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ALL ABOUT ME!!! Logan’s Story – From the Beginning.

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1 ALL ABOUT ME!!! Logan’s Story – From the Beginning

2 Logan Alexander “Never forget for a single minute, you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.” Unknown

3 February 28, 2002 My birthday!!!!! I was born in Murom, Russia on a cold, snowy day. I weighed 6.2 pounds and was 19 inches long.

4 In Russia, my name was Alexander Yuriyevich, but everyone called me “SASHA.” Alexander means “defender of mankind” and it is now my middle name.

5 My Tummy Mummy All babies grow in a special place in a mummy’s tummy. I didn’t grow in my mom’s tummy. I grew in another lady named Marina. She helped make me. She probably has very blond hair and blue eyes, just like me. She is probably very pretty and that’s why my mom calls me “Beautiful Boy.”

6 All About Logan I like to sing songs and dance and play the piano and drums. Marina has special training in music. I got my love of music from her.

7 She was probably happy when I was born, because everyone loves little babies. She probably fed me and changed my dirty diapers and smiled at me, but she had some grown up problems. It is a lot of work to take care of a little baby. She was worried about how she was going to take care of me.

8 When I was a little baby, I got sick and was taken to a hospital. The doctor’s and nurses gave me medicine and I got better. After that, I went to go live at the Baby Home where they could take care of me.

9 This is a picture of Dr. Elizaveta. She was in charge of taking care of me at the Baby Home. I got lots of hugs and kisses from all the ladies there, just like Mrs. Ria, and Mrs. Laura and Ms. Marcie at my school at home!!! This is a picture of the outside of the Baby Home.

10 The ladies fed me, took me for walks, played with me, sang songs and changed my poopy diapers. I lived at the Baby Home until my Forever Mom and Dad could come to Russia.

11 Meeting Mom and Dad!! When I was almost 2, I saw my mom and dad for the first time!! I was a little shy and scared at first. My mom and dad smiled a lot and cried because they were so happy to meet me!!

12 I couldn’t understand what they were saying because I only knew Russian words. I sat and played with the toys they brought me. I liked the bubbles and the cars.

13 My dad played on the floor with me – I really liked the truck that said “honk honk”. My mom gave me a bear that sang “twinkle twinkle” and she sang to me. I got a dog that looked like Carly and I saw pictures of my brother Michael and my new house!!!

14 GOTCHA DAY!!! On November 14, 2003, a Russian judge told mom and dad they could adopt me and be my forever family. My mom and dad took me to a hotel and I ate Cheerios with my dad. I said “Spa-se-ba” and “Pa- ja-yous-ta” which means please and thank you in Russian. I liked Cheerios and M&Ms!!!

15 Moscow We stayed in Moscow for 6 more days. I got my picture taken for my passport. I loved to look in the mirror and play with the cute baby looking back at me!!!

16 Seeing the Sights It was very cold in Moscow and mom bundled me up in a snowsuit to go out for a walk. I had fun with mom and dad and I played with lots of other babies who were adopted just like me.

17 MY FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE!!! I flew first class all the way home to America. We landed in Boston and I became a US citizen at Logan airport!!!

18 I was excited to come home and meet the rest of my forever family. This is my brother Michael. This is Carly – I called her “So-bat- ka”. That means dog in Russian.

19 I know other kids who came from Russia, just like me. Here are pictures of me and Alex and Lauren. They came from Tver, Russia. They were adopted too!!! They have a dog named Tahoe.

20 I have lots of people in my family who love me!!! My mom calls me her special boy and says that I am a blessing from God. I am happy God found my forever family!!! THE END

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