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Week 9. Over and Under sub = below, under trans = across, over.

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1 Week 9

2 Over and Under sub = below, under trans = across, over

3 subconscious (noun) Def: the part of the mind’s function of which you are not aware Sentence: Something in my subconscious told me that things were not quite right, but I wasn’t sure what. (compound sentence)

4 subconscious Despite the fact that the man became an accountant, he subconsciously felt he was meant to be a ninja. (complex sentence)

5 subdue (verb) Def: to conquer or bring under control Sentence: The lion tamer was able to subdue the agitated animal, for he demonstrated great control. (Compound Sentence)

6 subdue After recess, the teacher’s soothing voice successfully subdued her noisy students, and they quietly began to work independently. ( Compound Complex Sentence )

7 subjugate (verb) Def: to bring under control by force Sentence: While the people rioted in the street, the military tried to subjugate them. (Complex Sentence)

8 subjugate If the boss’s employees did not agree with him, he threatened to subjugate them, and he meant it. (CCS)

9 subterranean (adj.) Def: beneath the earth’s surface Sentence: The subterranean cave took us down 500 meters from the cave’s entrance, and we all began to panic. (Compound Sentence)

10 subterranean In The City of Ember, Lina and Doon live in a subterranean city that is slowly destructing. (Complex Sentence)

11 transfer (verb) Def: to carry or send from one person or place to another Sentence: In frustration, the unhappy student asked to be transferred to a different gym class. (Complex Sentence)

12 transfer Upon having an idea, Sophia went on iTunes, and she transferred her music onto her iPod. (CCS)

13 transform (verb) Def: to change in form or appearance Sentence: The fairy godmother transformed the pumpkin into a carriage, and Cinderella travelled to the ball in style. (Compound Sentence)

14 transform Cruising down the freeway, everyone stared in awe as Optimus Prime transformed into a massive 18-wheeler. (Complex Sentence)

15 translucent (adj) Def: permitting some light to pass through, but giving an unclear image Sentence: The curtains were translucent, allowing only a little light to pass through. (Complex Sentence)

16 translucent While playing Hide and Seek, Sally was quickly found hiding behind the translucent screen, and she realized her hiding spot was not a wise choice. (CCS)

17 transplant (verb) Def: to plant in another place Sentence: I transplanted my entire flower garden to a spot where it could get more sun, yet they still began to wilt. (Compound Sentence)

18 transplant After the man donated a portion of his liver, the doctors were able to transplant it into the patient’s body. (Complex Sentence)

19 Week 10

20 Before and After fore = before, toward pre = before, toward post = after, behind

21 forecast (verb) to predict or estimate in advance The economic forecast for 2011 shows steady growth in the housing market.

22 forecast The weatherman forecasted that it will snow this week.

23 forethought (noun) a thought that comes beforehand, a prediction With a little forethought, you can save yourself a lot of work later on.

24 forethought She had the forethought to bring along an umbrella in case it rained.

25 forewarn (verb) To warn beforehand The weather bureau forewarned the residents of the approaching storm.

26 forewarn The girl’s parents forewarned her that if she failed Language Arts, she would be grounded for life.

27 posthumous (adj) happening after someone’s death The posthumous reading of his will offered many surprises about his wealth.

28 posthumous The soldier was awarded a posthumous medal for his valor.

29 postpone (verb) to put off until a later time Would it be okay with you if we postponed our appointment until next week?

30 postpone The baseball game was postponed until tomorrow because of the rain.

31 preamble (noun) an introduction or introductory explanation The preamble briefly explained what the intent of the document was.

32 preamble Mr. Wilt made his classes memorize the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

33 precaution (noun) care taken beforehand Looking both ways before crossing the street is a precaution that everyone should practice.

34 precaution The boy’s mother took extra precautions by making sure he was dressed warmly before going outside.

35 premature (adj) happening or ripening before the natural or proper time. The premature baby was born a month too soon and was very small.

36 premature Too much exposure to the sun can cause the premature aging of skin.

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