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Background before studying Minerals and Rocks gYY

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2 Background before studying Minerals and Rocks gYY gYY lhQ lhQ

3 Elements A substance made entirely of 1 type of kind of atom Main IdeaSupporting detail

4 COMPOUNDS Compounds are 2 or more different elements that have been chemically combined Note : and 2 elements joined together form a structure called a molecule H2O2H2O2 H2OH2O molecule of 2 Hydrogen atoms H = element molecule A molecule made of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen Atom – compound molecule Main idea Supporting details

5 4 Qualities all minerals must have: 1. ## Naturally occurring – they are formed in nature they are NOT made by humans * Diamonds and other gems can be made in nature but they can also be created in labs but they are not minerals because humans have made them. Main IdeaSupporting detail

6 2. ## Solid - most minerals are solids minerals have a fixed, ridged shape and volume (they take up space) Main Idea Supporting detail 4 Qualities of minerals

7 3. ## Have a definite crystal structure –atoms line up in a regular, repeating pattern. Main Idea Supporting detail 4 qualities of Minerals:

8 4. ## A fixed chemical composition – Always contains certain elements in the same proportion. They have a chemical formula. – Au = gold – H 2 O = water – H 2 O 2 = hydrogen peroxide – C 6 H 12 O 6 = sugar – Most minerals are compounds, (2 or more different elements chemically joined). Main Idea Supporting Idea 4 qualities of minerals

9 Qualities of Minerals: Review All minerals must: – Solid – Occur naturally in nature and are not man made – Crystal structure – Definite chemical composition which is usually a compound

10 Create or re-draw you circle map – remember circle maps are used to define terms in Context or for brainstorming ideas in writing Write a definition for a MINERAL use a complete sentence MINERAL

11 Minerals are classified into groups based on composition 1.Silicates – form most of the Earth’s rocks 2.Oxides – form from metals and oxygen 3.Carbonates – form from the elements Carbon and oxygen 4.Native elements – copper, gold and sliver ***The grouping names are usually based on elements but occasionally compounds*** Main idea Supporting Details

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