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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 30 th September 2010. AGENDA Welcome – Sir Philip Hunter, Chairman Formal presentation of the Trust Accounts Colin Groom – Deputy.

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1 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 30 th September 2010

2 AGENDA Welcome – Sir Philip Hunter, Chairman Formal presentation of the Trust Accounts Colin Groom – Deputy Director of Finance Review of the year and looking to the future Fiona Myers - Chief Executive Questions from members of the public

3 Annual Accounts 2009/10 COLIN GROOM Deputy Director of Finance

4 Statutory Financial Duties in 2009/10 Achieved an Operational Surplus (excluding exceptional items) Maintained capital spending within overall resource limit (Capital Resource Limit) Ensured cash spending was within the cash limit set (External Financing Limit)

5 Operating Expenses Includes: Pay £67.1m Services from other NHS bodies £3.4m Clinical Supplies £1.8m Impairment £3.8m Depreciation £1.9m PFI Unitary charge £2.9m Premises £3.3m Travel Costs £1.7m Other Costs £5.9m STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2010. 2009/102008/09 NOTE £000 Revenue from patient care activities 5 78,050 79,903 Other operating revenue612,54911,007 Operating expenses 8 (91,775) (88,336) Operating surplus (deficit)(1,176)2,574 Finance costs: Investment revenue14 20 293 Other gains and (losses)15183(4) Finance costs16(1,787)(1,614) Surplus/(deficit) for the financial year(2,760) 1,249 Public dividend capital dividends payable (1,073) (1,296) Retained surplus/(deficit) for the year(3,833)(47)


7 Significant Accounting Issues 2009/10 Embedding IFRS: –Accounts prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the first time. Modern Equivalent Asset Valuation: –In 2009/10, line with HM Treasury instructions, the Trust carried out a revaluation of its fixed assets on a Modern Equivalent Asset basis. Accounting for PFI: In 2009/10 the Trust accounted for its PFI scheme (Harplands Hospital) under the requirements of IFRS.

8 2009/10 Accounts Audit opinion An unqualified opinion was issued. Auditors Opinion: Financial statements give a true and fair view. Information which comprises the commentary on the financial performance included within the Directors’ report, included within the Annual Report, is consistent with the financial statements. The Remuneration Report has been properly prepared in accordance with the accounting policies directed by the Secretary of State.

9 Auditors Local Evaluation (ALE ) Key to Score levels 1 Below minimum requirements − inadequate performance. 2 Only at minimum requirements − adequate performance. 3 Consistently above minimum requirements − performing well. 4 Well above minimum requirements − performing strongly AreaScore 2009/10 Financial reporting3 Financial management3 Financial standing3 Internal control3 Value for money3


11 Background Specialist provider of mental health and learning disability services for all ages Turnover £91m Over 1900 staff Operate from over 30 facilities across North Staffordshire

12 Our Purpose Working to improve the mental health and wellbeing of local communities

13 To provide patient centred mental health, specialist learning disability and related service for people of all ages To be the best in all that we do To work in partnership to deliver services that promote recovery, wellbeing and independent living as appropriate Our Vision

14 Person centred Transparency and integrity Excellence and respect Supportive and responsive Our Values

15 Looking to the future Integrated business plan and supporting financial model Focus on quality of service provision (QIPPP) Focus on improving our performance and productivity Revised our infrastructure and through our 3 clinical directors have developed our business plan –Children and young people –Adult –Older people and learning disability

16 Our Achievements - Performance Service User Survey rated us in the top 20% of Mental Health Trusts Achieved financial balance for the 14 th consecutive year Registered without conditions by the Care Quality Commission Awarded ‘GOOD’ for quality financial management and ‘FAIR’ for quality of services (2008/09). Were fully compliant with the core Standards for Better Health – for the 5 th year running

17 Achieved 21 ‘EXCELLENT’ and 3 ‘GOOD’ ratings in the patient environment action team assessment (PEAT) No MRSA bacteraemia and year on year reductions in C. Difficile infections Completed a full self analysis against findings from national enquiries – e.g ‘Mid Staffs’ and ‘Taking it on Trust’ Investment in developing a new web site to make more information available online Our Achievements (2)

18 CQUIN A national framework for locally agreed quality improvement schemes. CQUIN framework intended to reward genuine ambition and stretch, encouraging a culture of continuous quality improvement in all providers The Trust and Commissioners worked together on a small number of schemes in 2009/10 and has accelerated these during 2010/11.

19 Success Criteria Increasing the opportunity for people to return to their home Improve the experience of patients suffering with dementia Early identification and support for people who have untreated psychosis

20 Success Criteria Improve nutritional screening and support Productivity Improvement Programme Understanding and improving the overall patient experience

21 Success Criteria Increasing safety through improved medicines management Improving health by supporting people to quit smoking or to reduce tobacco use Improving support through a clear understanding of accommodation and employment needs Increasing the opportunity for people to be treated in their own home through support from the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team


23 Adult Mental Health Services Achievements Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Early Intervention Service Personality Disorder Team It’s a Goal (men’s mental health)

24 Highlights from the Community Mental Health Survey Summary –We were successful in achieving a high response rate at 43% against a national average of 32% –Of the 38 questions asked, our service users rated us as equal to other trusts in 16 areas and in the top 20% of trusts in 22 areas –For the overall question ‘overall how would you rate your care in the last 12 months’ we were rated in the top 20%, scoring 77 (best trust scored 78)

25 Highlights from the Community Mental Health Survey Rated in top 20% in relation to how we manage: –Medication & management –Meeting with care coordinator prior to care review –Care plan development –Information provided –What to do in a crisis –Out of hours contact


27 Children and Young People Participation of Children and Young People Official opening of our new clinical base, the Boat House CONNECT CAMHS and First Steps-integrated locality services Consolidation of CAMHS disability services within special schools Out of hours access protocols for regional Tier 4 services Darwin Centre as a Pilot site for the QNIC review of standards A national pilot site for expert evidence in family law cases

28 Older People and Learning Disability Services

29 Stoke Mental Health and Wellbeing service – taken up by West Midlands - innovation in services for vascular dementia. Huntington’s service in Neuropsychiatry continues to be regarded as one of the best within UK and the European Network Specific Needs Access Project (SNAP) undertaken for 6 months to August 2009.

30 Our Staff

31 Improved our staff survey results Focus on health and wellbeing Invested in training and the People Management Programme (first line staff) Implemented a Leadership Development Programme for senior leaders and clinicians Strengthened our communications internally and externally Investing in People – 10 year achievement

32 The Future......... Challenging times ahead QIPPP – focus on quality - mindful of fiscal challenges Working with GPs as our future commissioners (2013) Service redesign with service user and carer engagement Further investment in staff to ensure strong clinical leadership CQUIN targets achievement Foundation Trust application – April 2012

33 Finally........ We wish to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their incredible professionalism, hard work and dedication. Thank you also to our carers and volunteers for all their support

34 Questions from members of the public

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