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fleet Week new York Beth Baker Program Director, Public Affairs

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1 fleet Week new York Beth Baker Program Director, Public Affairs
Navy Region Mid-Atlantic & Fleet Week New York

2 Summary Public Information (Media; Web; Facebook; Twitter; Flicker, outreach) Embark Program Tour Program (GPV & DV) Internal Information Community Relations/Outreach Strategic Communication Themes/Messages Recruiting ONR SOE Manning Admin Initiatives/Improved Processes

3 FWNY Team Navy Region Mid-Atlantic PA Team
Norfolk, Groton, Willow Grove, Earle, NAS Oceana NAVINFO East NAVINFO West USCG & USMC NYC PA TYCOMS C2F ESG NAVRESFOR NPASE USS IWO JIMA (LHD 7) PA team MEU PA USCG Auxiliary NCIS, FBI Navy Recruiting, New York It takes a team of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Public Affairs professionals to plan and execute FWNY. The cooperate relationship between all parties ensures success. Dynamic team of professionals…representing our TOTAL FORCE (Civilians, Active Duty Officers and MC’s; 1655 , Reserve MC’s, and others who assist with tours)

4 Public Information (Media)
#1 Media market in the World! TV Print Radio In-studio Sports: Yankees Mets Liberty (women’s basketball) Red Bulls (soccer) TV: Morning shows at CBS and NBC; Local and national network; Fox Business; CNN; Weather Channel; ET; Inside Edition; BET; Bloomberg; more! PRINT: Parade Magazine; Virginian Pilot; Navy Times; Wall Street Journal; NY Post; News Day; Popular Mechanics; NY Daily News; Long Island Advance; NY Sun; NY Times; USA Today; People Magazine; GQ Magazine; Staten Island Advance…more! RADIO: WINS; WOR 710 AM; WNYC 93.9; NPR; ESPN – Don’t underestimate the power of radio and the reach. IN STUDIO: Today Show; GMA; Fox Dayside; The View; Regis & Kelley; Letterman; Colbert Report; Cash Cab; Daily Show with Jon Stewart; Wendy Williams Show

5 Public Information (Media)
Foreign Media: Telemundo; Spanish MTV; Univision Radio; Brazil TV, Foreign Press Center (State Dept), more Trade Publications: Popular Mechanics; Jane’s; Jane’s International; Scientific America Hometown News Releases Fleet Week New York Web Site Fleet Week New York Facebook page Filmed PSA’s for NY-1 and “shout outs” – English and Spanish. Sports teams running “shout outs” prior to/during games. Walk-Ups/Pop-Ups. Timely response = More positive coverage! FOREIGN MEDIA – In 2010 we partnered with NY Foreign Press Center and the State Department to embark about 12 foreign media from various agencies to the big deck; rode ship in; round-table discussion in the Ward Room with ESG-2, USMC Flag, and USCG Flag. Discussed Maritime Stategy. All Foreign media vetted with NCIS and FBI – built those cooperative relationships and maintain them throughout the year. TRADE PUBS: Very interested in ONR exhibits and technologies PSA’s: Asked New York One a few years ago. English and Spanish in Manhattan AND Staten Island. Film them in Norfolk with support from NPASE. SHOUT OUTS – Filmed in Norfolk, in advance for various sports teams and a couple generic shout outs for other opportunities/PSA’s.

6 2010 Media Ops Wendy Williams Show
Debut Top Gun PS3 on IWO during transit; move to statics on pier. DEFCON 3/ (national) film on IWO; in studio Wednesday w/ FWNY wrap up Foreign Press Center MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show The View – 180 military personnel in studio Regis and Kelly – audience was ACDU, in studio David Letterman Top 10 List - taped Good Morning America – audience members each morning; weekend show to highlight three (3) CS’s CBS Early show – audience members each morning Today Show – audience members each morning; Tug Of War with FOGOs officiating Blood Drive on IWO – Fox 5, NewsRadio WNBC "The Debrief with David Ushery" Today Show 3rd Hour with Kathy Lee & Hoda – in studio military skills challenge John Stewart Show Pro-actively work these several months in advance. The Drumbeat meetings for media ops are held weekly beginning in January.

7 News ad value for the two-week period was more than $2.4 million
Media Coverage News ad value for the two-week period was more than $2.4 million Lt. Blue = Television (42%) Green = Cable/Satellite program (13%) Pink = Wire Service (10%) Orange = Newspaper (9%) Purple = Online, news & business (8%) Yellow = Cable/Satellite network (6%) 2009 Data gathered in-house using VOCUS and TV Eyes. Does not reflect total news buy value…as not all capture. The $2.4 Million of FREE, positive, coverage is actually MUCH more. The coverage area also does not include our international reach. The foreign media hits were not able to be captured given our limited ability at the Region. But this is a good SNAPSHOT. Press coverage wasn’t just limited to northeastern media markets. News circulation that we could track amounted to more than 29 million people

8 Embark Program In 2010: Emarks included RO2N, RO1N and POS.
Invitation letters and embark forms mailed to 250 individuals. Processed over 150 forms from VIP/media. Processed NROTC, Sea Cadets & USMC Poolee – 190+ nominees. Developed launch plan - working with ESG-2 Air Ops. Embarked 33 media reps; including 18 members of the Foreign Press Center. Some Key Influencers/targets include: ESPN Executives (to build on that relationship for future NY events and Fleet Weeks); Foreign Press Center media; work with JAG Corps to support targeted recruiting efforts with law students in NYC; SONY productions; other local and national media; some Navy League DV’s; some CEO’s. We target CEO’s from Crain’s New York Business for invites - not just to embark, but to host their employees for private DV tours as well.

9 Tour Program General Public Visiting Pre-arranged VIP Group Tours
daily, except in Manhattan (closed Sunday) First Responders receive head of line privilege Veterans receive head of line privilege on Memorial Day 64,871 visitors in 2010 Pre-arranged VIP Group Tours Youth Groups Organizations/businesses Civic/Navy leadership Veterans Groups 7,000 pre-arranged group tours in SI alone. Handicapped In addition to General Public – we target schools in the five burroughs; NYPD; NYFD; businesses; work with Intrepid, USO, Navy League, Mayor’s office, NY Blood Center… and other community stakeholders

10 Internal Information Supported by NPASE – on site, boots on the ground in command center SEAOP Det component embarked IWO to support In sync with SOE Daily News Update The Flagship Facebook Twitter Flicker WEB SITE: Because the Region is aligned under CNIC web policy…the web site is long. Worked a with MWR but did not pan out. Will attempt again 2011, a bit earlier. FACEBOOK: Purchased 2 ads – March 6-12 (for State of NY) and April (Tri-State area: NY, NJ, CT) Cost - $600 total (budgeted $300 for each ad – maximum daily budget $50. Impressions over 2 weeks: 3,782,552 People who might not have otherwise been aware of what our Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard team was doing…and the Maritime Strategy Message. Note: USMC and USCG has own FB page Increased fan base by 1,193 – does not include “impressions”. Will repeat in 2011.

11 Community Relations Reenlistments (WTC, Yankees)
Stock Exchange Closing Bells (NYMEX; NYSE) Blood drive w/NYC Blood Center Displays: Accelerate Your Life, F-18 Simulator, NECC, Osprey MAGTF Demo’s USCG displays; SAR demos Navy Band (sports, TV shows, stock exchanges, Times Square, Staten Island concert, parades) Navy and Marine Bands top of Sight Seeing Bus COMREL projects coordinated with City to include school visits, hospital visits, soup kitchen, etc. with USN, USMC, USCG Chaplain works with the Mayor’s office on several visits and outreach efforts. HOWEVER, Public Affairs has established outreach and comrel initiatives with NY Blood Center, Boys & Girls Clubs (each ship had a Flag in 2009); worked with schools on a poster contest in 2010 that we will build on, and more. Great teamwork with NRD NY, USMC and USCG. Navy Band is critical/very visible and absolute pleasure to work with. Would like to see more US Navy Air demo’s/statics in – and partner more with Marine Corps on aviation outreach.

12 Strategic Communication
PA Guidance drafted by CNRMA PAO; approved via ESG, C2F; USFF; CHINFO Focus is: Maritime Strategy Diversity Recruiting Navy Ethos CONA War of 1812 Q&A includes: What people can see/do (all services) Safety/security Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy Women on Submarines Current natural disaster(s)

13 Recruiting USN Static Displays in Manhattan and Staten Island
NECC displays - IWO/Pier 88 Navy Flight Simulator – Pier 88 Navy Suburban - SI Navy Convention Booth 10x20 – Pier 88 SPECWAR USN Band NE Daily GPV Tours USMC static displays in Manhattan Joint Non Lethal Weapons Display (Pier 88) On IWO USMC air demos USCG statics USCG demonstrations JAG tours School tours/visits Again, would like to see more Navy aviation demos, flyovers and statics in 2011.

14 ONR Work cooperatively with ONR on static displays and news peg
Displays/exhibits on the pier - ION Tiger UAV, REMUS, Sea Stalker, SEA PERCH, and Rope Ascender Demo Space can be limiting and logistically challenging on the ship, but ONR is key component to the static displays and showcasing some of our current, and FURTURE technologies.

15 SOE Managed by Public Affairs 2010 supported over 270 events
Weekly Drumbeat Meeting to review – Thursday Work closely with JAG – ethics review; Strike Group on approval and execution SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – Some may say this is NOT a key Public Affairs Function. We are a victim of our success. However, PA is intimately aware of EVERY single event and work VERY closely with JAG and the Strike Group on EVERY one. This is tedious and a time consuming task….but it helps when knowing what to cover, when to cover, how to cover, what’s important and keeps PAO finger on the pulse of entire event…cradle to grave for entire program.

16 Manning Totally integrated Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard Team
Set up in five different locations: Manhattan Command Center Manhattan Media Staten Island Command Center Manhattan Tours Internal (located opposite end of Command Center) Total of 98 PAOs to execute FWNY 2010, plus reach back support at CNRMA Impressive team of professionals in multiple locations 98 may sound like an awful lot of resources…it is. But is necessary to execute the Navy’s largest community relations/community outreach program in a geographically dispersed location. 80=% of FWNY IS Public Affairs

17 Admin Daily Close of Business reports to all DOD stakeholders
Press releases – dozens, in coordination with USMC and USCG. Released in NY, NJ, CT, Hampton Roads, Mayport, North Carolina (USMC) PA logistical requirements PA lodging requirements Keeps all USN, USMC, USCG Stakeholders in the loop. If we’re working this hard and doing this much…we need to be sure leadership knows.

18 Initiatives/Improved Processes
Purchased ads on Facebook to increase fan base – HUGE success, minimal cost More collaboration with other services More Navy aircraft involvement Working with print media on FWNY pullout schedules. Initial attempt in 2010; more focus in 2011 RESFOR identifying 1655 NOW to assist in all pre-planning Website challenge – address is too long. .com best Movie Premiers – coordinate with NAVINFO West Navy NewsStand – holiday weekend support for stories pushed Video Hometowners/blogs – wish list Purchased 2 ads – March 6-12 and April 24-30 Targeted Facebook users in NY (1st ad) then Tri-State area (2nd ad) Total Cost - $600 total (budgeted $300 for each ad – maximum daily budget $50 ( you pay for number of clicks (fans) you get and set max number for each day. Cost per click was approx. 42 cents Impressions over 2 weeks – 3,782, who might not have otherwise been aware of what our Navy was doing and the Maritime Strategy Message. Increased fan base by 1,193. NOTE: When this team of 98 PAO leave NYC after about 2 weeks of concentrated Public Affairs…the NAVINFO NY office can continue to build on the relationships with our Marine Corp and Coast Guard brethren to tell the Maritime Strategy Story to media and community groups.

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