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AESHM 271 Event: Concept 1, Up-Scale Wedding McKenzie Vogt

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1 AESHM 271 Event: Concept 1, Up-Scale Wedding McKenzie Vogt
Wedding Plan AESHM 271 Event: Concept 1, Up-Scale Wedding McKenzie Vogt

2 Introduction This wedding was designed for a very prominent family that requested both a large and upscale, formal evening wedding. The audience members will consist of family members, friends, other high-profile community leaders and celebrities. The wedding is set to take place outside of the Los Angeles area flying both members of the family to the designated location. Some of the flight cost will vary according to members who live within driving distance. Since both the bride and the groom was involved in the Peace Corps in the Guadalajara, Mexico, we are incorporating a Mexican theme band during the wedding and again at the reception before the dance.

3 Schedule Thursday: Friday: Saturday:
Bridal Party arrives at the Terranea Resort Meet at 5p.m. in the Lobby Bar and Lounge for pre-dinner drinks Dinner with Bridal Party 7p.m. at the Catalina Kitchen Friday: Family arrives at the Terranea Resort Spa for the women at 1p.m. Golfing for the men at 1:30p.m. Wedding Rehearsal 6p.m. Rehearsal Dinner with family 8p.m. at mar’sel Saturday: Wedding at 4p.m. Start arriving at reception at 5:30p.m. Dinner at 6:30p.m. Dance and drinks at 8p.m.

4 Invitations Send out Save The Dates by March 8th
Mail all invitations by April 23rd These invitation colors will be changed, but this is the overall idea. Order 210, for extra guests that have to get his or her own rooms, for .80 cents = $168

5 Guest Favors The Bride and Groom wanted to get their guests items that could be reused in the future and remind everyone of his or her time at their wedding. Our goal was not to give the guest something that had the date and couple’s names on it. 160 * $1.25 = $200 160 * $2.65 = $424 160 * $1.10 = $176

6 Wedding Location 6p.m. rehearsal on Friday, June 29th Wedding on Saturday, June 30th at 4p.m. Ocean Lawn is framed by spectacular views of the Point Fermin coastline. This locations can seat up to 300 guests.

7 Reception Location The Catalina Room offers the perfect seating for special events. This room will seat up to 230 with additional seating outside. This room has floor to ceiling windows and spacious outdoor terrace and lawn to let in the stunning Catalina Island views. The reception begins at 5:30p.m. The band will play Mexican music during dinner at 6:30p.m. (The band is paid $600 * 1.5 hours = $900) The dance will begin at 8p.m. in the Marineland Ballroom at 8p.m. The DJ will begin playing at that time. (he is paid $ * 4 hours = $3,150)

8 Cake First option Second option $8 a slice * 140 people = $1,120

9 Reception Dinner Menu Salad or Soup (The guest will RSVP either Gazpacho Soup or Spinach, Fennel and Asparagus Salad) Napoleon of Exotic Mushroom with Pain de Champagne Main Course of either Monogrammed Wellington of Veal Tenderloin or Pan-Roasted Main Lobster Accompanied with Fluffy Whipped Potatoes and Petite Pois and Pearl Onions. For vegetarians there will be Feta and Zucchini Fritters offered. $55 a plate for 140 people

10 Bride’s Attire Vera Wang Dress : $5,160.00
David’s Bridal Reception Dress: $399 Flowers : $58

11 Groom’s Attire The groom’s tux will have a maroon cloth in his pocket.
$695 from the Men’s Warehouse

12 Bridal Party’s Attire $220 a dress * 3 = $660
The bridesmaid’s dresses and can come in either long/short/or strapless. This will give everyone her own individual look. $695 a tux * 3 = $2,085 $40 * 3 = $120

13 The Parent’s Attire Mothers of both bride and groom
will wear this dress for $180 * 2 = $360 Flowers for the mothers cost $30 too. ($15 * 2 mothers) Father of both bride and groom will wear this flower. ($15 a person * 2 fathers = $30) There can be alterations to each mother’s dress to make them different.

14 Flower Girl $55 for the dress and
Ring Barrier will be dressed up in suit with a hint of dark red and chocolate pillow.

15 Staff Receptions Hotel Staff Wedding Ceremony Ancillary Extras
Bartenders Waiters/Waitresses Security to check IDs and Invitations Chef Florists Musicians in Mexican band DJ Ancillary Spa Staff Caddy’s and staff at The Links golf course Waiters/Waitresses at dinners Cooks in restaurants Hotel Staff Chauffeurs Maids Front Desk Staff Bell boy Room Service Wedding Ceremony Priest Security Set up and tear down crew provided by hotel Band Extras Hotel staff (chauffeurs, maids, front desk staff) Photographer

16 Budget Bride: Event Cost: Groom: Bridal Party:
Wedding Dress: $5,160 Reception Dress: $399 Flowers: $58 Groom: Tux: $695 Bridal Party: Bridesmaids: Dress- $660 Flowers- $120 Groomsmen: Tux - $2,085 Parents and Flower Girl: Mothers: Dress- $360 Flowers- $30 Father: Flowers- $30 Flower Girl: Dress: $55 Dinner: Catalina Kitchen (Thursday welcoming dinner with bridal party): $180 mar’sel (Rehearsal Dinner): $1,100 Catered Wedding Dinner: $7,700 Recreational Activities: Spa Rescue Package Treatment: $1,350 Golfing (9 holes): $528 Event Cost: Invitations: $168 Photographer: $700 Band: $4,050 Decorations (Centerpieces for16 tables, Chair Covers and Lighting) : $3,008 Cake: $1,120 Security ($60/7 hours): $420 Favors: $800 Gratuities (Spa/Golf staff, Waiters, Caterers, Security, Band and Photographer): $2,400 Hotel Rooms (98 rooms for 1 night, 12 rooms for 1 extra night/6 of those 12 for 2 extra nights): $38,860 Reception Rooms (deal for both): $18,230 Wedding Area: $9,550 Total: 5,617 695 2,865 475 8,980 1,878 78,906 Total: 99,816 28364

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