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1 Who are we? Diane Hayes – Senior Pro Vice Chancellor Sheryl Randall – Director of Information and Planning

2 E-Strategy at The University of Northampton History –Strategy –Information Systems ISIS Project Student Records Strategy Developed The E-Strategy Challenges/Threats and Benefits

3 History Precursors to E-Strategy Information Systems in the 1990s Lack of integration Multiple coding systems Duplicated data, not up to date Lack of information

4 ISIS Project Triggers Review of strategy for Information Systems Project established Timetable set Specification Procurement

5 Meanwhile ……. Structures and Institutional Strategy Created Information and Planning Unit Located responsibility 2002 New Head of Institution New Strategic Plan developed for 2005 – 10 Nine substrategies Widening Participation and AccessEstates Learning and TeachingE-Strategy Research and Knowledge TransferMarketing FinanceInternational HR

6 The E-Strategy Vision Structure of Substrategies Introduction Vision and Key Aims Key Corporate Objectives to be achieved by 2010 Operational Plan for each year 2005 - 2010

7 The Five Objective Areas of the E-Strategy Learning and Teaching Staff Development IT Infrastructure Learning/Information Resources Business Systems

8 Learning and Teaching Objectives “To have embedded the use of a Virtual Learning Environment across the University” New provision at threshold information level Phased embedding of blended learning Development of distance learning Development of e-assessment Development of E-PDP

9 Staff Development “To provide development and support in order that all staff can fully utilise electronic solutions in their work” Development of a programme of support Identification and provision of resources and materials Staff development framework Preparation for use of ECM

10 IT Infrastructure “To have provided the network infrastructure to enable staff and students to meet the aims of the E-Strategy” Provision of a secure, high speed technology foundation Provision of a uniform source for personal identifiers Extended wireless networking capabilities Strengthen the university web presence Introduction of access control cards

11 Learning/Information Resources “To provide appropriate access to integrated information to all users by having implemented an enterprise content management system” Enhancement of mobile computing access Provision of e-resources

12 Business Systems “To provide a fully integrated database information systems that provide self-service and transparent user access” On-line staff payment and purchasing systems On-line staff recruitment and selection Self-service access to staff records Staff and student access to printing and copying facilities New student record system Enhanced student accommodation system

13 Monitoring and Review Operational Plans Sub-Objectives Activity/Measurable Achievement expected Planned completion date/Milestones Cost/Source of funding Link to other Sub-Strategy Lead Manager 3 year detail (05-08); 1 year general; 1 year outline Bi-annual review Senate Sub-Committee

14 Where Are We Now 2005/06-Merging of IS/IT with Learning Resources -Staff Orientation -Progress with E-PDP and e-assessments (pilots) -Enhanced Security (physical and logical) -ECM pilot -E-procurement for staff -Student Record Sstems – enquiries, admissions, student centre -Integrated reporting

15 Looking Ahead to the Future 2006/07-Staff Development Monitoring and Review -Document Store -Identification Management -Student record system -Enrolments -Nursing and Placements -Research

16 Challenges and Treats Keeping up the momentum Managing the planning cycle Keeping bureaucracy down to the essential Availability of capital financing Strategic development v operational necessity Staffing resource for the strategic development

17 Benefits Whole institution co-ordination -Helicopter view Break down silo development – hopefully reduces costs Integration of planning activity

18 Any Questions?

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