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Aida Belle Lee Sabrina Shum Harry Lau Janson Yuen Justin Li.

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2 Aida Belle Lee Sabrina Shum Harry Lau Janson Yuen Justin Li

3 The first day, we had made a car robot. When we made this robot, we had learn about how to cooperate with each other. The second day, our group teacher, Sierre, had given us a challenging question. The question is … First she needs the robot to pick up the blue ball, then go to the black floor and put down the ball.


5 I am very proud of myself because I can learn about techniques of robot. I can feel about how can I learn more in this activity. I can have the challenging questions about robot by the teacher. We can make a straw building. Although it ’ s not quite good, but we can learn a thing by this time. I always feel brilliant on our group ’ s work. I hope these all techniques about this activity can let more Hong Kong citizens know about this.

6 Finish this activity, I ’ ve learnt about robot. How to make a robot, how to make a robot programme, how to build a building with 100 straws, 2 pairs of scissors,1 role of tape and 2 rulers. I hope there are a lot of people know this fun and share it forever.

7 It is very fun. We can also make a Science experiment. It was a straw building. I thought my group ‘ s building was quite messy, but we can learn more by this experiment. I like to play in this camp so I decided to share with my friends, classmates and relatives. Thanks for my parents that they let me to play in this camp.

8 I thought it was quite good, but we need to make a car robot and it wasn ’ t easy. At last, I just want to tell, it ’ s quite fun and I want others to learn more about these kinds of techniques. Thank you for all the staffs that help us to prepare.

9 This camp is quite fun, but the robot wasn ’ t very good. Although it wasn ’ t very good, but at least I work hard. I wish many Hong Kong citizens can learn more about robot. At last, I wish the robot designer can design more new kinds of robot.


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