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Drug Free Duval A Look Back to 2012-2013. A Refined Identity… Formed in 2008, we embarked on a process to fine- tune our identity Included key stakeholder.

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1 Drug Free Duval A Look Back to 2012-2013

2 A Refined Identity… Formed in 2008, we embarked on a process to fine- tune our identity Included key stakeholder interviews, small group meetings and more meetings The result…

3 VISION Freedom from alcohol and substance abuse for all residents in Duval County.

4 MISSION: To promote a culture free of alcohol and substance abuse among youth & adults throughout Duval County by bridging community-based organizations in the provision of education, advocacy & other evidence- based practices.

5 Meanwhile…we were engaged in capacity building: Integral part of the YRBS team & grant process Student Health Advisory Council (Co-Chair) Member Healthy Jax Leader in CCA (Secretary) Member State Sheriff’s DUI Task Force Statewide Marijuana Task Force Statewide Prescription Drug Task Force DCPS Parent Academy Committee

6 Result… Growth in community volunteers of 70% from 400 to 680 Increase in reach via Facebook from 76 to 195 (157%) New partnerships with dedicated organizations throughout Duval County, the northeast Florida region and the State of Florida

7 Meanwhile…we were engaged in needs assessment: Conducted the first SHDC/DFD survey focused on understanding the attitudes of parents and adults in our community toward underage drinking Interviewed parent groups after reading From Binge to Blackout with targeted questions and a goal to understand the attitudes and norms of Duval families in several Health Zones Conducted student surveys to determine if there is a gap between perception and use

8 Result… FYSAS results indicate that 28% of teens drink in their own home-4% higher than the state average, yet the Duval survey indicated only 9% of parents allow their teens to drink in their home. FYSAS results indicate close to 50% of teens drink in another person’s home, yet the Duval survey indicated only 14.5% of parents allow other kids to drink at their house. 51% of parents report they lock up their alcohol, and the Duval survey revealed that over 20% of teens “took alcohol from their homes without their parents knowing.” 21% of Duval parents believe it is safe for children to drink at home, but 97% of Duval parents don’t believe it’s ok for their child to drink at a friend’s home. Yet 46.9% of teens report that’s what they do. (FYSAS) Perception that 84% of friends have smoked pot or had a drink within the last 30 days, yet only 33% report engaging in either behavior.

9 Meanwhile…we were engaged in environmental strategies focused on retail access: Working with JSO, completed nearly 200 compliance checks between January and June, 2013 Provided Responsible Beverage Training free-of- charge around Duval County

10 Result… Better understanding of whether a retail access problem exists, and with a 64% compliance rate, the answer is…it does Duval has more licensees who understand BAC, responsible serving and the laws around their job to protect them, and those they serve

11 Meanwhile…we were engaged in environmental strategies focused on social norms: Festival scans were completed at numerous events, including: Florida/Georgia weekend, Springing the Blues, Kraft Beer Festival, Seawalk Music Festival, Monster Truck Jam

12 Result… One festival’s leadership agreed to reduce number of entrances and exits to enhance ability to monitor id checks Another festival team agreed to implement more stringent requirements for participants selling goods and items Yet another festival committee became aware of the impact the layout had on the “family friendly” atmosphere and will pay attention to this from now on

13 Meanwhile…we were engaged in community education, including: STUD Rally 2012 Health Fairs at Bishop Kenny, Stanton, St Patricks Monthly Lunch and Learns PTSA Presidents Meeting FSS Breakfast Learning Series Community Health & Wellness Conference BIG EVENT: Talk About It. Be About It.

14 Result… 50 youth signed up to volunteer and learn more 800 “Did You Know” cards shared with youth 300 community participants shared and learned and committed to connect The mystery of synthetic drugs was revealed Over 100 participants representing 25 counties learned about overcoming barriers More than 600 youth and adults learned about the devastating impact drugs & alcohol have on the developing brain Over 300 parents & youth signed pledges to remain drug free and engaged

15 Meanwhile…we were engaged in training, including: Provided training to community groups on the strategic prevention framework and evidence-based strategies Trained the UNF Police officers on the current trends in drugs, based on the UNF survey and county-wide data Facilitated training on environmental strategies and evaluation

16 Result… Recipients of prevention funding understand the SPF model and the impact of focusing resources to achieve population-level change Integration of community and college goals toward substance-free living A better understanding of measurable change, and why it matters

17 And behind the scenes…we were doing a few more things, including: Strengthening the Board of Directors Updating By-Laws Completing a fiscal policy Completing a work-place handbook Advocating for policy change(s) Connecting with the community Researching, writing, speaking, interviewing, providing data & information…

18 Result… A STRONG FOUNDATION to continue to move forward and to keep our eye on the prize of a healthy environment, and a culture that supports wise choices and substance-free living!

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