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Assessment of DTCC Customer Satisfaction Prepared for: BDUG October 24, 2005.

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2 Assessment of DTCC Customer Satisfaction Prepared for: BDUG October 24, 2005

3 Agenda Background Key Findings Recommendations Current Activities Relationship Management Realignment

4 Research Approach 2 key segments - senior & daily contacts 2 methodologies - telephone & web

5 Key Findings

6 Overall Satisfaction For the second year in a row, DTCC customers express an outstanding level of satisfaction... Total satisfied 89%

7 Overall Satisfaction “DTCC is extremely accurate and responsive with respect to processing.” “I believe DTCC is very responsive to industry needs. They take a proactive approach to trying to offer services that are most beneficial to participants.”

8 Overall Satisfaction DTCC compares well to Melior’s Database Melior Average 80% DTCC 89%

9 Overall Satisfaction Customers saw a change in their level of satisfaction... Total Improved 37%

10 Key Drivers of Satisfaction DTCC understands what impacts customer satisfaction Driver Weight Driver2005 25%Commitment to quality 85% 22Customer service72 20 Communication with customer 75 17Sense of urgency65 16 Ability to increase operational efficiencies 69

11 Product Satisfaction Most customers (83%) are satisfied with the breadth of DTCC’s product/service line At the individual product level, satisfaction ranged from moderate to high –8 of 14 products evaluated met/surpassed DTCC’s goal of 80% satisfaction –2 others are within the margin of error

12 Product Satisfaction Traditional products/services (79%) rank at or near “world class” (80%+) Traditional Products/Services2005 Settlement-Related Services 92% Continuous Net Settlement (CNS)89 Corporate Actions Processing Services (Reorg, Dividend/Interest) 85 Securities Processing Services85 Corporate, Municipal, UIT (Unit Investment Trust)83 Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) 80 Government Securities80 Equity Trade Capture and Reporting Services79 Mortgage-Backed Securities77 ETF Creation/Redemption Processing Services75

13 Product Satisfaction Some scored lower Traditional Products/Services2005 Underwriting Services 62% Tax Services 62 Non-Cede & Co. Custody Services 57 SMART Network & Internet Services 56

14 Product Satisfaction: Distribution Services Distribution Services2005 Mutual Fund Services 81% Insurance Processing Services (IPS) 62 Average rating (weighted): 75%

15 Product Satisfaction: New Products Product/Service2005 Deriv/SERV 68% Global Corporate Actions Validation Service65

16 Problem Incidence Problem resolution continues to be an issue, though some improvements in satisfaction were noted Significant Problems Moderate Problems

17 Customer Experience Customers saw a change in their level of satisfaction… Relationship Management Customer Service

18 Melior Recommendations To improve customer satisfaction levels going forward… –Improve quality and consistency of the customer service experience –Strengthening our relationship management efforts –Improving the problem resolution process –Enhance technology –Strengthen positioning as an industry leader

19 “DTCC is top notch—an excellent organization. They continue to be an outstanding company with great leadership.”

20 Realignment of DTCC’ s Relationship Management Group

21 Structure of the Group Two Levels of Support A dedicated Account Executive who will be your primary interface with DTCC A Relationship Services team that will provide transactional support to your firm. Be more responsive and accountable

22 Role of the Account Executive Your Account Executive will: Be your advocate and your voice at DTCC. Meet regularly with your organization to ensure that DTCC's performance meets expectations and that our efforts are aligned to help achieve your business objectives. Work closely with the Relationship Services personnel and others to ensure that DTCC is providing the best service possible. Coordinate activities with the relationship management areas that remain in place for DerivSERV, Insurance and Mutual Fund Services.

23 Role of Relationship Services Team The Relationship Services Team will: Take ownership for the resolution of transactional requests that are critical to support your day-to-day relationship with DTCC. Will be available from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST (business days) and will also provide back up and support for your Account Executive. You may contact the Relationship Services team at 1-800- 422-0582 or via e-mail at

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