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G.A.M.E.G.A.M.E. This is the way that WE are going to run through the entire YEAR!

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1 G.A.M.E.G.A.M.E. This is the way that WE are going to run through the entire YEAR!

2 GAME Plan G - Goals A – Attitude M – Mind E – Effort

3 G - Goals In order to get somewhere, you must set GOALS. It will give you a plan of getting / obtaining your goal. Successful people plan for their future. They use rules as a road map to get to where they want to go.

4 A – Attitude The way that you look at a situation is your attitude. You should always have a positive attitude towards things in your life. With this good outlook, things will seem easier and you will be willing to try more things.

5 M – Mind Simple… use your mind. I do not know how else to think about it besides that, you need to use your mind. Think about things… there are always consequences for your actions. Think things through before you do them.

6 E – Effort Effort is the amount of time and care that you put into anything that you do. In order to be successful you need to put forth good effort. If something is not easy to do, try you hardest. Effort is your ability to try your best at no matter what you do.

7 Your Turn… Now that we just talked about what GAME means, you are going to think. I know that it is the first day of school but I Know that you can do it. Plus think about it, you can not get anywhere without a plan.

8 What are your goals? Goals for the school year? (at least 2) Goals to make School 25 better? Goals to make our community better? What do you need to do in order to be successful this year?

9 Attitude… What is attitude and why do you think that having a good attitude will help you be a successful learner? Do you think that a bad attitude can affect the way that you learn or do things in your everyday life?

10 Mind… You need to use your mind at all times and get yourself out of situations… What happens if you make a mistake? Are mistakes OK?

11 Effort I think that this is the most important element that you need to make sure at all times that you are doing in order to be successful. What would happen if you do not put forth good effort?

12 Papa Bear always said… ‘If you are going to do something wrong, better to do it 100% than to not try at all.’

13 Thoughts on this school year… I am hoping that this will be one of the most beneficial school years of your lives. I am going to be getting your ready for the next step of your life. 7 th grade is extremely hard and we are going to be preparing your for there for this entire year.

14 Questions… Does anybody have any questions, comments, or concerns about what we are talking about?

15 You will be hearing me talk about the GAME plan for the entire year. We will be looking at it at least once a month and adding / manipulating your GAME plan at least once a month. We will have a great year as long as you try your best and work along with your classmates. Let’s show School #25 why Room 132 is the best class!

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