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Chapter 3 Building Leadership.

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1 Chapter 3 Building Leadership

2 Leadership & Leader Leadership is a genuine passion and drive to create, achieve, attract and lead others. A leader One who has the ability to influence others to achieve a goal.

3 Three Leadership Styles
Technocrat – no-nonsense, detail-oriented approach Has a strong sense of bottom line Spends more time figuring out strategy than people Refuses to compromise Get the job done

4 Three Leadership Styles
Artist – approach using imagination and intuition Sees the “big picture” Shows emotion Invites others to share ideas Originality and creativity are important

5 Three Leadership Styles
Craftsman – Leads with common sense and integrity Well-balanced and trustworthy Values getting the job done without sacrificing people Skilled at decision-making and making everyone feel like a winner






11 Four Learning Styles Learning styles - the way we learn most effectively Style #1: Discussion – lots of dialogue and feedback Face-to-face communication Brainstorming and getting everyone’s opinion is important

12 Four Learning Styles Analysis and organization
Style #2: Logic – “just the facts” approach Analysis and organization Direct, logical and to-the-point Style #3: Design – see how “big picture” fits together Clear idea of relationships Know how all parts work together

13 Four Learning Styles Style #4: Emotion – hands-on approach
Enthusiasm and energy Emotionally involved and excited

14 Planks of Leadership Plank #1: A leader has a sense of vision Vision is the ability to see more than the obvious Leaders can see the whole situation Ponder the “big picture” Gather and use accurate info to make good decisions

15 Planks of Leadership Plank #2: A leader is willing to act
Leaders take action and get the job done right Get your hands dirty and take charge Act on getting the task completed

16 Planks of Leadership Plank #3: A leader makes good decisions
Be decisive, intelligent and ethical Ask yourself 3 questions beforehand Do I know about the issues and people? Am I making decisions in right order? Am I aware of the risks involved? Others want to understand how you came to your decision

17 Planks of Leadership Plank #4: A leader can handle conflict
Work to solve problems and build consensus Conflict management – turning a potentially neg situation into a positive one Follow these four steps Shut up, Look up, Hook up, Chill down

18 Planks of Leadership Plank #5: A leader works to avoid pitfalls
Be aware of problems beforehand Beware of four pitfalls Being afraid to fail Not paying attention to details Forgetting people and original objectives Not listening to others

19 Planks of Leadership Plank #6: A leader knows how to motivate
Inspire yourself and others to succeed Know your group well enough to know what motivates them Make them want to work hard


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