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Welcome to our Annual General Meeting 5 September 2013.

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1 Welcome to our Annual General Meeting 5 September 2013

2 Welcome Stuart Poynor Chief Executive

3 Who we are UK’s biggest provider of integrated health and adult social care services Serving a population of 1.1 million people Cover diverse area of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Employ around 6,000 people

4 Our Values We Put Quality First We Focus on People We Take Responsibility

5 What we’re about Services around individual, family, community Enabling people to remain independent Innovative services which are simple and easy to access Partnerships

6 Our Achievements 2012/13 Children’s Directorate established Service Developments Staff recognition

7 Raising Concerns Ambassador for Cultural Change Raising Concerns campaign Questions

8 Leaders in Integrated Care Community Intervention Service Bilbrook House, Codsall Q&A Chaired by David Pearson, Non Executive Director

9 Community Intervention Bilbrook House Mrs Peggy Howes, Service User Sue Kingsfield Social Care Jenny Timmins Nursing/Therapy Meg Barrow- Social Care Assessor Elaine Shiach, Occupational Therapist, Hospital Discharge Kevin Brett, Integrated Service Manager

10 Finance Jonathan Tringham Director of Finance and Resources

11 Financial Performance 2012/13 £373mTotal Income for the year £2.0mSurplus for the year (0.5% of Income) £6.2mValue of Equipment Assets owned by the Trust £37.2mCash balance at 31 st March 2013

12 Where does our money come from? £197mNorth Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent and South Staffordshire PCTs £161mStaffordshire County Council £8mOther NHS Organisations £4mTraining and Research £3mSub-Leasing our property

13 Where does our money go? £168mCost of employing 4663 WTE’s £14.3mServices from NHS organisations £120mAdult Social Care Services £0.5mTraining and Research £1.5mDepreciation of Equipment £8.5mTransport £25mProperty Costs £24mSupplies and Services

14 Financial Duties and Targets DutyTargetResult Break-even Financial Position £2.0m SurplusAchieved Manage within External Financing Limit £0mAchieved Manage within Capital Resource Limit £880kAchieved Capital Cost Absorption Rate 3.5%Achieved Comply with Better Payment Practice Code 95%Not Achieved (83%) Produce Annual Accounts in the required format Submit Audited Accounts by 11 June 2013 Achieved

15 Performance headlines Patient Experience Net Promoter Score +66.67 across community hospitals and all services, based on a sample of 1,473 people. The national view is that a score greater than +50 is considered ‘excellent’ More social care clients feel supported to make their own decisions about their care the average length of stay in community hospitals is at all time low at 21.5 days against a target of 23 days 3.3 % occupied bed days attributable to delayed transfers of care against a target of 3.5% 87.9% of older people recorded as remaining at home 91 days following reablement 52% of reablement clients needed no on-going social care services after 91 days, against a target of 42% waiting times at walk-in centres / minor injury units exceeded statutory requirements. 11 cases of clostridium difficile No more than one case of MRSA. This occurred in September 2012

16 Our ambitions and future direction Geraint Griffiths Deputy Chief Executive

17 The future Move from traditional, reactive care system to support before crisis occurs Improving care and services to greater number of patients who spend less time in our five community hospitals Improving support for patients at discharge to support independence and reduce readmission Developing specialist support for frail patients with complex needs across all of their treatment Better joined up working for children’s services

18 What does it mean for you? Increased independence Improved experience Improved care Better value for money More time

19 Questions

20 Close Thank you

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