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Undersea Collaboration & Technology Outreach Center (UCTOC)

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1 Undersea Collaboration & Technology Outreach Center (UCTOC)
Code 8242 Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) In-Service Engineering Services Procurement Pre-Solicitation Conference NUWC Division Newport Undersea Collaboration & Technology Outreach Center (UCTOC) June 18, 2013

2 Agenda Introduction and Ground Rules Disclaimer Statement
Anticipated Procurement Strategy Technical Requirements Conclusion/Wrap-up

3 Introduction and Ground Rules
Introduction of NUWCDIVNPT participants Intent of Pre-Solicitation Conference Encourage competition by: Providing technical information for potential offerors to better understand the technical requirements Facilitate Prime and Subcontracting opportunities Ensure all potential offerors receive and have access to the same information Technical “Q&A” is encouraged Q&A will be answered either today or via SeaPort-e Portal No questions about the current contract or incumbent contractor will be answered

4 Introduction and Ground Rules
All attendees recommended to sign-in (this is voluntary) Please silence cell phones and pagers No personal recording Q&A will be recorded and posted to the SeaPort-e Portal This briefing and the attendees list will be posted to the SeaPort-e Portal, and via SENEDIA, NCMA and AFCEA distro DO NOT directly contact NUWC technical code after today - all further dialogue will be accomplished via the Q&A feature on the SeaPort-e Portal Technical requirements contained in this briefing are presented as a summary Full/updated technical requirements will be provided in the Request for Proposal (RFP)

5 Disclaimer Statement Remarks today by Government officials involved in the Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) In- Service Engineering Agency procurement should not be considered a guarantee of the Government’s course of action in proceeding with the acquisition The informational briefing shared today reflects current Government intentions and is subject to change based on a variety of circumstances The formal solicitation, when issued, is the only document that should be relied upon in determining the Government’s requirements

6 Anticipated Procurement Strategy
Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) in-service engineering tasking currently accomplished under FISC contract N D-0004, awarded June 2003, will be modified and tasked under this new contract. Additional SSTD tasking will be included as well. SeaPort-e Task Order, Zone 3, Norfolk Prime Sub Anticipate three (3) year Period of Performance Base year plus 2 option years Anticipate Full and Open Competition Anticipated Contract Type: CPFF Other Direct Costs (ODC’s) anticipated to be in the neighborhood of 25% - 45% of total cost Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCOI) clause applies Clearance Level: SECRET (IA requirement)

7 Anticipated Procurement Strategy
Estimated Schedule: RFP Release: July 2013 Proposals Due: 30 days after RFP release Award Date: December 2013 Work Locations Norfolk, VA Various shipyards, US and foreign naval bases, and other government locations

8 Anticipated Procurement Strategy
Government Facilities Government provides facilities for 1-2 on-site people Contractor Facilities Facility for pre-fabrication of ship modifications in support of GFE system installations Warehouse facility certified for SECRET storage Facility security clearance required: SECRET Government Furnished Materials/Equipment/ Information (GFM/E/I) Provided in solicitation

9 Technical Requirements

10 SSTD System Descriptions
Torpedo Warning System (TWS) Towed torpedo defense system Installations on surface ships including aircraft carriers & logistics ships Estimate ~2 installations annually; historically ~25 ton installation AN/SLQ-25 Nixie Towed torpedo countermeasure Installed on over 170 USN surface ships & sold to many foreign military customers Historically 1 major USN upgrade and system removals and/or repairs annually Historically foreign repairs annually (minimal travel) AN/SLQ-61 Light Weight Tow Installations on Freedom and Independence Class Littoral Combat Ships Estimate ~4-8 backfits; forward fits planned to be accomplished by LCS prime shipyards Emergent Surface Ship Torpedo Defense Systems similar to those above All systems consist of: electronics cabinet(s), winch, deck handling equipment, tow cable, tow body Work on all systems includes: SHIPALTs, TEMPALTs, Troubleshooting, Repairs, and Upgrades Concurrent installation and fleet support tasking expected

11 Tasking Overview Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) Engineering Services: Installation of GFE systems including engineering and fabrication/assembly of support infrastructure Prefabrication to minimize ship disruption during installation Hull cuts, below-waterline implementations, hot work In-service system maintenance, troubleshooting, overhaul, & groom/repair tasks Documentation and logistical support Operating Material and Supplies (OM&S) control Unclassified and classified material warehousing Continuous tracking and reporting Land-based and at-sea testing support Training military personnel on SSTD systems

12 Anticipated Tasks SHIPALT and TEMPALT System Installations, Removals, Upgrades, and Maintenance Conduct pre-installation ship checks and plan shipboard work Create new and modify existing drawings & Technical Data Packages (TDPs) Prefabricate materials and support equipment for shipboard work Perform installation, removal, upgrade, and maintenance work Conduct operational tests on systems, components, & interfaces Fleet Support Services (Afloat and Shore-Based) System and equipment evaluations System, equipment, and interface checkouts, testing, and maintenance/repair Document and verify system and equipment configurations

13 Anticipated Tasks Life Cycle Technical and Engineering Services
Generate and maintain technical information and reports Generate, review, evaluate, and analyze Engineering Changes (ECs) for impact Calibrate and track test and installation equipment Maintain firmware and firmware documentation Generate and maintain Management Information Systems (MIS) documentation and graphics Troubleshoot failures, develop cost assessments, and perform work-around(s) or system fixes Spares Testing, Repair, and Replacement

14 Anticipated Tasks Integrated Logistics Services (ILS)
Generate, review, update, and maintain documentation Update and maintain plans and drawings Track and analyze system and equipment faults and failures Attend program evaluations and conduct audits Design, assemble, ship, and stage material for installation and maintenance kits Generate and maintain a Reliability, Maintainability, Availability and Quality (RMA&Q) database Generate and implement a spares plan Warehouse Operations Setup and maintain a warehouse facility (up to SECRET storage) Package, ship, track, and receive material

15 Anticipated Tasks Initial, Factory, and Follow on Training
Generate system training material using Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Hold training sessions for SSTD systems Setup, operate, and maintain two training classrooms (Norfolk and San Diego) Information Assurance (IA) System Certification Generate naval messages Perform IA inspections Program Technical Support Services Report program progress and status using performance metrics

16 Conclusion/Wrap-up Thank you for your interest in the SSTD ISEA procurement Ensure that you are on the attendees list This briefing and the attendees list will be posted to the SeaPort-e Portal, and via SENEDIA, NCMA and AFCEA distro “Q&A” (today’s and any subsequent), will be posted to the SeaPort-e Portal DO NOT contact today’s participants All further dialogue will be accomplished via the Q&A feature on the SeaPort-e Portal

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