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The Programme is funded by Erasmus+ under

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1 The Programme is funded by Erasmus+ under
Care 2 Work Programme Dissemination and Communications Plan Andriana Ntziadima – IARS Communications and Marketing Manager The Programme is funded by Erasmus+ under    UK01-KA

2 Communication and Dissemination Objectives
Our key objectives are: To communicate and disseminate knowledge produced by the project To ensure programme sustainability – exploitation tool At the partnership level we need to ensure Clarity – transparency – openness and consistency

3 Programme Messages Messages will be defined by all partners – focus on programmes’ achievements and its positive impact. Key messages: What is the project about? Aim of the project Potential impact on our beneficiaries Who is involved in the project –partners’ profile should be defined in all activities Key evidence arise from the programme Conferences, events and workshops Milestones

4 Responsibilities The IARS International Institute has the overall responsibility of the dissemination and communication activities Project partners will contribute to the implementation of their relative actions including: Dissemination of outcomes at local and national level (native language) Promotion and announcement of national conference – Anziani Promotion and announcement of international conference - Greece Organisation and promotion of local workshops Announcement on participation in local events Support IARS to disseminate outputs at the EU Level Recruitment for the first phase of the programme – fieldwork

5 Communications Matrix
Scientific Practical Awareness Local Level Young People, Social Workers, Social Services Providers, Local authorities (councils etc. policy makers, professional associations, health and social care practitioners, social care practitioners, educational providers (teachers etc), Vocational Training Centres employments support services, educational providers, young people Media/ Journalists Associations National Level Universities, national governments (focus on employment, social, educational, employment and youth policies) social workers - health care professional associations / national governments (employment, social, educational, employment and youth policies), NGO’s (working with young people), Immigrants associations Young people, employments support services, NGO’s working with young people European/International European Parliament Interested Groups on Carers – Social Protection Committee, Council of Europe – EU partnership for Youth European Network of organisations working with and for family carers, young people 

6 Visibility of Union Funding
As beneficiaries we must: Acknowledge European funding and display the EU logo on project publications, outputs or materials EC guidelines can be found here All project materials and publications produced by the project must include the following disclaimer “Any communication or publication related to the Project made by the beneficiaries jointly or individually in any form and using any means, shall indicate that it reflects only the author's view and that the NA and the Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains”.

7 Dissemination Channels
In order to reach our target audiences we will employ a number of channels including: Project website (project info, events, contacts, respources, publications etc) – (for discussion) 99% Campaign Website (case studies –written by beneficiaries) Partners monthly newsletters – IARS will employ Youth Matters Partners websites Third party website (Other channels will be identified through cooperation with other organisations – national or international – programmes and projects with similar activities via their networks, newsletters, websites etc.) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) (exchange social media details and agree on a hashtag for the project sug. #Care2Work

8 European Tools Dissemination of Outputs
VALOR – Erasmus+ Dissemination Platform Valor is the new Dissemination and Exploitation platform that offers a comprehensive overview of all projects funded under the new Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programmes as well as some projects funded under the previous programmes (LifeLong Learning, Youth in Action, Culture , etc.). “Compulsory upload of project results by coordinator” Erasmus E-Newsletter Feature programme news on the website

9 Dissemination of Intellectual Outputs
Intellectual output of the project are own by beneficiaries but we are required to Provide free, open, online access to any education material produced by the project List all rights of ownership, including any pre-existing IPR, and disclose the list to the national agency Ensure you own all rights to use any- pre-existing IPR and disclose the list to the agency Grant the Union and the National Agency the right to use the results of the project and any pre-existing IPR. Any educational material produces shall be made available through the Internet free of charge and under open licences.

10 Youth Pass Certificate
Youthpass is a European recognition tool for non-formal and informal learning in youth work. Youthpass is for projects funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action and Youth in Action programmes. With Youthpass the participants of these projects can describe what they have done and show what they have learnt. The certificates are issued by the organisation or a youth worker/leader involved in the project. Under our agreement we are shall: inform the participant involved in the Project about their right to receiving a Youth Pass Certificate Assess non-formal learning experiences acquired by the participants involved in the project and Provide a Youth Pass Certificate to each individual participant requesting it at the end of the activity (obligatory).

11 Next Steps Connecting with your communications officers
Set up – monthly e- meetings Website Development Provide IARS with monthly reports about your communications activities (eg. Press releases, announcements etc.) Discuss and define stakeholders groups at European and international level (including policy-makers, and press etc.) Set up a kick off conference call for agreements on guidelines and ensure consistency – Anziani input important

12 Thank you!

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