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Welcome to the Johnson Space Center Financial and Business Management Services Virtual Industry Day 1.

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1 Welcome to the Johnson Space Center Financial and Business Management Services Virtual Industry Day 1

2 Agenda Subject Welcome to Virtual Industry Day Organization Vision and Objectives Current Contract Overview Technical Overview Procurement Schedule and Question/Answer 2

3 Disclaimer These slides are for information and planning purposes only. No solicitation exists at this time. This presentation shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government or as a comprehensive description of any future requirements. If a solicitation is released, it will be synopsized in the FedBizOpps website and on the NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS). 3

4 Promote competition on the proposed acquisition. Develop industry understanding of the Government ’ s current vision and objectives. Provide industry with the opportunity to communicate with the Government early enough in the procurement process to provide input into the Financial and Business Management Services procurement strategy. Encourage offerors to submit questions and comments through the Financial and Business Management Services website. The Government will respond by posting questions and answers to NAIS and the Financial and Business Management Services procurement website. Goals of Virtual Industry Day 4

5 Virtual Industry Day Overview The purpose of this Virtual Industry Day is to help industry understand the Government’s existing requirements and vision for the Financial and Business Management Services (FBMS) contract. Clarifications concerning the way in which we conduct business today will be answered via the FBMS website at and NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) A copy of this presentation and any questions and answers will be maintained on the FBMS website. 5

6 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mission, Vision and Objectives Mission: The office of the JSC CFO provides cutting edge financial services, processes, and products to our customers in the most accurate, efficient, and timely manner feasible. Vision: To be NASA’s recognized leader in providing financial and resource services. Objectives: The CFO Organization is focused on the following:  Meeting or exceeding customer needs;  Providing accurate and reliable financial information;  Utilizing efficient processes and procedures; and  Developing and expanding our employee competencies. 6

7 Existing Contracts Overview Prime Contractors: This is a new requirement that will incorporate work from several contracts currently operating at JSC. This effort will also include new requirements. Skills currently provided on these various contracts include but are not limited to:  Resource Analyst  Cost Estimator  Program/Project Assessment Analyst  Accountant, (Travel, Property, Standard General Ledger) Existing Contracts: A copy of these may be found the FBMS website.  NNJ06VA27T – Al Razaq – Resources Management/Accounting  NNJ06HE58C – MRI Technologies– Resources Management  NNJ07TA01Z – Vision Analytics – Program/Project Assessments  NNJ07TA02Z – Tecolote Research Associates – Cost Estimating 7

8 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) A copy of the predecessor contracts may be requested through the FOIA process Guide for FOIA Requestors link is: NASA Johnson Space Center Mail Code AP4 Houston, TX 77058 Phone: 281-483-8612 Fax: 281-483-4876 8

9 Anticipated Content for New Contract Resource Management Property Accounting Travel Accounting Standard General Ledger Accounting Assessment Scheduling Cost Estimating Configuration Management Earned Value Management Process Improvement Admin Support for Functions such as: training and employee development Technical Writing Support 9

10 Solicitation Number: NNJ11333395R NAICS Code and Size Standard: The NAICS Code is 541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, and the size standard is $7M. Phase-in Period: September 1, 2011 – October 31, 2011. Period of Performance: November 1, 2011 – October 31, 2016. Contract Type: To-be-determined. Set Aside: 8(a) Proposed Contract 10

11 SPECIAL CONSIDERATION NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS Prospective offerors are reminded not to contact incumbent personnel (either directly or through electronic means) during duty hours or at their place of employment, as such contacts are disruptive to the performance of the current contracts. 11

12 Scope of Contemplated Effort Resource Management Function Classic Federal budget development and budget execution Accounting Function Standard General Ledger Maintenance Monthly financial reconciliations and anomaly resolution Travel Certify funds and check accuracy of ticket reservations Property Compile Asset Tracking Report and review NASA owned property value reports Cost Estimating Independent cost estimates of new and/or ongoing program/project activities using various cost modeling tools Program/Project Assessment Independent look at cost/schedule/technical performance 12

13 Procurement Schedule The Government intends to issue a Draft Statement of Work (SOW) and a Draft Request For Proposal (RFP) Following the release of the Draft RFP, a Pre-Proposal Conference will be held, where Industry will have an opportunity to ask questions in writing specific to the Draft RFP. The Government intends to issue a Final RFP. The procurement schedule updates will be posted as they become available to the FBMS acquisition website at 13

14 Get Connected It is your responsibility to monitor the websites for release of any information regarding this procurement and downloading your own copy of this information. 14

15 How to Get Connected Financial and Business Management Services Website Click on Interested Parties Link Fill-out requested information All interested parties will be posted on the FBMS website NASA/JSC Business Opportunities Home Page Set up your user profile JSC Procurement Website Industry Assistance – Bldg. 111 – JSC Phone number: (281) 483-4511 15

16 Industry Day Meetings We would like to hear from interested offerors. If you would like an individual meeting with the Government face-to-face or via telecon, then please send a message to Ms. Sylvia Aragon through the Financial and Business Management Services Website at: Please contact Ms. Aragon no later than close of business August 31, 2010. 16

17 Thank you for your interest Visit: 17

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