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Student Experiences Fund Empowering extracurricular activities HASKAYNE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS.

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1 Student Experiences Fund Empowering extracurricular activities HASKAYNE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

2 What is the Student Experiences Fund?  The Student Experiences Fund is focused on enabling student learning experiences outside of the classroom by providing financial support for activities  Administered by: — The Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business — The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation — The Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies  Over $200k available in school year

3 Why Apply?  Students can receive up to $5000 over the course of their degree  The value of extracurricular experiences — Bulk up your resume — Build on your skills — Discover new opportunities for growth — Network with inspiring students and professionals — Learn about yourself and what is important to you

4 To Note  Important: — This is a competition. — Not all applicants will be funded to the full amount and/or funded at all. — Incomplete applications will not be evaluated — Read the policy document carefully to ensure that your application is complete — The quality of your application counts!

5 Important Policies  Funding doesn’t cover entire costs, only subsidizes them — Up to 50% for domestic experiences, and 75% for international experiences  Money is given for value-added activities — Something not offered in the curriculum

6 Who is Eligible?  BComm and MBA students in good academic standing  BComm and MBA clubs/groups/associations  *Past applicants who have not submitted their activity reports and/or expense reports are not eligible to apply until these documents are received.

7 Eligible Activities  Students can apply to the fund to cover a variety of activities, but it is up to the review committee to evaluate each application to determine the eligibility — Just because someone has been funded for the same opportunity before, does not guarantee your funding! Application quality matters! — Some types of activities to consider:  Competitions, conferences, training programs, networking events, speaking events

8 What can it cover?  Common eligible costs: — Conference/competition registration fee — Accommodation for non-local events — Air travel and other transportation — Meals during events (if not included) — Program fees (not for course credit)  *Eligible costs are circumstantial. Final funding decisions made by reviewers.

9 What won’t it cover?  Ineligible costs: — Course fees for credit courses — Food during international exchange — Accommodation during international exchange — Books — Personal expenses (clothes, hygiene, phone service, etc) — Leisure activities and entertainment — Club sponsorship

10 How to submit an application  Complete either an individual or group application — Be sure to read the policy document first!  Submit scanned copy to — File name must be titled:.SEF.  Submit hard copy to Kevan Coyle in SH225 — Make sure that all items on the application checklist are included

11 What makes an application strong?  Clear alignment with centre mandates (leadership, entrepreneurship, real estate)  Well communicated opportunity and benefits  Contributes to the development of the Haskayne School of Business, and/or the University of Calgary  The experience is unique (nothing similar offered at the university)  The activity demonstrates great value given the cost

12 Application Must Haves  Applications must be typed!  Be sure to attach a signed application checklist  Unofficial transcripts must be included  Support from a faculty or staff member with signature - found in application document (no scanned signatures)  Clear budget with detailed line items allocated to either eligible or ineligible sections – found in application document

13 Process  All applications are evaluated by a review committee shortly after the application deadline  If the application is approved, applicants will be notified and asked if they wish to proceed  If applicant responds yes, payments will be made upon receiving all the required documents (see next slide)

14 Timeline Summary Complete Application Submitted By February 2 nd, 2015 Applications evaluated by Review Committee From February 2 nd to February 28th Applicants notified of decision March 1 st, 2015

15 Applicant Accountability  If you are granted funds, we require the following from you — Proof of attendance — Expense receipts including boarding passes (if applicable) — Report describing the activity with photos  Template available on the website — Short presentation to be given about your experience

16 If your application is denied  Students are encouraged to apply for future experiences  Students are welcome to schedule a time to speak with a SEF team member to discuss ways to improve their application

17 Questions? If you have any questions, you can contact Kevan Coyle (403)

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