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STAAR Test-Taking Tips!. When you get your test, follow these steps for your best score:

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1 STAAR Test-Taking Tips!

2 When you get your test, follow these steps for your best score:

3 Brain Dump As soon as you are given permission to begin your test, turn the test booklet over, or find a blank spot on the inside cover, etc., and immediately write down anything you are afraid of forgetting (dates, names, series of events…). This will take pressure off and you can concentrate on the problem solving without worrying about forgetting something.

4 Break Lines Before you begin your test, go through and make stars, lines, or smiley faces every five or six questions. As you are taking your test, when you get to one of your symbols, stop and take a mental break. Take a few deep breaths and then continue.

5 Read the Test Read the questions and underline or box key words. Use the answer page as a guide line to help you stay focused Use your highlighter to identify key words in every question.

6 Reading Sections When you start your test, do not immediately start with the reading selections. Read the questions first to know what you are looking for as you read the selection.

7 Find Key Words Turn to question #1 and mark the key words in the question. –If #1 says, “Why does Mark change his mind,” underline, circle or highlight the words Mark, change and mind. Repeat for each multiple choice question.

8 Modify Your Test, cont. Transfer the information from the questions to the reading selections. If #8 says, “What is the main idea in paragraph 23,” go to paragraph 23 and write “MAIN IDEA” out to the side. Know what you are looking for before you read. Remember, you are not reading for fun. Read for a purpose on STAAR day!

9 From Easiest to Hardest Remember, on the math, science, and social studies tests, the hardest questions are in the middle. Work carefully and get as many of the first third and last third (the easiest ones) correct!

10 Charts and Graphs All maps charts and graphs contain the answers. They do not require prior knowledge! Cover the question. Read the title of the chart. Read all of the words on the chart. Figure out what information the chart gives.

11 Charts and Graphs, cont. After analyzing the chart, read the question. If you took your time analyzing the chart, you will know the correct answer with reading multiple choice answers.

12 X Marks the Spot When considering answer choices, put a mark by each answer choice. If you are certain that the answer is NOT correct, put an X by the answer choice. If you are considering choosing that answer, they put a “?” by the answer choice.

13 Cover, Category, Keys—Text Me—R3 1Cover answer choices 2Identify the category (era) 3Find the key information 4Text it 5Connect it to me 6Read question with each answer 7Reduce answer choices 8Review your answer choice

14 Read All Answer Choices Each question has four answers. Two answers are completely wrong. One answer is called the “distracter” and is close to the right answer. (For example, if you forget that last step of the problem, that number will be the distracter.) Finally, there is one right answer.

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