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Christ in the Books of the Bible A Brief Overview of the Bible Dr. Gary C. Woods.

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1 Christ in the Books of the Bible A Brief Overview of the Bible Dr. Gary C. Woods

2 The Bible portrays Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World He is risen

3 Genesis Jesus is the Seed of the Woman

4 Exodus Jesus is our Passover Lamb

5 Leviticus Jesus is our Sacrifice for Sin

6 Numbers Jesus is the " Lifted-up One" as the bronze serpent

7 Deuteronomy Jesus is the Fulfillment of the Law

8 Joshua Jesus is the Captain of the hosts of the LORD

9 Judges Jesus is our Deliverer

10 Ruth Jesus is our Kinsman-Redeemer

11 1 Samuel Jesus is the Root of Jesse

12 2 Samuel Jesus is the Offspring of David

13 1 Kings Jesus is our Temple

14 2 Kings Jesus is our King of Kings

15 1 and 2 Chronicles Jesus is our Prophet, Priest, and King

16 Ezra Jesus is our Restorer

17 Nehemiah Jesus is our Wall of Defense

18 Esther Jesus is our Protector

19 Job Jesus is our living Redeemer

20 Psalms Jesus is our Song

21 Proverbs Jesus is our Wisdom

22 Ecclesiastes Jesus is our Purpose

23 The Song of Songs Jesus is our Beloved Bridegroom

24 Isaiah Jesus is Immanuel—God with us

25 Jeremiah Jesus our Righteous Branch

26 Lamentations Jesus is the Ever-Faithful One

27 Ezekiel Jesus is the one who makes dead bones live again

28 Daniel Jesus is the Stone cut without hands

29 Hosea Jesus is our Healer of backsliding

30 Joel Jesus our Refuge in times of trouble

31 Amos Jesus is our Strength

32 Obadiah Jesus is the Holy Deliverer of Mt. Zion

33 Jonah Jesus is the God of the second chance

34 Micah Jesus is the eternal Ruler from Bethlehem

35 Nahum Jesus is the Feet on the mountains publishing peace

36 Habakkuk Jesus is the Appointed One going forth with salvation

37 Zephaniah Jesus is the King in our midst

38 Haggai Jesus is the Desire of all Nations

39 Zechariah Jesus is the King over all the earth

40 Malachi Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness

41 Matthew Jesus is the Messiah, the King of Israel

42 Mark Jesus is the Miracle-Working Servant of God

43 Luke Jesus is the Son of Man

44 John Jesus is the Son of God

45 Acts Jesus is the Ascended Lord—Savior of the World

46 Romans Jesus is the Righteousness of God

47 1 Corinthians Jesus is the Rock that followed Israel

48 2 Corinthians Jesus is the Triumphant One

49 Galatians Jesus is our Liberty

50 Ephesians Jesus is the Head of the Church

51 Philippians Jesus is our Joy

52 Colossians Jesus is our All in All

53 1 Thessalonians Jesus is our Hope

54 2 Thessalonians Jesus is our Avenger

55 1 Timothy Jesus is our Faith

56 2 Timothy Jesus is our Victory

57 Titus Jesus our great God and Savior

58 Philemon Jesus is our Benefactor

59 Hebrews Jesus is our High Priest

60 James Jesus is our Power in Faith

61 1 Peter Jesus is the Cornerstone of our Faith

62 2 Peter Jesus is our Purity

63 1 John Jesus is our Life

64 2 John Jesus is our Pattern

65 3 John Jesus is our Motivation

66 Jude Jesus is the Foundation of our faith

67 Revelation Jesus is our coming King


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