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AutoCAD for Apparel Industry Jimmy K.C. Lam Institute of Textiles & Clothing.

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1 AutoCAD for Apparel Industry Jimmy K.C. Lam Institute of Textiles & Clothing

2 What is AutoCAD  A Computer-Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) tool designs for interior design, architecture and engineering.  More and more clothing manufacturers are using AutoCAD as it is affordable, running on PCs and is a multipurpose tool.

3 AutoCAD in Apparel Industry  AutoCAD is a vector-based drawing, all the drawing is based on X, Y co-ordinate (2D or 3D).  It is highly accuracy, ability to work in full scale (zoom in/out), rework design ideas and make changes instantly.  Ability to make complex calculations. (after all, all design in AutoCAD is based on mathematics formula).

4 Application areas  Sketch  It is a conceptual process, art work for design purpose.  Pattern making  A technical drawing with measurements, seam allowance for garment making  Grading Patterns  A modification of pattern making for different sizes based on grading rules  Making Markers  A process to arrange all fabric pieces (front/back/sleeve) with different sizes (S/M/L/XL) on cutting table for cutting

5 Questions  Discuss how AutoCAD can be applied in these four areas (sketching, pattern making, grading and marker making) in Clothing Production

6 Full Size Sketch/Design can be made by AutoCAD

7 Mirror image is basic tool from AutoCAD for CAD drawing

8 Modification of sleeve based on AutoCAD

9 Maker Making based on AutoCAD. All drawing in AutoCAD is based on mathematics. All cut piece areas Are calculated immediately and maximum fabric utilization

10 Marker Making process. First arrange the large piece on the cutting table. Second arrange the small piece to fill in the gap

11 Product Specification (trouser) Based on AutoCAD drawing

12 Guess the fabric utilization based on circles in this drawing? AutoCAD calculates the area of each circle and subtract it from the total area of cutting table. The utilization in this example is 78%

13 The utilization of this fabric based on square is 93% The black square is wastage in this example

14 A typical drawing uses by AutoCAD Mechanical Drawing

15 Architecture drawing by AutoCAD

16 3-D drawing by AutoCAD  Sydney Opera House Design  Floor Plan

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