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Latin America Unit 5 Review. NAFTA Economic Alliance between the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

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1 Latin America Unit 5 Review

2 NAFTA Economic Alliance between the USA, Mexico, and Canada

3 Favelas Shantytowns in Brazil

4 Shantytowns Slum settlements of plywood, corrugated metals, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes

5 MERCOSUR Economic alliance between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela

6 Father Miguel Hidalgo Catholic Priest who led the Mexican War of Independence

7 Coffee crop common in equatorial regions of Latin America, a brewed beverage prepared from the roasted seeds

8 Darwin Helped with the development of the theory of natural selection in the Galapagos Islands

9 Deforestation The removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use

10 Cartel an international syndicate, combine, or trust formed to regulate prices and output in some field of business

11 Maquiladoras Assembly factory near the border of the USA and Mexico

12 Amazon Rainforest Region characterized by:

13 Catholicism The main religion of Latin America

14 Panama Canal The primary reason for building this was to shorten the time it took to travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and vice versa

15 Human Environment Interaction Terrace Farming is an example of this in Latin America

16 Incas ●This civilization lived in what is now the country of Peru

17 Hernando Cortez What was the name of the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec Empire?

18 Tenochtitlan This Aztec capital was located on what is now known as Mexico City.

19 Tertiary Tourism is very important to the Latin America economy. What economic sector is tourism?

20 Cuba ●Fidel Castro is mainly associated with what country?

21 Push Factor Crime associated with the Drug Cartels in Latin America would be known as this when talking about immigration/emigration.

22 Brazil -Portuguese Language -Favelas -Amazon Rainforest

23 Caribbean Islands ●African Influences ●Tourism ●Hurricanes ●Cuban Missle Crisis ●Castro and Communism ●Guantanamo Bay ●Earthquake ruined French- speaking Capital City

24 Mexico ●Father Hidalgo ●Tenochtitlan ●Cortez ●Aztec ●NAFTA ●Drug Trade ●Poverty Issues - Inequality ●Catholics/Spanish Speaking

25 Andes Mountains ●Incas ●Machu Picchu ●Modern Day Peru ●Pizarro

26 Central America ●Maya ●Panama Canal ●Small Countries ●Thin piece of land (isthmus)

27 Pampas ●Gauchos ●Grassy, plains ●Argentina

28 Inca ●Native Tribe located in the Andes Mountains ●Defeated by Francisco Pizarro

29 Mayans ●Located in and around the Yucatan Peninsula

30 The Aztecs ●Located in present day Mexico City (Central Mexico) ●Defeated by Hernan Cortez

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