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Voice of Customer Capability Center. No exceptions… from the frontline to the C-suite, customer acumen is an essential corporate capability Customer needs.

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1 Voice of Customer Capability Center

2 No exceptions… from the frontline to the C-suite, customer acumen is an essential corporate capability Customer needs drive processes, technology, products, and services Skillfully incorporating customer perceptions, behaviors, wants and concerns into decisions must permeate your business Successful strategic decisioning and value proposition development is based, first and foremost, on the current and future expectations of customers ConfidentialPage 2 Customer Expectations, Needs, & Perceptions Marketing Quality Sales Operations & Customer Support Account Management Product Management

3 A VOC capability center equips and enables your organization to more quickly, insightfully and confidently apply VOC to decision-making Establishes and executes services and methods to systematically and continuously listen, learn, act and deliver on customer feedback Promotes confidence in data and insights Creates paths for collaboration, knowledge sharing and integration across functions and roles Guides your organization on best practices specific to using VOC in business decisions ConfidentialPage 3 Foundation Service & Support Shared Learning Guidance

4 Whether starting a VOC program or advancing to the next level, capability center components ensure sustainability Foundation Service & Support Shared Learning Guidance A solid foundation is needed to enculturate VOC competency into an organization. Guiding principles, rules, policies and resources used by your organization to facilitate collaboration, integration and coordination Standards, methodologies and tools ensure decision-makers are equipped and can be expected to demonstrate proficiency in this competency Services such as VOC data collection, results organization, vendor screening, sample management, and deployment of subject matter experts provide support across your enterprise Training, knowledge repositories, skill assessments, team building and formalized roles encourage collaboration and continuous learning Policies and practices designed to reward and recognize competency excellence

5 Achieve bottom-line growth by harnessing the power of your customer base while leveraging your talent, processes and systems Customer Retention Re-purchase Longer contracts Cross purchase Economies of scale Centralization of service and support ConfidentialPage 5 Positive word of mouth Client referrals Client references Process quality Operational efficiencies Increases Decreases Increases Decreases

6 Depend on recurring benefits by driving to sustainability Confidential Page 6 Vision/Guiding principles Role definitions VOC system(s) initiated Metrics, tools, techniques Fusion with process, relationship, product, and/or project management Practitioner training initiated Recognition program(s) Communication of results internally Launch VOC systems running at important moments of truth VOC data accessible to trained practitioners Cross enterprise improvement initiatives lead by trained practitioners Training curriculum initiated Associate performance linked to customer metrics Communication of results internally & externally Expand Seamless integration of VOC in continuous improvements Strategy and investment decisions require rigorous VOC analysis and forecast Practitioner network supported by coaching/mentoring program Assessments determine practitioner skill levels Performance and compensation directly tied to customer outcomes All associates trained and skilled to deliver on expectations Sustain

7 ConfidentialPage 7 Look to us to provide support and direction that meets your customer acumen goals VOC Survey Support Consultation, design and execution of scalable VOC tracking and reporting systems Results analysis and insight development Identify and vet vendor/research partners Survey operations standards VOC Capability Center Consultation & facilitation Assessment & periodic audits Documentation of designed components Equipping & Enabling Your Organization VOC planning, analysis and taking action toolkit Compilation of and consultation on best practices Identify, vet and design VOC metrics Data & Automation Services Automated & web-enabled notifications, reports, & viewers VOC sample and results data administration, organization & maintenance Compilation of standard resource libraries Integration with CRM, financial and market data Consultation on VOC based rewards and recognition VOC curriculum Education & development of practitioners Transition management

8 Foundation Service & Support Shared Learning Guidance The following sections are drafts of slides that will provide more explanation and examples of the components. VOC Capability Center ConfidentialPage 8

9 Foundation

10 Establishing a customer acumen core competency requires a solid foundation that integrates and coordinates various groups in your organization Purpose: Minimize ambiguity during the transition and thereafter through roles, rules, scope, and policy in order to clarify authority, accountability and responsibility Key elements: Leadership Vision & roadmap Charter Policies & procedures Benefits: Lowers cost by establishing pathways to collaboration that leverage existing resources and competencies. Minimizes conflicts, time wastages and mismanagement. Ensures transparency that helps determine effective decision-making and return on investment. Maintains associate confidence in your commitment to the core competency. This confidence facilitates adoption of policies, practices and processes. Properly induces your associates to achieve objectives that are in interests of the customer and your organization. ConfidentialPage 10

11 Consultation, templates and guidelines Leadership – composition, roles, responsibilities, tenure Strategic vision & roadmap Charter: – Approves enterprise standards – Approves and enforces rules of conduct and respondent rights – Ensures that limited VOC resources are properly allocated – Identifies the most valuable VOC projects for investment – Endorses and oversees coordination across corporate units needed to enable VOC Capability Center to deliver value – Reviews and monitors VOC Capability Center progress on deliverables – Reviews and disposes of executive escalations – Approves and re-enforces application of collective knowledge of customers Policies & procedures ConfidentialPage 11

12 Guidance

13 While many decision makers are trained in financial and human resource management, most require guidance on using VOC in decision-making Purpose: To equip and enable associates to demonstrate not only a proficiency but a fluency in customer acumen Key elements: VOC standards and tools in planning, analysis and decision-making Processes and practices using VOC (e.g. Closing the Feedback Loop) Metrics & performance Rewards & recognition Benefits: Uniformity in methods, metrics, action standards and terminology is created Improvement in communication and mutual understanding across the enterprise Removal of barriers to integrate, collaborate, and coordinate Minimizes inconsistencies regarding how to identify, interpret and act on customer drivers and needs Exposure to tools and techniques to enable success Using planning tools, associates effectively take action and deliver on customer drivers and needs ConfidentialPage 13

14 Confidential Page 14 Basic Process VOC to Define Performance Expectations Translation of VOC into Product, Service, and Process Specifications Execution & Delivery of Specifications Customer Experiences Product, Service, or Process VOC to Assess Performance Perceptions Repeat Understand and respond to gaps in customer expectations and your performance

15 Close the Feedback Loop Completed survey Permission to follow-up Met expectations Note of appreciation Alert ProcessNo direct action* Direct follow-up to document cause Determine action Remove customer Remove & replace Re-attempt Yes No ConfidentialPage 15

16 Alert Process Characteristics Respectful of customer right to privacy* Quick Systematic Automated Monitored Integrated Planning and Process Components Determine alert trigger – question(s) & response level(s) Establish alert management accountability Design reporting and deliverables needed for alert resolution Root cause and resolution disposition data flow and storage Training and documentation for those accountable for resolution Escalation process for alerts not closed Determine governance for quality of contact and resolution ConfidentialPage 16 * The Foundation component will address respondent rights policy

17 Metrics & Performance Align the appropriate metric(s) to desired outcomes ConfidentialPage 17 ConformanceSatisfactionEngagementIntention Acknowledgement Awareness Product/Service Process People Confidence Trust Pride Advocate Purchase Re-purchase Balance benefits of custom metrics and standard, enterprise metrics Refine metric(s) as products, processes, and people develop LaunchImprovementMaintenance Baseline to norm or action standard Change over time or distance from goal Variation from goal Determine risks and benefits of univariate metrics, indices, averages and top box percentages

18 Rewards & Recognition Behavior-based reward programs – Executive, customer-facing, not customer-facing – Annual reviews and compensation – Bonus programs Individual and team recognition ConfidentialPage 18

19 Support & service

20 Some centralization of expertise, service, and data will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of practitioners and decision-makers Purpose: Provide practitioners and decision-makers support with services that require specialized skills and cross enterprise coordination, access and quality monitoring Key elements: VOC subject matter experts Practice management VOC model, framework, methodology and approach development VOC process development & maintenance VOC sample & results data organization, management and maintenance Automated/Web-enabled reporting Benefits: Lower VOC operational costs resulting from centralization of data collection, standard reporting, VOC data management Cost efficiency and improve productivity through the concentration of highly specialized VOC experts and resources Improved survey participation rates as sample pools are managed and monitored Cost and time efficient enterprise insights via accessible enterprise VOC database that integrates customer responses across the organization and over time Data quality assurance for decision-makers ConfidentialPage 20

21 Confidential Page 21 B2B VOC Listening Opportunities Process Development & Maintenance Examples of B2C and healthcare Voice of Patient and Medical Team processes available

22 Technique Development & Maintenance Confidential Page 22 Planning VOC Research & DesignQuestionnaire DesignSamplingData CollectionAnalysisReportingAction Planning & Goal SettingCommunication Planning Research Request Form Research Design Form Commitment of Service Sample quality standards Analytical techniques aligned with decisions* Comparative analysis Trend analysis Driver analysis Prioritization matrix Action planning guide Action planning templates Practices in goal setting Standard design Question catalog Standard questionnaires Response rate calculation Survey status report Practices to improve response rates Report interpretation help Presentation templates Templates Communication practices - - - - - - - - * Examples of Six Sigma techniques available

23 Practice & Capability Management Core training curriculum Continuing education Collaboration facilitation Internal communication External communication ConfidentialPage 23

24 Quality Assurance Internal auditing Reliability testing Validity testing Generalizability ConfidentialPage 24

25 Power of Data Organization Confidential Page 25 Client VOC Sales Win Loss Post Implementation Help Desk Loyalty Service Termination Client Profile Financial Conference Attendance Segment Firmagraphics CRM Relational tables Dynamic feeds Syntax library Export capability Report production Web-enabled reports Client Views Client Scorecards Enriched Analysis Data Automated Alerts Automated Escalations Question library Survey process library Historical results Contact participation Contact results Client participation Client results Calculation algorithms Validation algorithms Example B2B Design

26 Shared Learning

27 Training and education are needed to create and preserve the customer acumen core competency Purpose: Provide an evolving and sustainable curriculum that ensures all associates understand customer expectations and are trained and skilled to competently deliver on the expectations; enable practitioners and decision-makers to achieve levels of mastery in the competency; provide processes and forums that encourage collaboration and continuous learning Key elements: Education & training Skill assessments Knowledge management Communities of practice and learning for practitioner and decision-maker network Benefits: Creates efficiencies and standardizes processes Increases the likelihood of effective decisions and successful customer outcomes Operationalizes the competency and validates the importance to your organization ConfidentialPage 27

28 Shared Learning Education and training – Executive workshops – Practitioner classroom training – CBTs Coaching and mentoring Internal communications and visibility Knowledge management – Knowledge mapping – Communities and practice sites – Knowledge repositories ConfidentialPage 28

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