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Embark! Taking Care of Business Session July 9, 2012 Concordia University Texas.

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1 Embark! Taking Care of Business Session July 9, 2012 Concordia University Texas

2 Welcome  Kristi Kirk  Vice Provost – Student & Enrollment Services   512-313-4601  Brief introduction to the services CTX provides to you and your students Concordia University Texas

3 FERPA  The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act  Is a 1974 Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.  Gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records.  Transfers these rights to the student upon reaching the age of 18 or attending a school beyond the high school level.  See Concordia University Texas

4 Student Central  Your one stop office for all things CTX.  Combines the administrative functions of the Student Accounts, Financial Aid & Registrar’s Offices.  A great resource to ask ANY question your student might have about anything on campus. Contact them at: 512-313-4700 Concordia University Texas

5 Student Central – Grades/Registration/Academics  Academic issues  Add or drop classes  Change major  Request degree audit or apply for graduation  Special requests (independent study, course by arrangement, course substitution)  Change Personal information (name, address)  Enrollment Verification and transcripts Concordia University Texas

6 Student Central - Financial  Financial Aid  Turn in paperwork  Ask questions  Student Accounts  Pay bills  Set up payment plans  Ask questions Concordia University Texas

7 Academic Advising  Progress towards graduation at the rate that YOU (the student) chooses.  Resources to help choose a major, pick classes, think about careers.  Academic Advising office  Sandra Brown, Coordinator, 512-313-5011,  Peer Advising office – 213  Faculty Advisors Concordia University Texas

8 Career Services  Trained Career Counselor –  Joyce Sinclair, Coordinator, 512-313-5041,  Assists with:  Part-time and on campus employment  Internships  Post graduation full-time employment  Resume building  Career assessments  Events  Etiquette event – September 25  Job Fairs Concordia University Texas

9 Career Services  Student Employment  Opens August 1 st  See Career services webpage  texas/student Concordia University Texas

10 Student Success Center – Disabilities Office  CTX makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities according to federal guidelines.  Need to fill out Intake Form and submit with supporting documentation to the Director of the Student Success Center  Academic accommodations are available, e.g. extra time to test, note takers, etc.  Unlike K-12, in higher education the student is responsible to request accommodations, inform professors of need and stay in contact with the Director.  Contact: Ruth Cooper, Director, 512-313-5031, Concordia University Texas

11 Student Success Center – Academic Coaching  is an online tutoring program for multiple subjects.  Math tutoring is available 24/7  Writing Center for assistance with papers  Access through Blackboard  Peer Academic Coaching  Most subjects can be accommodated.  Call, email or text coaches to schedule coaching. Concordia University Texas

12 Student Success Center – Mental Health/Counseling  Concordia has a Licensed Professional Counselor who provides brief counseling for CTX students without charge.  Annie Ferrera, Counselor, 512-313-5032, ann-  Students needing ongoing counseling will be referred out to local counselors.  Students contact the counselor by email or phone to schedule appointments. Concordia University Texas

13 Student Services – Food Service  Food Service  Meal Plans  19 meals/week, 14 meals/week, or 180 meals/semester  Commuter plan – 5 meals per week  Change plans in Student Central during the 1 st 2 weeks of school Concordia University Texas

14 Student Services – Student Activities  Fall activities  Week of Welcome (Aug 18-25)  Man v. Food: CTX Edition (Aug 30)  Tornado Tuesday (first Tuesday of every month)  Retro Roller-skating (Sept 5)  Video Game Tournament (Sept 11)  Lake Travis Boat Party (Sept 15)  Taylor Mason: Live (Sept 20)  Campus Cook-Off (Sept 27)  Capture the Flag (Oct 4)  Homecoming and Family Weekend (Oct 19-21)  Kickball (Oct 25)  Campus-wide Blood Drive (Oct 29)  World Series Watch Party (Oct TBD)  Paintball (Nov 10)  Turkey Bowling (Nov 13)  The Great Pumpkin Chase (Nov 14)  Coffeehouse (Nov 28)  Christmas Tree Lighting (Nov 29-tentative)  Evening with Your Professors and Midnight Madness (Dec 9)  CTX Night at the Texas Stars (Dec TBD)  Does not include: Residential Life, Outdoor recreation, Apartment Coordinators, Can-Do, Service Learning Concordia University Texas

15 Student Services – Special Opportunities  Can Do Missions  Travel to: Apache Indian Reservation, New Orleans, Joplin, Alaska, Guatemala, Brazil, South Africa, Haiti  Study Abroad & Travel Courses  Service Learning  Volunteer projects at Emma Long Park, Church Under the Bridge, Micah 6, Texas Ramp Project, Summit Assisted Living, Texas Baptist Children’s Home Concordia University Texas

16 Library Services  Student Information Desk  Reference Librarian  Numerous electronic databases  Tex Share Card  Inter-library loan  Contact: Mikail McIntosh-Doty, Librarian, 512-313-5051, Concordia University Texas

17 Health Resources  Make sure your student knows insurance information and you have previously checked for local facilities that are covered by your insurance.  What if my student gets sick?  NextCare – 12701 N Fm 620  Minute Clinic - 11725 N Fm 620 (inside CVS)  RediClinic – 11521 N FM 620 (inside HEB)  See complete list in packet.  Encourage students to communicate with professors. Concordia University Texas

18 Communication  When in doubt about who to contact on campus, always contact Student Central - 512-313-4700 or  What if my student is struggling academically, socially, or emotionally?  Try to “coach” your student through the difficulty rather than handle it for them.  Early alert form  Call: Director of Student Success Center (512- 313-5031) or Director of Student Services (512- 313-4304). Concordia University Texas

19 CTX will communicate with you when …  Remember FERPA  There is a life-threatening emergency regarding your student.  In disciplinary situations, we often require the students to discuss situation with parents.  Official CTX communication comes through CTX email or by mail to the permanent address in MyInfo. Concordia University Texas

20 Parent Connections  Some ways for you to stay involved  Websites:    Social media:  Twitter:  CTXParents  Concordiatx and CTXstudentlife  Facebook:  CTX Parents  Concordia University Texas and CTX Student Life  How You Can Help  Encourage your children to get involved  Encourage them to make connections  Encourage them to ask for help Concordia University Texas

21 Family Weekend Join us October 19-21 for Homecoming/Family Weekend Concordia University Texas

22 Come Back … Tonight at 5:00pm – Dinner at The Oasis Tomorrow  10:00Academic Symposium - a taste of the academic experience your student will have at CTX  2:15Customs Check - when you will receive a bill, complete Financial Aid, make a payment if you wish (2% discount if paying by cash or check today) Concordia University Texas

23 Questions? Concordia University Texas

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