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Friday, February 20, 2015 DAY 2 – Period 1. Friday, June 26 th 2015 at 10:00 am.

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1 Friday, February 20, 2015 DAY 2 – Period 1

2 Friday, June 26 th 2015 at 10:00 am

3 There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises." Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. ~Orrin Hatch  This is a very special event for the 2015 graduating class, DSSS staff and your family  You are representing the achievements of students at Suzuki with many special guests in attendance  FORMAL CELEBRATION that has associated with it a high level of maturity and respect for one another’s achievements

4  Requirements to Attend Commencement ◦ 30 Credits  18 Compulsory (4 English + 3 Math + 2 Science etc.) + 12 Optional  NOTE: If you are short one or more credits by June 2014 you will not be allowed to go across the stage this year ◦ 40 Hours of Community Service SUBMITTED By May 1 st  Submit Early to ensure your activities are approved ◦ Met the Literacy Requirement  Pass the Literacy Test OR the OLC course by June 2015  If you have any questions about the requirements please see Ms. MacGregor in Student Services.

5  Check school website, guidance department, and listen to announcements for any updates.

6 Grad Payment of $25  This covers Gown Package, 4x6 photo and Entrance to Grad Reception  You’ll get to keep the cap and gown. The photo can be picked up following the ceremony. Gown Distribution  June 25 th during Report Cards/Exam Review Day Starting Monday (Feb 23) until Feb. 27 th we need your SIZES and $25 Grad Payment - Outside Math Pod (2 nd Floor)

7  Student Involvement Award Includes: Athletics  Girls or Boys Basketball Team, Rugby Team, Hockey Team, Ultimate Frisbee Team, etc. Arts  Dance Company, Band, Art Club, Drama Club, etc. Activities  Robotics, Chess Club, Team Unbreakable, Library Helpers, Eco Club, etc.  If you are unsure, look in your yearbook for all the activities that occur in our amazing school

8  Students Role: ◦ You will need to ask teachers to fill out the form and bring back to Ms. Stokes in the Student Support Office (1 st Floor Music Hallway)  Due: Upon completion (ASAP)  Deadline: Friday, May 1 st, 2015 ◦ You will need to go back through all your grades and visit all the teachers who ran the activities you participated in. NOTE: If you do not complete this process you will not be considered for the Student Involvement Award.

9  Staff Nominations: mid April  Student Voting: June 3-4 th on your lunch in atrium  Official Valedictorian Announcement: June 5 th at the Grad Reception  Attributes ◦ Honours student ◦ Involvement within the school and community ◦ Positive role model ◦ Consistently demonstrates the Peel Character Attributes  Who to see with any questions or concerns with the role: Ms. Brennan in the Moderns Office

10  You will receive your invitation around May 22 nd  If you do not meet the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements, you will be notified by June 25 th at the latest.  You will be able to bring up to 2 guests to the Commencement.  Please bring back any tickets you will not be using to the Guidance Office so that other families can use those tickets.

11  Dress Code: Semi Formal  No hats, appropriate use of cell phones (ex. No texting during ceremony)  Please remain seated and stay for the entire presentation (Please inform your guests as well)  There is an area outside the theatre where people can watch from the Live Feed  Please follow the direction given by the MC  Guests and Graduates must arrive on time Start Time: 10:00 a.m. (arrive 9:15 a.m. to pick up V-Stole and assemble in the auditorium which is separate from the theatre)

12  When: June 5 th, 2015 in the Café  The Grad Reception is a celebratory event for graduating grade 12's, food will be served with a grad gift  Valedictorian will be announced  Cost: Included with the gown payment  If you have any questions about the event please see Mr. Bains/Ms. Liapis in the Business Office

13 ◦ Grad Payment – STARTS MONDAY!  Feb. 23 – Feb. 27 (2 nd Floor Hall) ◦ 40 Hours  Due May 1 st (Student Services) ◦ Awards Form  Due May 1 st (1 st Floor Support Office) ◦ Invitations  Will be handed out around May 23 rd ◦ Valedictorian Voting  June 3-4 th on lunches ◦ Grad Reception  June 5 th 2015 ◦ Ceremony  June 26 th 2015 at 10:00 a.m. start  Arrive early 9:15 a.m. (TELL YOUR GUESTS)

14 Friday May 29, 2015  Doors open at 6:00pm  Dinner at 7:00pm  Concluding at 11:30pm

15  Students’ behaviour before and during the Formal must meet the expectations of the school’s Code of Conduct.  Any inappropriate behaviour, including students in possession or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, will result in school-based discipline including suspension and removal from the event. ◦ Should this occur, parents/guardians will be required to pick the student up from the Prom venue.

16  All prom attendees must provide contact information for his or her parent or guardian.  DSSS’ student behaviour expectations also apply to any guest attending the event.  Upon arrival, students will be subjected to a search to ensure a safe event for everyone. ◦ Teachers, administration, and police officers will be present. ◦ Students will be required to present photo identification to enter the event. (i.e. Student Activity Card).

17 1. MADD Assembly: Tuesday March 3, period 2. ◦ All students must attend assembly and sign the attendance sheet to confirm they have seen the presentation. ◦ Should a student miss the assembly, the student will be required to watch the video recording of the same presentation. ◦ This requirement will be confirmed before ticket purchase. 2. Community Hours (40 Hours) – must be submitted to guidance for May 1 st in order to attend.

18 3. Complete the Prom Permission Form – permission form is due at the time of ticket purchase. 4. Guest Application Form – if you are planning on bringing a guest to prom, please have them complete this form in order for you to purchase a ticket for them. *The forms are up on the school website. Currently students can find them as a “What’s New article”. The forms are also posted in the “Forms section” in the left hand green section on the website.

19  Tickets will be sold the 1 st half of lunch periods 3 & 4.  March 4 th to 13 th tickets will be sold for $85 per person  April 7 th, 9 th, 14 th, and 16 th (and thereafter) tickets will be sold for $90.

20  Co-op students may purchase tickets on:  Tuesday, March 10 th and March 31 st for $85  Tuesday, April 14 th (and thereafter) tickets will be sold for $90.  All ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. No independent ticket sales or exchanges are allowed. Only cash will be accepted as payment.

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