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Dr. Gábor Gyenis Sole entrepreneur. We have been developing and distributing peristaltic pumps since 1980 and 1987, respectively. The machines are mainly.

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1 Dr. Gábor Gyenis Sole entrepreneur

2 We have been developing and distributing peristaltic pumps since 1980 and 1987, respectively. The machines are mainly used by companies active in food industry (winery), chemical and pharmatic industry and in the field of environment protection. At the moment several tousands of our machines work perfectly both in Hungary and abroad to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. These machines can be applied in all the cases where common pumps (centrifugal, membrane, piston) are unsatisfactory. About us

3 About our products The PERSZI pump is a self sucker pump without valve and stuffing box, which operates on the basis of peristaltic movement (the conveying mechanism of intestines), it is widely resistant in forwarding agressive abrasive materials while it spares the soft particles of liquids. The main part of the pump is the freely shapable pump manifold whose size and material were specially designed for this purpose.

4 Main features Self sucker up to 9m water column, also dry; no legging valve needed, Resistant against most chemicals, Also conveys silt containing more than 50% solid particles, Also suitable for gravity hoist, Conveys quantity in proportion to rev, Doesn’t contain stuffing box, no dripping, no environment hazard, By changing direction of revolution change of conveying direction also takes place, No fast revolving part, no unwanted foam, Safely conveys solid particles in liquid due to laminated current control, Fast unproblematic cleaning, sterilization with chemical solutions, boiling water or steam, Handling and maintenance are very easy, Easy installation, transportation and storing, Occasional dry operation does not harm the pump, May serve as vacuum pump (98% vacuum) 0,02 bar.

5 Fields of application Health care institutes: chlorid lye, hydrochloric acid, Washeries: acetous acid, hidrogenperoxid etc., Galvanizers: handling, loading and empying of galvanbathes, Motor vehicle yards: battery acid, frost-proof liquid, break oil, Meat producing plants: blood, mordant liquid, cooking oil, Can factories: nitric acid, natron lye by asceptic systems, Conservation industry: watering liquids, Milk industry: additives, Plant growing: loading and mixing of high fertilizer concentrates, Electronic services: iron chlorid, Wineries: must, wine racking, doesn’t break wine! Beer industry: hydrochloric acid, natron lye, etc., Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, Transportable chemicals, food.

6 Suckable chemicals AcetonSugar syrupGasolineSulfuric acidMurdant liquidMilk alcohol /max. 60% és 96%/DichlormetanGlycerinTreacle pesticides /undiluted, tenuous/ Tetrachlorbens ol Aluminiumchlo ridAcetous acid ccGlikolLime milkParaffine iron /II/, /III/ chlorid Mineral oilsCooking oilFruit drinksHoneyCopper saltsAnimal blood Animal, plant oils Watering liquidFormic acidDetergentsNitric acid 50%Water Bariumhydroxi dMetal salts Hydrogenperoxi dmotor oilSalt solutionGelatin Petrol Fluoric acid 40%HypoMust Hydrochloric acid 50%Fatty acid Wine, tartaric acid Liquid fertilizerssulphatesNatriumchlorid Ammonia hydrate solution BrigeciolFormalinhydraulic oilNatron lyeCarbonic acid Citric acid Phosphoric acid 50°CSulfuric acid

7 Suckable food products Tenous jam, mustard, sugar syrup, chocolate cream, butter cream, egg, acetous horseradish, pritamin, meat cream, pasties, soups, fruit drinks, (concentrates too) etc., animal and plant fats, oils, hot honey, milk, milk products, wine, etc. Particles in liquid won’t be hurt, e.g. strawberry. If you want to suck any liquid or gas (air), please consult the manufacturer beforehand!

8 Life-span Life-span of the manifold may vary between 100-500 service hours depending on usage. This is a so called deteriorating part which has to be changed from time to time, but we have to pay attention to the fact that we can use this pump to convey materials which cannot be sucked by any other common pumps. The change of other parts, however, are rarely needed.

9 Quality High quality is an essential requirement in our company, therefore we acquired the certificate of quality issued by the National Food Control Institute (Országos Élelmiszervizsgáló Intézet) in 1995, which proves our products comlying utterly with all hygienic standards.

10 Pictures of products




14 Lawn mower with giant wheels This machine is a modification of the traditional four-wheeled, rotating knifed, petrol fueled, pushable lawn mower to the purpose to mow lawn on uneven ground up to 1 metre highth. The lawn mower is equipped with purposefully designed 30 cm diametres and 8 cm broad wheels instead of the original 14 cm / 3 cm wheels. All four wheels can be adjusted individually in ten grades with the help of a very strong serrulated disk. The machine chops the cut lawn and blows aside. Collecting this is mostly unnecessary because the nutritional value of the chopped grass remains on the ground and prevents further weed growing.

15 Contact us Dr. Gábor Gyenis Sole entrepreneur H-7625 Pécs, Szőlő u. 53. Tel.: +36 72/329 135 Fax: +36 72/329 135 Mobil: +36 30/978 5874 Web: Thank you for your attention

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