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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Trifid Nebula Joe Lach.

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1 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Trifid Nebula Joe Lach

2 Hydrogen Production Recent worldwide production of hydrogen from different sources: SourceAmountPercent (billions N cubic meters/year) 1.Natural gas24048 2.Oil15030 3.Coal9018 4.Electrolysis204 Total500100 3.

3 Hydrogen Production Electrolysis 8.

4 Hydrogen Production Indium-tin oxide = ITO (photon absorbent) Solar Energy conversion

5 Hydrogen Production Production from Methane This process is highly endothermic and will sometimes produce CO as a toxic byproduct. 2.

6 Summary of Fuel Cell Characteristics Energy Used(MJ/MJproduct) Efficiency per Stage (%) GHG Emissions (gCeq/MJproduct) Costs of fuel (US$(2001)/GJ) Gasoline Crude Oil0.0496.25.7 Refining0.1686.23 Distribution0.01991.4 Other (Methane Leakage)0.7 Total0.2182.64.910 Diesel Crude Oil0.0496.25.1 Refining0.0991.71.8 Distribution0.01991.2 Other (Methane Leakage)0.5 Total0.1487.73.38.1 Hydroge n Piped Natural Gas0.1388.412.6 Electricity Input0.21111.4 Production and Compression0.4369.92310.3 Other (Methane Leakage)2 Total0.7756.53624.3 5.

7 Basic Outline of Hydrogen Power Key feature: Electrolyte Membrane 1. Poly-perfluorosulphonic acid (PEM) 2. Potassium Hydroxide (AFC) 3. Molten Lithium Potassium (MCFC) 4. Sulfuric Acid (PAFC) 7.

8 “The Stack” 80 C o Normal Operating Conditions 3 barr Platinum Anode and Cathode PEM a.k.a. Proton Exchange Membrane 9.

9 Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles 1.

10 Hindenburg Tanker Truck in Maryland Raw Elemental Explosions 10.

11 Conclusions Right now Hydrogen is: 1. Financially costly 2. Within itself environmentally sound but a danger to produce in large quantities 3. Difficult to produce without burning more fossil fuels 4. A good and efficient fuel for motor vehicles and well as household power needs 5. Simply another biological process made to industrial scale

12 Life cycle assessment of hydrogen fuel cell and gasoline vehicles International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 31, Issue 3, March 2006, Pages 337-352 Mikhail Granovskii, Ibrahim Dincer and Marc A Rosen Hydrogen synthesis via combustion of fuel-rich natural gas/air mixtures at elevated pressure International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 30, Issue 8, July 2005, Pages 893-902 B. Lemke, C. Roodhouse, N. Glumac and H. Krier Production of hydrogen by thermal decomposition of methane in a fluidized- bed reactor—Effects of catalyst, temperature, and residence time International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 31, Issue 4, March 2006, Pages 473- 484 Alan M. Dunker, Sudarshan Kumar and Patricia A. Mulawa A new approach to utilize Hydrogen as a safe fuel International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 30, Issues 13-14, October-November 2005, Pages 1511-1514 H.K. Abdel-Aal, M. Sadik, M. Bassyouni and M. Shalabi 1. 2. 3. 4. 10. 8. 5. 9. 6. 7. Future fuel cell and internal combustion engine automobile technologies: A 25- year life cycle and fleet impact assessment Science Direct, Sept. 2004, Elsevier Ltd., A. Schafer, J.B. Heywood and M.A. Weiss Works Cited

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