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Ensuring Student Success Biola University Opening Weekend 2012.

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1 Ensuring Student Success Biola University Opening Weekend 2012

2 Can you relate?

3 Overview Finance and Financial Aid Academic Advising The Learning Center Office of the Registrar

4 Finance & Financial Aid Sandie Weaver, Sr. Director Financial Planning & Operations Emilee Hidy, Assoc. Director Financial Aid

5 Is your student enrolled? Completed all online steps Signed up for payment plan (unless paid in full) Payment has been received by Biola

6 Enrolled Status ID Card Activated Access residence halls Access to Meal Plan

7 Not Enrolled? Its not too late! Late enrollment August 16 – September 7 ($120 late fee) Enroll by Monday, August 27, to keep classes!

8 Not Enrolled? Student can use cash to pay for meals Call Campus Safety for Residence Hall access Enrollment Help Line (562)777-4002 Financial Aid Office Open Today until 3 pm Accounting Office Open Today until 3 pm

9 Financial Aid – Whats your status? File is Complete, BUT NOT confirmed: File is NOT Complete: my.biola Aid is Authorized:

10 Have you considered these? Biolas Church Matching Scholarship Federal Stafford Loans – up to $5,500 for Freshman Federal Parent (PLUS) and Private Student Loans Federal Work Study

11 Please note Loans are applied against the total balance, not just the down payment

12 Payment Options – No Finance Charge Pay in full Payment plan with down payment, balance paid by 9/15

13 Financed Payment Plan Payment plan, down payment, payments by 9/15, 10/15, 11/15 Total finance charge assessed during payment plan sign up.

14 Billing Includes semester charges & authorized aid Processed on the 15 th of each month Sent to students university email Posted on my.biola, at Manage My Account

15 Refunds Available after the credit appears on the student account. Entire balance with one request! Refunds from credit card payments will be refunded back to the same card.

16 Ferpa Only Authorized Users May Access Student Financial Information FAMILY EDUCATFAMILY EDUCATION RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACTION RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

17 How to become an authorized user Students set up Authorized users at my.biola Instructions at

18 Authorized users can access Account Balance Online Payments Options Payment History Storage of Payment Methods Scheduling Payments Sign up for a Payment Plan

19 Other useful info Students may Charge Books to Account – if theres a true credit Cashier Services – cash up to $200 with University ID Banks on Campus Today

20 What? A tax credit??? Hope and Life Long Learning Tax Credit Form 1098T mailed to permanent address by Jan. 31 st Students have online access

21 Academic Advising Carrie Stockton, Director Academic Advising & Student Retention

22 Ensuring Academic Success Empower your student to take ownership of the academic experience. Encourage your student to seek help. Entrust academic responsibility to your student.

23 Making the Most of the Academic Experience

24 Academic Advising Major Departments Declared Students Faculty & Staff Advisors The Advising Center Undeclared Students Transfer & Probation Students

25 Opportunities Cross Cultural Engagement Study Abroad Community-Based Learning Academic Clubs Ink Slinger Guerilla Film Society Accounting/Investment Societies Social Justice Ministry Health Careers Club Conferences/Symposiums Justice, Spirituality, and Education Symposium Arts Symposium Center for Christian Thought Torrey Bible & Missions Conferences

26 Internships & Research Career Development Center Off-campus employment Career fairs/networking events Internships On-Campus Employment On-Campus Research Opportunities

27 Recommendations for Student Learning Attend and be on time to all class sessions. Read before class and come prepared for discussion. Take advantage of faculty office hours.

28 Recommendations for Student Learning Utilize a planner to map out your semester's assignments and events. Use Blackboard (linked from whenever possible to view grades and course information. Use your Biola email address and check it frequently.

29 The Learning Center Kevin Grant, Director The Learning Center

30 Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

31 What if My Student is Struggling? We have valuable resources... …but your student has to utilize them! The.5 Rule Holistic Assistance Model Student Care Advising/Registrar/Learning Center Partnership Teach a man to fish…

32 General Academic Resources The Math Lab The Writing Center The Advising Center

33 The Learning Center Tutoring (one hour/week) Disability Student Services Academic Accountability

34 College Study Skills (GNST 001) Sharpen Academic Techniques & Strategies Time Management Critical Thinking Learning Styles Test-Taking Strengths-based living & learning

35 What if this doesn't go as planned? Students must self-identify and self- advocate Below 2.0 gpa = Academic Probation Limited Course Load Required College Study Skills Connection with Academic Advising

36 The Big Idea Encourage your student toward Biola's resources... they exist and are available. Be Proactive! Ask for help here Not here

37 Office of the Registrar Isaac Fite Assistant Registrar

38 Changing dynamic of parent and student roles Opportunities Shift Resources Shift Responsibility Shift Privileges Shift

39 Academic Policies & Resources

40 University Communication Biola University uses email as its primary vehicle for communication to students… … they should check it daily!

41 FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Giving Students Rights to Timely access of their educational records Request amendment of their educational records Privacy of their educational records

42 How FERPA protects student privacy Directory Information Non-Directory Information Each category is subject to its own set of restrictions

43 FERPA Additional Information Website: and search FERPA Total Confidentiality FERPA Releases Financial Records – certain exceptions Financial Aid Student Accounts

44 To Ensure Student success Understand and stay on top of financial needs Complete Financial Aid requirements early each year Empower your student to take ownership of their academic experience Encourage your student to seek out help Entrust academic responsibility to your student

45 Questions? Student Accounts – Phone: (562) 903-4760 Email: accounting @ Financial Aid - Phone: (562) 903-4742 Email: Registrar - Parent Relations - Phone: (800) 99-BIOLA Email:

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