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CCC Ming Yin College F.1 Integrated Science Project Energy Converter F. 1D Group5.

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1 CCC Ming Yin College F.1 Integrated Science Project Energy Converter F. 1D Group5

2  Group members-------------------------------------P.1  Energy Converter----------------------------------P.2  Materials--------------------------------------------P.3  Making steps---------------------------------------P.4  Movie------------------------------------------------P.7  Explanation----------------------------------------P.8  Feeling-----------------------------------------------P.9  Gratitude--------------------------------------------P.12 Content

3 Group Members Wong Chi Yeung (Group Leader) Cheng Long Hei Chow Tak Sheung

4 Our energy converter is … Energy Converter

5 Materials  Carton of 250mL drink  Milk carton  Rubber bands  Wooden sticks  Straw

6 1.Cut the milk carton and fold it as a boat shown below. Making Steps

7 2. Cut the 250mL carton as shown as the picture below. Then, put a rubber band through it. Making Steps

8 3.Put the rubber band through the straw and tie it on a stick. At last, put it into the boat through the hole. Making Steps

9 Movie

10  Since the density of the boat is lower than the water, the boat can float on the water.  Potential energy → kinetic energy. This energy conversion let the boat in the video move. Explanation

11  In this project, I learnt how to design and make a energy converter. I deepen my knowledge about energy conversion, too. Meanwhile, I also learnt more about boats. Since this is the first English project about Science, there were quite a lot difficulties during completing this project. Yet I learn a lot of things in this project. Therefore, I enjoy this project. Wong Chi Yeung Feeling

12  After this project, I learnt a lot of things. Firstly, I learnt more about energy conversion. I learnt that energy can be found anywhere. Secondly, when we were making the energy converter, we found that the energy converter was not the same as the one we plan. Therefore I learnt that I can’t just follow our plan strictly otherwise the product will not be perfect. Chow Tak Sheung Feeling

13  In this science project, I learnt more about energy. I was very happy and excited when doing this energy converter because it is the first time that I did a converter.  Although this converter did not need many materials to prepare, it was not easy to make it. It is my first time to use English in this project so it is a bit difficult for me. I enjoyed it very much. Cheng Long Hei Feeling

14 G GG Gratitude  Microsoft PowerPoint  Google


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