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Development Counsellors International Digital Capabilities.

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1 Development Counsellors International Digital Capabilities

2 The Leader In Marketing Places

3 Digital Capabilities Email Marketing Social Media Monitoring and Management Strategic Planning Digital Influencer Partnerships Social Apps and Campaigns Content Development Propel your destination forward in the digital landscape…

4 Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Management

5 USVI Nice Social Influencer FAM Trip

6 Content Development and Curation Custom infographic

7 Social Campaigns Facebook Contest App and Daily Getaways Outreach Campaign

8 Email Marketing In three months, the Tourism Australia newsletter grew from a 29.5% open rate in February to a 36.5% open rate in May with clicks more than doubling from 9 to 21. Results

9 Strategic Development for Digital Landscape

10 Digital Influencer Partnerships USVI Press Trip with Digital Influencer Kimberly Fisher

11 Social Media Budget Allocation by Activity

12 Survey Says: 32% of DMOs Outsource Social Percentage of DMOs Who Outsource Social Media Activities (by budget)

13 @aboutdci

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