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COMS E6125 WHIM Internet Television Joost Babelgum Preethi Narayan

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1 COMS E6125 WHIM Internet Television Joost Babelgum Preethi Narayan

2 Internet TV Audio and Video content delivered over the internet Watch on a TV, computer screen or mobile phone Information sent over the internet Main shows produced from big networks Programs targeted at specific audience Internet TV rides on existing infrastructure including broadband, ADSL, Wi-Fi, cable and satellite

3 Internet TV types Live broadcasts On demand video Web sites compile a list of live broadcast channels Some TV networks play live streaming feeds on their official site Its like watching live tv, you cannot pause or play back or skip parts On demand videos are more like play lists Episodes are kept You get to choose whatever you want

4 Structure for fee Free Pay only for the internet connection Banner ads Subscription Bill – monthly bill Different prices based on the content Pay per view Podcast – generally free, major networks charge

5 Popular Internet TV options Joost – a free peer to peer program which allows shows like comedy central, mtv Apple tv – wirelessly transfer movies and videos from iTunes onto the television screen Microsoft Xbox Live Video Marketplace – allows Xbox 360 users to download and rent movies

6 Bandwidth and Streaming If bandwidth is low, traffic becomes congested If bandwidth increases, information travel happens without a hassle Bandwidth is important – large audio and video data over the internet requires bandwidth Streaming makes it possible to watch live or on demand video No downloading on to the computer

7 Streaming Servers hold video data When a video is to be watched, the right command is clicked like”play” or “watch” This sends a message to the server to watch the particular video Server responds by sending the necessary data Necessary streaming media protocols are used to make sure data is in good condition A plug in or player on the computer decodes and plays the video signal

8 Peer to Peer Television Peer to peer file sharing concept used for internet tv This generally requires the download of the client Instead of a central server with videos, computers with the same P2P software are searched for the video Some examples are Joost and Babelgum

9 Joost Distributed TV shows and other forms of video using P2P Based on P2PTV expected to deliver near TV resolution images PC is turned into an instant on demand TV without an additional set top box News updates, discussion forums, show ratings,multi-user chat sessions Made possible through widget overlay

10 Joost

11 Explore sections to find channels, shows or video Browse and Search by category Use the controller Invite friends to Joost Watch Joost in window mode Create your own channel Share Joost with friends Blog while watching Joost

12 Content distribution Here servers serve only a handful of clients Each in turn propagate the stream to downstream clients This moves distribution costs from channel owner to user Joost service is Ad supported, analogous to traditional TV

13 Babelgum Global internet tv Flexibility, capability and interactivity of IPTV could be extended to the open internet Interactive software for distributing TV shows and other video P2P technology to provide free on demand tailored TV content Supported by ads

14 Babelgum

15 Online film festivals Communities Events Advanced Search Smart Channels Playlists Channels Widgets

16 Content Distribution No user generated content Only professional content Thematic channels are News, Trends, Music, Sport, Documentaries, Lifestyle and Animation and Fiction Users can pick and choose from the available content to customise and create their own channels Peer to Peer streaming allows fast distribution of high definition of video content

17 Joost vs Babelgum Client Download Content Joost makes new partnerships often Babelgum has 9 categories with limited content Interface Joost likes bright colors Easier to move through content Babelgum has a dark and minimalistic appraoch Social Features and Extensibily Joost allows IM, blogs and rating Babelgum allows rating and tagging videos, but in a less intuitive way

18 Joost vs Babelgum Technical Features Joost requires a beefier computer Joost in windowed mode causes stuttering with multiple applications open Joost has the issue of stability Babelgum has been rock solid throughout

19 Thank you

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