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Service Learning Workshop CIP Council IP Activities - 29 th January 2014.

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1 Service Learning Workshop CIP Council IP Activities - 29 th January 2014

2 What is SL exactly???

3 -Alleviating a problem in the community -Assimilating knowledge to become a more mature individual Service Learning

4 Types of SLPs IndividualVolunteeringTeam Group- initiated Class- initiated CCA- initiated

5 How to find a beneficiary? Sickly Financially- dependent Animals Disabled Environment Children

6 2 Rules of Thumb 1.Willingness to join the cause 1.Does your team believe in the beneficiary’s causes? 2.How about your passion to serve them? 2.The beneficiary’s needs – Your limits 1.What do they really need? 2.Can you provide for them?

7 Experiential Learning Cycle How do you plan to help your beneficiary? Is your action really meaningful to them? Can it work effectively in the long run?

8 Project Keep in Touch

9 Wordasment Challenge

10 6 Tips to a good SL Project

11 1 The PEEP model Consider the parties involved Take care of their well-being at all times P eople Assess the possible risks at the event location Prepare for wet weather E nvironment Ensure every piece of logistics is working fine beforehand E quipment Adhere to the school guidelines Practise effective communication with your group P rocess

12 2 Grants Provide your group a seed fund -so you can worry less about not having enough $$ for your programmes! Some popular ones include: o Citibank-YMCA Youth for Causes (YFC) Programme o Young ChangeMakers (YCM) o SHINE Youth Festival Visit our website to find out the full list of grants

13 3 Publicity is King Publicity avenues: o Bridge announcements o EMB message o CIP website ( o CIP noticeboards o Posters, t-shirts, merchandise, etc.

14 4 Volunteer Management 1.Contact details Do you have the basic contact information of all your volunteers? Do they acknowledge/reply your messages? 2.Briefing Do your volunteers understand their roles during the event? 3.Feedback Survey forms Group Reflections conducted by SL team members

15 5 Fundraising: The 30-70 Rule 30/70 Fund-Raising Efficiency Ratio The formula is given below: E = Expenditure

16 6 Keep your mentor updated! Your mentor (both external and internal) are able to: Spot potential loopholes in your plans Improve areas of your project given their experiences Give you even more tips

17 Workflow for Service Learning Projects Group SL: Students from same / diff CG in HCI / other JCs CCA-initiated SL: As a CCA group CG-initiated SL: Students from same CG Team leader to initiate SL project & upload proposal on ISP 2-4 weeks before start (Status: Pending) CIP Unit to approve (Status: Approved) / reject (Status: For Amendment) proposal on ISP CCA teacher to approve / reject proposal on ISP To amend Team Leader to add names of OT members & / volunteers on ISP and submit all consolidated consent forms to SL mentor Team Leader to key in service hours for team on ISP and submit endorsement letter from beneficiary to College Reception to be scanned To amend SL mentor to approve / reject list of names on ISP based on consent forms received Team to proceed with project and meet up with SL mentor regularly to update progress Within 1 month of completion of project, Team Leader to complete a Team SL survey, upload softcopy of Final Report & update status of project to “Completed” on ISP and submit hardcopy of Final Report to Mr Nah / Mrs Chong of CIP Unit (Status: Completed) OT members & / volunteers to complete an Individual SL survey on ISP CIP Unit to endorse CIP hours on ISP (Status: Endorsed) Note: Sections highlighted in orange indicate action required by student

18 SL proposals

19 Why is it important A BC 1. Allows you to crystallise your vision of your project 2. Gives your mentor and all teammates a common understanding of the project 3. Serves as a roadmap along the execution of your project

20 What?Why SL? When?How? Detailed project time- line & activities Budget & source of funding Volunteer recruitment plan & management Service Objectives Learning Objectives Details of Organizing Team members Name of SL Teacher- Mentor Summary



23 Final Report

24 Content Effective summary of your project -Rationale/Aims -How you have served Reflections -Pen down your thoughts and takeaways as a group Provide media (photos/videos etc.) -As evidence + memento’s sake! Statement of Accounts -Logistics purchases / Any form of expenditure




28 Thank you! For more information about CIP @ HC, please visit

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