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Medical Degree University of St Andrews Application and Selection Process.

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1 Medical Degree University of St Andrews Application and Selection Process

2 Mrs Mary Ainsworth Administrator Medical Admissions

3 Areas to be covered  Facts & Figures – places/offers etc  Application process – UKCAT + academic – Non-academic (personal statement + reference) – Interview  Qualifications to practice in North America

4 Facts and Figures  A100 - 1000 (approx) applications  100 RUK/EU/Scottish places  (approx 50 places on both Scottish and Manchester route)  40 overseas places (Manchester route) – 20 from IFM  A990 – 20 places for Canadians (Edinburgh route)

5 Deadlines  Prefer applications through UCAS  Deadline ‘home’ applicants15 October in the year prior to entry  ‘Overseas’ apply by end of January in the year in which they will enter Medicine in the September  Prefer them to apply earlier

6 Length of course  6 years – the first 3 years (Phase 1) St Andrews (Bsc Hons)  Final 3 years (Phase 2) at the University of Manchester Medical School (MB ChB)  All A100 overseas students will progress to Manchester for Phase 2  A990 – will progress to Edinburgh

7 Campus Codes  Campus code selection for Phase 2  M: Manchester  S: Scotland  E: Either  Student’s offer indicates which route – Scotland or Manchester  A100 Overseas must choose Manchester  A990 do not need to select campus code

8 UKCAT  All applicants must sit the UKCAT in the summer in the year before entry to Medicine  No other tests will be accepted in lieu of the UKCAT See Medicine website as to how we use it

9 Entry Requirements United States of America  Strong in Mathematics and Science with a particular strength in Chemistry and Biology  English is also required  High School Diploma and APs OR High School Diploma and Advanced/Accelerated Honours courses or IB (see IB grades below)

10 USA cont.  At least 3 AP’s (or equivalent) at 4 or 5 (Chemistry 5)  High School Diploma GPA of at least 3.5  Chemistry both Year 11 (min 85%) and 12 with 90%  SAT II score in lieu of a year of Chemistry study  Chemistry plus one more of Biology, Maths or Physics in Year 11 and Year 12  Biology, Maths and English MUST be offered in at least Year 10

11 USA cont  A decision to make an offer will be based on attained grades for Year 11 and the grades predicted for Year 12  Interim grades will be requested

12 SATs  We may consider SAT II in lieu of a year of Chemistry  SAT I (Verbal, Mathematics and Critical Reading) minimum 2000  SAT II subject test, 700 Biology and Chemistry

13 ACT A combined score of 30+ in the ACT would be comparable with SAT Is

14 Entry Requirements Canada  Applicants need to be very strong in Mathematics and Science with a particular strength in Chemistry and Biology  English study is also required  High School Diploma or IB

15 Canada cont.  Average over 85% in grade 11 would be considered but 90% would be more competitive  A conditional offer would be made on Year 12 grades  When calculating the average, academic subjects will be considered

16 Canada cont.  An applicant with an average of over 85% in grade 11 might be considered.  However, significant improvement in grades could be expected for Year 12.  In previous years conditions of offer set on Year 12 have been 85% overall with 90% in Chemistry, one of Biology, Maths or Physics and also in one other subject.

17 International Baccalaureate  Competitive - predicted to obtain a majority of 7s 38 required overall but to include:  Higher Level: 7,6,6, including Chemistry (7) and one other of Biology, Mathematics or Physics  Subsidiary Level: 6,6,6, including whichever of Mathematics or Biology is lacking at Higher Level  English is also required at the minimum of Grade 6 at Standard Level or in HSD

18 Non-academic aspects of application  Reference  Personal Statement

19 Reference  Accurate  Supportive  Personal qualities of applicant  Approach of applicant to their studies  Suitability for course/s to which they have applied  One reference - from school

20 Personal statement  Why want to study medicine  How they have investigated medicine as a career  Including work experience  Personal qualities in relation to medicine  Positions of responsibility, organisational ability, interests, hobbies and achievements other than academic

21 Interviews  We now interview all applicants that we are interested in If cannot attend on one or our interview days then Overseas applicants can be interviewed by phone or skype

22 Other Requirements  Fitness to Practice – Criminal Records Disclosure – Disability/ill health  Contact Admissions/University Disability Officer for advice on support. Declare on UCAS application. – Immunisation  Screened for TB, Hep B + C, HIV  Immunisations carried out on entry  Infection with above might restrict practice

23 After MB ChB  St Andrews – BSc Hons in Medicine  Manchester - MB ChB  Equivalent to an MD qualification  Provisionally registered by the General Medical Council  Matched to the Foundation Training Programme  For more information please see the website:

24 Post Foundation Years  Return to own country  Graduate with MBChB  To practice in North America - sit the licensing examinations  United States Medical Licensing Exam  Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination A990 – see details on Medicine website

25 St Andrews’ degree – entry to Pre Med?  As far as we are aware 3 year Hons degree from St Andrews does not qualify for entry to later years of Medical programmes in North America  Not generally thought be equivalent to a Pre Med degree in the USA

26 Contact addresses

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