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Direct Plating Neopact Seleo CP Plus

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1 Direct Plating Neopact Seleo CP Plus

2 Direct Plating Application Guide
Segment Application / Build-up Technology Direct Plating Technology Recommended Process HDI, MLB Advanced Materials (PTFE, BT, High Tg FR4, PI, Ceramic…) Organo/Pd Colloid Neopact Standard & Advanced Materials (High Tg FR4, halogen free, …) Conductive Polymer Seleo CP Plus MLB, DS Standard Materials (Low – mid Tg FR4)

3 Neopact Main Industry Requirements
Reliability TCT 500 – 1000 cycles Thermal shock 3 – 9 x 288°C Functionality Control systems e.g. engine, braking, climate Communication / navigation Entertainment systems Cost Costs of raw materials OEM demands for lower cost Environment RoHS / EU regulations Recycling regulations Waste water restrictions Automotive Industry

4 Neopact Background Conductor Neopact Pd activator type A
Market release more than 18 years ago Direct metallization process for flex material and MLB production such as back panels for end- market like automotive and industry High Pd adsorption of conductor on all types of laminates for good conductivity Conductor Neopact Pd activator type A Pd activator type B 400ppm Pd 90ppm Pd 250ppm Pd Magnification x

5 Neopact Features & Benefits
Tin- free Pd colloidal activation system Highly versatile, reliable application for different technologies Suitable for ALL base materials (PTFE / Flex) Applicable as vertical and horizontal process Good adhesion of acid copper on surfaces with low roughness All customer requirements fulfilled IPC-TM-650 IPC-A-600F Perfag 3 B Bosch K8 (Automotive) MIL P-55110 MIL P D MIL P-50884 SN 57030

6 Neopact Process Sequence – Vertical Process
Etch Cleaner Temp (°C) Time (min) Process Baths 35 2 Etch Cleaner based on SPS or Etch Cleaner Securiganth C 50 5 Conditioner Neopact UX 30 Selector Neopact AB or Securiganth Etch Cleaner 20 1 Pre Dip Neopact Conductor Neopact 25 1.5 Post Dip Neopact Conditioner Selector Pre Dip Conductor Post Dip Acid Cu Plating

7 Neopact Typical Results – Base Materials
Isola DE117 Tg = 170ºC DuPont Pyralux AP Rogers R4350 Tg > 280ºC

8 Neopact Typical Results – BMV
FR4 Ø 4mil depth 65µm RCC Ø 4mil depth 65µm

9 Neopact References Horizontal Vertical Total No. of lines 16 28 44 Total capacity Europe 11 26 37 Japan 2 1 3 China Taiwan RoW Status 03/2010 Neopact is a well established production proven process for several applications and end-user markets

10 Seleo CP Plus

11 Seleo CP Plus – The Plus for your green conscience
What is Seleo CP Plus? Direct Plating process (alternative to electroless copper) for MLB and HDI manufacturing Based on a conductive polymer as conductive layer Very GREEN and short process with only 4 active process steps Seleo CP Plus – The Plus for your green conscience

12 Why use Seleo CP Plus? Features and Benefits
Environmentally friendly Very short & simple process Low chemistry usage per m² cut board Low generation of waste water Low consumption of fresh water No usage of harmful chemicals as e.g. formaldehyde, cyanide Economical advantages No dependence on Pd price Low space requirement Reduced investment costs Low running costs (chemistry / fresh water / waste water) Technical benefits Selective process with excellent reliability BMV & direct pattern plating capable Horizontal & vertical application possible Robust conductive layer – 2 time holding time possible Copper particle free production CN– HCHO Pd Atotech’s Solutions MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials Saint Petersburg, May 2013, JPO

13 Metallization (E’lytic Cu)
Seleo CP Plus Process Description Etch Cleaner Conditioner Adhesion Promoter Polyconduct Metallization (E’lytic Cu) MnO H+  Mn H2O MnO2

14 In the conductive layer
Seleo CP Plus A Truly Selective Process gap In the conductive layer Etching Seleo CP Plus reduces the risk of a gap developing in the conductive layer near to inner layers which can occur if non selective direct plating processes are used which require etching to clean innerlayers (e.g. carbon/graphite and some conductive palladium processes)

15 Horizontal Process Comparison Footprint
E’less Copper Seleo CP Plus 18.1 m 10.8 m Etch Cleaner (optional) Conditioner Adhesion Promoter Polyconduct 1 2 3 4 5 6 Cleaner 1 2 3 4 3x 3x 1x + 3x Etch Cleaner 3x Pre Dip Activator 3x Reducer Reduced line length 2 less active modules 1 less cascade rinse 3x E’less Copper 1x + 2x Calculation Basis: Uniplate Seleo CP (UTS-s, 1.5m/min), Triple Rinses

16 Environmental Benefits Total Chemistry & Water Consumption
Uniplate (UTS-s, 1.5m/min), Triple Rinses + 27% 60% less chemistry consumed 28% less fresh water consumed (5.2kg/m²) - 69% - 100% - 31% - 82% - 97% - 90% - 93% - 100% - 100%

17 Uniplate (UTS-s, 1.5m/min), Triple Rinses
Environmental Benefits Total Wastewater Generated Rinses & Active Modules Uniplate (UTS-s, 1.5m/min), Triple Rinses + 34% - 69% 29% less generated wastewater (5.5kg/m²) - 12% - 97% - 100% - 75%

18 Solder shock test, up to 9x at 288ºC, passed !
Reliability – SST Solder Shock Test & ICD Performance Hole diameter 1.0mm 288°C (acc. IPC-TM-650 # ) No ICDs! Hole diameter 1.0mm 288°C (ISOLA E-Cu 114) No ICDs! Solder shock test, up to 9x at 288ºC, passed !

19 No ICDs! No ICDs! Reliability – TCT
Temperature Cycle Test 1000 cycles & ICD Performance No ICDs! No ICDs! 1.0mm ML 2.4mm (ISOLA IS 400) 1000 cycles TCT and soldering 1.0mm ML 1.7mm (Panasonic R1566) 1000 cycles TCT and soldering Temperature cycle test, up to 1000cycles and soldering, passed !

20 No ICDs! Reliability – IST Interconnect Stress Test & ICD Performance
Post interconnect (power circuit) No ICDs! Hole diameter 1.0mm 2000 cycles IST (Shengyi S1000) Interconnect stress test, up to 2000 cycles, passed !

21 Reliability Seleo CP Plus Summary
Specifications Base Material Solder Shock Test (SST) solder float 9x288°C, 10s ISOLA E-CU 114, IS 405 6x288°C, 10s 6x228°C, 10s PI- Flex 3x288°C, 10s HITACHI CHEMICAL MCL-BE-67G(H) solder dip 8x288°C, 10s SHENGY SYL-S1000, SYL-1141KF, SYL-1170 // MICA-HR01, HR33, 22B, 22B5, HR02 // HITACHI CHEMICAL MCL-BE-67G // Nan Ya Anti-CAF R1766G // PANASONIC R1566W TUC TU662 // ISOLA IS 402 , IS 420 5x288°C, 10s HITACHI CHEMICAL MCL-BE-67G(H) // PANASONIC R1566W // ISOLA FR-370 Turbo, NELCO N , N4000-6 Temperature Cycle Test (TCT) -40°C (10’) °C (10’) 200 cycles and 3x reflow as pre-cond. ISOLA IS402 500 cycles ISOLA IS402, IS405 1000 cycles and soldering 1x288°C, 10s ISOLA IS400 // PANASONIC R1566W -40°C (15’) °C (15’) Interconnect Stress Test (IST) 800 cycles 3x reflow as pre-cond. 1000 cycles - 2000 cycles SHENGY SYL-S1000

22 Customer Experiences Horizontal / Panel Plating
16 layers 3.2mm / 0.65mm AR 1:5 6 layers 1.6mm / 0.9mm AR 1:1.8 2.0mm / 0.11mm AR 1:18 8 layers 1.6mm / 0.2mm AR 1:8 4 layers 1.6mm / 1.1mm AR 1:1.5 Seleo CP Plus and smooth leveling down the hole

23 Customer Experiences Horizontal / Full Pattern Plating
6 layers 1.6mm / 0.35mm AR 1:4.6 6 layers 1.6mm/0.7mm AR 1:2.3 10 layers 1.6mm / 0.3mm AR 1:5.3 detail 4 layers 1.6mm / 0.3mm AR 1:5.3 Compatible with Direct Imaging Atotech’s Solutions MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials Saint Petersburg, May 2013, JPO

24 Customer Experiences Horizontal / Mechanical Drilled BV
90µm / 100µm 1.0mm / 1.2mm 400µm / 500µm 90µm / 100µm 300µm / 300µm 250µm / 250µm Panel & Pattern Plating

25 Customer Experiences Horizontal / Laser Drilled BMV
Large Window 100 / 75 µm m 100 / 75 µm 1.0 / 1.2mm Inpulse 2HF 2 A/dm , 10 minutes , 4 100 / 75µm 100 / 75µm 100 / 75 m m Copper 100 / 75µm

26 Customer Experiences Horizontal Qualification Results
4 layer 6 layer 8 layer 10 layer 1 week, 3 shifts 13380 panels ~1915 p./day 4335 m² ~620 m²/day 12 layer Thickness:  2.4 mm Drill dia:  ~4.0 mm Aspect ratio: 1:10 MLB:  12 layer Basematerial: Tg 130  Tg 170

27 Customer Experiences Base Material Compatibility
All material tested or produced with standard Seleo CP Plus process parameter

28 Customer Reference Horizontal Lines Seleo CP Plus (1)
Country End Market Acid Copper Conversion/Start Up /2008 Czech Republic Prototyping, Industrial/Medical, Defensive Pattern Plating, Copper Strike Competitor /2008 Hungary Consumer, Communications, Computing Pattern Plating Seleo CP /2009 Italy Consumer. Industrial/ Medical, IC Packaging, Communications, Automotive /2009 China Communications, Automotive Copper Strike /2009 Israel Industrial/ Medical /2009 Consumer, Communications, Industrial/Medical, Defense/Aerospace, Computing, Automotive /2009 Germany /2010 Communications, Computing, Consumer, Automotive Semi Panel Plating Compact CP /2011 Industrial/Medical, Automotive, Defense/Aerospace, Communications, Consumer, IC Packaging /2011 Spain Industrial/ Medical, Consumer, Automotive Seleo CP Rebuilding

29 Customer Reference Horizontal Lines Seleo CP Plus (2)
Country End Market Acid Copper Conversion/Start Up /2011 Italy Communications, Computing, Consumer, Automotive Pattern Plating New Line / Competitor /2011 Germany Industrial/ Medical Pattern Plating, Copper Strike New line UTS-XL / Competitor /2011 Consumer, Communications, Computing, Automotive, Industrial/Medical, Defense/Aerospace Copper Strike Seleo CP /2012 China Semi Panel Plating CP Rebuilding /2012 Communications, Industrial/Medical, Consumer Competitor /2012 Brazil Industrial/Medical, Automotive, Defense /2013 Compact CP /2013 India Automotive, Industrial/Medical Atotech’s Solutions MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials Saint Petersburg, May 2013, JPO

30 Customer Reference Vertical Lines Seleo CP Plus (1)
Country End Market Acid Copper Conversion/Start Up /2008 Slovakia Prototyping, Industrial/Medical Copper Strike New Line PPT / Competitor UK Seleo CP Canada Industrial/Medical, Consumer, Communications Pattern Plating /2011 Brazil Automotive, Consumer, Computing, Communications Competitor /2011 Automotive, Communications, Computing, Industrial/Medical, Aerospace /2011 Communications, Automotive, Industrial/Medical /2011 Automotive, Communications, Computing /2011 Communications, Computing, Industrial/Medical

31 Customer Reference Vertical Lines Seleo CP Plus (2)
Country End Market Acid Copper Conversion/Start Up /2012 Brazil Communications, Computing, Industrial Pattern Plating Competitor /2012 /2012 Czech Republic Industrial Panel Plating New Line PPT /2013 Industrial, Automotive, Computing, Consumer New Line Competitor /2013 Automotive, Industrial /2013

32 OEM Reference

33 Thank you for your attention!
For more information contact : Jaime Peraza Ordaz PMM Atotech Europe Mobile: Cyril Champion Product Marketing Manager Europe PTH-PP Mobil : Tobias Sponholz Global Assistant Product Manager BTT PTH Mobile: +49 (0)

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