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INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Revolutionary Bond Technology Norton Vitrium 3 Sales Guide - North America.

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1 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Revolutionary Bond Technology Norton Vitrium 3 Sales Guide - North America

2 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Product Overview A REVOLUTIONARY NEW BOND THAT WILL RESHAPE THE WORLD OF PRECISION GRINDING Through Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ extensive research and development program in grinding wheel technology, comes Norton Vitrium 3 a new generation, patent-pending bond science. Our exclusive bond platform provides unprecedented grain adhesion with expanded product versatility across many precision grinding applications.

3 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Norton Vitrium3 – Revolutionary Grain Adhesion Science Vitrified abrasive products have two major components, abrasives and bond. The abrasive is the cutting tool portion of the wheel while the bond holds the abrasive in the matrix to form a wheel or segment. The space between the abrasive and the bond is referred to as the structure or porosity of the product. Norton Vitirum3 is a revolutionary new product formulation that substantially increases the strength of the bond. This allows for thinner bond posts to be used to provide the same holding power on the individual abrasive grain. Abrasive Bond Porosity Standard Bond Posts Norton Vitrium 3 Bond Posts

4 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Cooler cutting with better chip clearance An improved holding power utilizing less bond-to-abrasive ratio exposes a larger grain surface area which improves the standard bond-part interaction. The thinner bond posts provide reduced bond- part interaction and improved coolant flow for better chip clearance which enables the wheel to provide: increased cut rate minimized heat build-up, reduced metallurgical damage lower power consumption reduced grinding forces on the part improved part quality

5 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Profile Holding A higher strength bond provides superior grain holding properties significantly improving wheel form and corner holding. This is especially important in applications requiring intricate part profiles where the less frequent wheel dressing to regenerate profiles provides the following benefits are: –better part geometry and integrity –less downtime for dressing, increases productivity –lower abrasive cost –reduced dresser wear and dresser replacement cost Watch Full Video

6 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Operating Speeds Precision machinery is increasing being produced with higher operating speeds to improve productivity. These higher speeds mandate manufacturers provide wheels tested and rated for the higher speeds in order to take advantage of the higher machine speeds. The Norton Vitirum3 bond provides the maximum wheel strength allowing softer grades to be qualified for high speed grinding. At the same grade, a Norton Vitrium3 wheel is 20%. Higher operating speeds provide: –faster the stock removal –increased feed rates –significantly increased throughput and production

7 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Primary Markets Aerospace (creep-feed or regular surface grinding) Blades NGV – Nozzle Guide Vanes Bearing (cylindrical & linear) Internal, external and linear tracks Bores Faces Automotive components Camshafts, Crankshafts Valves Gear box / shock absorbers / ….. shafts Energy Drill Bits/Drill Heads Stabilizers/Reamers Shafts and Other Cylindrical Parts Not only ideal for high technology grinding but also mid-range applications in markets. Gear Profile, worm and bevel – all modules Bores

8 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Product Availability Current Wheel Type and Size Availability All Creepfeed, Surface, Gear Cylindrical, Centerless, Crankshaft Wheels up through 44” Segments all standard shapes Future Availability Internal Toolroom

9 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Application Information Benefits of using Norton Vitrium 3 in OD grinding applications: At same grade, Norton Vitrium 3 provides: 1.Higher metal removal at lower power 2.Longer life thanks to reduced dressing 3.High wheel speed capability for increased throughput 4.Improved profile holding At one grade softer than standard, it provides: 1.Increased free cutting 2.Shorter cycle time with limited risk of burn 3.Improved part quality 4.Lower stress on workpiece OUTER DIAMETER GRINDING Most Common Markets: Bearing, Automotive, General Engineering

10 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS SURFACE GRINDING Benefits of using Norton Vitrium 3 in surface grinding applications: At same grade, Vitrium 3 provides: 1.Improved profile holding 2.Reduced dressing 3.Longer wheel life 4.Higher working speed, for improved productivity 5.Shorter cycle time with limited burn risk At one grade softer than standard, it provides: 1.Faster and deeper cutting capabilities 2.Cool grinding (significantly reduced burn risk), lower stress Application Information Most Common Markets: Aerospace, Bearing, Gear, MRO, General Engineering

11 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Performance Case Study Cool cutting: Improve Part Quality Norton Vitrium 3 wheel life equal to or better than standard with increased MRR.

12 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Performance Case Study Precise Profile: Reduce Cost Per Part

13 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Performance Case Study High Speed: Increase Throughput and Productivity When equipment is designed and rated for high speed.

14 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Case Study: Cylindrical / Heavy Equipment

15 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Case Study: Gear / Automotive

16 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Starting Recommendation Guide

17 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Dressing Recommendations Optimize Your Total System… –Norton Vitrium3 works with standard Norton dressing technology and can be dressed with traditional stationary and rotary products –Consult with your Norton Application Engineering Team to optimize products for the Norton Vitrium3 Synthetic Blade tools o Sumi synthetic stones o Provide long tool life o Consistent Wear Pattern o Good choice for form dressing Reverse Plated Rolls o Truing ceramic Grinding wheels Roll o Recycling Program with a 3% discount o Standard Form Tolerances > 0.0002in o 1 week shorter Leadtimes

18 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Summary: Three Ways to Improve Your Process, Productivity and Cost Position Significantly reduced burn Lower residual stress Increased cutting efficiency and cut rate Improved coolant flow Reduced wheel loading Improved part quality Ultra radius accuracy Extended wheel life Improved productivity Reduced dressing frequency and cost Improved cycle and process time Cooler cutting with better chip clearance Increased throughput and productivity Leverage existing equipment Optimized machine efficiency * When equipment is designed and rated for high speed. Improved precision profile Able to run at higher operating speeds* FEATURESBENEFITS

19 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS© Saint-Gobain Abrasives 2013

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