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ADMISSIONS …The Way In Glen Grace-Bloomfield Jo-anne Currie Ali Miah

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1 ADMISSIONS …The Way In Glen Grace-Bloomfield Jo-anne Currie Ali Miah

2 Recruitment & Admissions Office Central RecruitmentAdmissionsInternational Office Enquiry Unit Education Liaison Open Day Admissions Despatch International Office Director of Recruitment & Admissions

3 Meet the Admissions Team db048111 Bev Woodhams Acting Head of Admissions Fry Building - 210 ID/EmailExt. No.Admissions OfficersFacultyAdmissions AdministratorsIDExt. No. ck368641 Kwok Cheung Business + GMI cj358009 Joanne Currie Computing & Mathematical Sciences + Engineering Julie Edge ej388629 de018645 Jane Denton Health & Social Care- Non Professional Programmes Tony Dwyer dt309916 tg168612 Glen Grace-Bloomfield Education Ali Miah ma639075 ps837569 Susannah Page Partner College + A&C + Science (inc NRI) rj718279 Jay Ratanawa Humanities & Social Sciences Lorna Morgan ml209774 wc739085 Chloe Wignall Health & Social Care- Professional Programmes Tony Dwyer dt309916 DespatchStud Groom Cottage- Mansion Site ba298636 Andy Beardwell Despatch Manager pr478683 Richard Porteous Despatch Assistant

4 What we do… Receive and process applications to the office and create new records as necessary or amend current records through EAS and process accordingly Liaise with the Schools on Entry Criteria and make Catalogue Decisions Fee Assess Applicants Receive Qualifications, assess suitability and ‘SOATEST’ declared qualifications Arrange applicant interviews for Education and Health School (Police & Health checks) Deal with application enquiries from Schools, applicants, departments, FE Institutions Assist with Open Days

5 How we do this… The majority of the applications are received from either UCAS, GTTR or directly from the applicant. They are then downloaded into EAS (Electronic Admissions System) Applications downloaded straight into EAS – Direct online forms, network colleges, partner colleges, international collaborations Applications not downloaded straight to EAS – International forms received through agents or as a result of recruitment events, short courses, professional development, research programmes The applications usually include all information needed to - create a record - make an academic decision - initially fee assess


7 UCAS All applications (except International) to Full Time Undergraduate programmes (at UoG Campuses or Partner Colleges) Must apply through UCAS Up to 5 ChoicesNot SequentialFee paid by applicant Application Fees- Currently (STC) - £23 for 5 choices - £12 for 1 choice

8 Entry Criteria - Undergraduate Programmes Admissions Office apply criteria set by the School Normally based on UCAS Tariff points Criteria should apply to applications made between 1 Sept – 15 January Criteria may change for (Late) applications made after 15 January Clearing criteria may change as required Rejection criteria can be set, and applied by Admissions

9 Assessing Applications Academic Decision Unconditional Conditional Alternative Offer Reject Applicant Decision FIDFID FirmInsuranceDecline 1 st ChoiceReserve Choice when rejected from 1 st choice W Withdraw from UCAS

10 Entry Criteria - Undergraduate Programmes

11 Conditional Offers All offers must be SMART – Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely DaveJohn A Level Maths (B)A Level General Studies (D) A Level Chemistry (B)A Level English (C) A Level PE (A)A Level Maths (C) AS Level English (C)A Level Physics (B)= 280pts from at least 2 A Levels Pass A Levels Conditions must be purely academic and be based on pending qualifications

12 Types of Qualifications BTEC National Award National Certificate National Diploma Extended Diploma Diploma Subsidiary Diploma Certificate Professional Quals- C&G/AAT A Levels/AS Levels Access Course HNC/HND Foundation Year/Degree

13 requirements/tariff-tables requirements/tariff-tables UCAS are currently reviewing the use of the Tariff UCAS Tariff

14 SMART or not? Achieve Predicted Grades Pass A Levels Subject to Reference /Interview Pass Current Course Provide Evidence of Suitable Qualification Total 300pts from A Levels Pass Access Course with a min. 60credits 280pts from Extended Diploma 26pts from International Baccalaureate Pass Foundation Degree with 60%

15 UCAS Timetable 1 Sept – 15 Jan 16 Jan – 30 June 1 Jul – 17 Aug 18 Aug > Mid Sept – End Feb - End AprilEarly May REJECT BY DEFAULT 18 July REJECTED BY DEFAULT Late Feb18 July REJECTED BY DEFAULT 1 Choice at a time 5 choices Reject or Declined ON TIME LATE Early Clearing MAIN CLEARING Decision UoG Decision LATE EXTRA

16 Applicant Decision Timetable (Except Extra) 8 May 2013 Declined by Default if no offers accepted 6 June 2013 Declined by Default (inc outside EU) 27 June 2013 Declined by Default (inc outside EU) 25 JULY 2013 Decline by Default University Decision by 31 March University Decision by 9 May LATE: University Decision by 7 June ALL Main-cycle applications 18 July

17 UCAS Confirmation & Adjustment Sunday 11 August 2013 Examination Results received Electronically from UCAS Admissions check if conditions of entry met for CF applications Monday 12 August 2013 Admissions check if conditions of entry met for CF applications Tuesday 13 August 2013 Academic staff review applications that have not met the conditions Confirm Offer – Alternative Offer - Reject Academic staff can review Rejected applications in Confirmation Reject Pool

18 UCAS Confirmation & Adjustment Wednesday 14 August 2013 Joining Instructions posted out to confirm offer Thursday 15 August 2013 Joining Instructions delivered to applicants Main Clearing Starts Applications in Confirmation Reject Pool Finally Rejected All Examination Results for Home-fee Full-Time undergraduate applications must be received by Saturday 31 st August 2013

19 UCAS Confirmation & Adjustment Adjustment Where an applicant has achieved better results than the offer Applicants ‘hold’ current offer while looking for an alternative vacancy Applicants cannot adjust their ‘Insurance’ Choice Adjustment Period:15 – 31 August 2013

20 UCAS Deferred Applications Applicants may apply for a place for one year in advance of the Intake Cycle Eg:From Sept 2013Normal Intake = Sept 2014 May apply for = Sept 2015 Confirmation decisions for Sept 2014 Intake must be made during 2013 Cycle

21 Fast Track Who’s it for….. Students currently studying on the final year of an HNC, HND or Foundation degree at a University of Greenwich campus or Partner College What is it…. These students are eligible to progress onto Top-up / Final Year Degree programmes at UoG or Partner Colleges without having to go through the full application process Direct enquiries to

22 Fast Track

23 Student target numbers are set at University and School/College level as well as programme level If you wish to close a programme as you have achieved your target number discuss this with your Dean of School in case other programmes in the School have under recruited. If the Faculty Operating Officer wishes to close a programme they should contact the Director or Recruitment & Admissions to see how this fits into the university-wide targets Closing Programmes which are FULL

24 Home or Overseas?? All applicants are Fee Assessed Either from the application form or Fee Assessment Form Many different things to be taken into consideration, big 3 they need to meet to be considered Home -Must have 3 years residence in UK/EU -Not been here for Education purposes -Settled with no restrictions on stay and freedom to move in and out of the country

25 There are a limited number of places for Home-fee paying students. If an applicant is assessed (from the Fee Assessment Form that they complete) as being liable for fees at the ‘Overseas’ rate and later submits additional information that shows that they are eligible for fees at the ‘Home’ rate, it is not guaranteed that they will have a place at the ‘Home’ rate. If the university has already met its ‘Home’ student numbers the offer may be withdrawn, a place offered for next year or they take up the Overseas place. Fee Status Can’t Change?

26 Any questions?


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