let the Comanche leaders leave without having all the Texas captives released from all Comanche bands.

4 Santa Fe Expedition Goal: To establish Western Boundary of TX
Lamar sent troops to western boundary of TX Mexico did not agree & neither did the citizens of Santa Fe Texans were captured & marched to Mexico City & thrown into prison Cost lots of money Mexicans began raiding Texas again

5 Mier Expedition Due to Santa Fe Expedition, Mexico began invading TX Houston sent TX Rangers to guard border & threat was over 300 Texans remained & crossed into Mexico into Mier 2 days – Texans surrendered Texans were marched to Mexico City & executed by Santa Anna (black bean)

6 People to know… Edwin Moore – Texas Navy commander in the 1840’s
Jack “Coffee” Hays – Most famous Texas Ranger from the 1840’s William Goyens - Free African American who was a successful businessman. Served as an interpreter of the Native American languages during the Texas Revolution. Mary Maverick - Famous frontier woman who lived in San Antonio Jose Antonio Navarro - Native Texan who signed the Texas declaration. He was a Texas congressman during the Republic then became a Texas Senator after annexation.

7 Events to know… Cordova Rebellion - A group of about 100 Hispanics and 300 Cherokees who rebelled against the Republic of Texas over Anglo’s taking their land. Council House Fight - A meeting between Texas authorities and Comanche’s that turned into a battle when the Comanche negotiators were taken hostage. Comanche’s refused to make treaties with Texas again. Santa Fe Expedition - Lamar’s attempt to gain control of a major trading center, but failed when the Texas soldiers surrendered in New Mexico. Most of the Texas men were imprisoned or died in Mexican prison.

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