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Lecture 9 CAD (GGT).

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1 Lecture 9 CAD (GGT)

2 CAD (GGT) CAD stands for “Computer Aided Designing”
GGT stands for “Gerber Garment Technology”

3 Flow Process of GGT

4 Flow Process of GGT

5 GGT Hardware Software Digitizing Table Work Station (Work Station)
Plotter Label Printing Station Spreader Software AccuMark PDS (Pattern Design System) V-stitcher

6 Digitizing Table This is a table consisting of electronic circuits under its surface. About 2 inches from each corner There is a mouse for input Verification is the next step

7 Notch A notch is a small cut. It is used to match or align two garment pieces during stitching Types of notches T notch V notch Slit U notch Castle notch

8 PDS (Pattern Design System)
This is a software Which is used to design a pattern. Usually, in industry, people make small and easy patterns with PDS while the main bodice is made manually

9 Grading… It is not advisable to make patterns of all the sizes
Pattern of base size is made and then grading comes into action Rule Table is made for grading

10 Rule Table Size Name Point 1 Point 2 X Y 8 - 0.5 - 0.2 - 0.1 10 (base)
- 0.2 - 0.1 10 (base) 12 0.5 0.2 0.1 14

11 Model Making Model means the number of pieces to make a garment
E.g. For a trouser Front bodice 2 Back bodice 2 Waist Band 1 Loops 5 Patch pocket 2 Pocket bag 2 Facing 2 E.g. For a shirt Sleeves 2 Front Bodice 1 Back Bodice 1

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